304: Hitler Karaoke

It’s time for Karaoke of the worst kind! Tonight, we start off with Victoria right out of the gate. Hope you enjoy! Our first beer of the week brings us back to summers on the farm with chickens, except none of us have been on a real farm. Rachel likes the idea of horses but not the real deal. Apparently, keeping sloths as pets would also be out.

After the first beer, we start in with Rachel plugging shit, starting with Bad Lip Reading videos on YouTube. This discussion also includes a bit of confession session with Rachel. There is some talk of the Cat Convention, and how MMA is more hugging than fighting.

Daniel and Victoria went to Utah and they talk about their trip. There was coffee shops, an aquarium, breweries, a ballgame, Park City, and good food. Spending time with family was very enjoyable and though we did a lot, we came home feeling like we had a week of relaxation.

Victoria has a great idea to put beer in an insulated pouch like container like Capri-Sun. Speaking of beer, we had one of the worst beers we’ve had to drink in a long time on this show. Thankfully, we have an awesome list to follow this up. Oh and someone finally had the courage to call the Uncast drunk dial line! So we’ll end it there after 94 minutes!

303: Alcohol Recovery Abuse

This is our Decoration of Independence. Beware the vans playing “Pop Goes the Weasel.” They always include bad sex in a Wal-Mart parking lot and good meth. Also beware of vultures. They shouldn’t just be hanging around you.

We had a great beer day that included supporting Beer to the Rescue at Intergalactic Brewery, and grand openings at Division 23 Brewing and Green Flash’s new tasting room, Cellar 3. Daniel wrote more on his thoughts about Beer Day on his blog. During the discussion, Daniel forgets the name of Quad Ale House.

We take a quick break to grab our 2nd Beer of the Week and talk about pre-concert music. What’s with that interesting Beyonce, JayZ, Kanye, KimK fatal fourway thing that’s going on? The girls try to explain and the dork is having none of it. Finally we get around to explaining our thoughts on the beer followed by the craziness that was the rest of that evening.

We had a great week or two with Tyler and Haleigh, T&H, Hayler, whatever you wanna call ‘em. These guys are awesome and we’re going to miss them now that they’ll be in Hawai’i at least a good while. Rachel and Victoria also saw Mad Max: Fury Road and they share their thoughts. We made up for it by introducing Rachel to a few epic tabletop games. Like those with spell wars.

We’re talking Comic-Con plans already and don’t forget to head out to eset.com/comiccon and submit your best caption(s) for ESET’s kickass image. If you win, you get a trip for 2 to San Diego during Comic-Con weekend, a stay at the luxurious Loews Coronado Bay Resort, $500 cash to spend, VIP access to all the cool Nerdist events and much more! Check it out!

302: The Soul Box

Victoria is back and we jump right into her wheelhouse: One Direction and makeup. Do NOT underestimate the power of YouTube. It will fucking kill you.

Victoria helps us understand comics and we discuss how crazy some story lines will get. I complain about nonsensical plot and Victoria complains about preachy Joker. Daniel leads us in to Game of Thrones thanks to our first beer of the week.

Geek talk continues to Star Wars and someone on Craigslist trying to sell a star destroyer and one interesting review. We have beer number two and get into some baseball from the 3rd week of April.

We end the show on a dildo inserted with 21 grams of your loved one’s ashes. Yeah we’ll just end it here.

301: Penile Plethysmograph

Butch and Daniel record a pleasantly long Uncast without the help of our beautiful hostess, Victoria. We start off with a bit of baseball as the Padres win their 2nd game of the season and cackle with glee as the Red Sox and Yankees take it 19 innings. We recount Butch’s Unniversary experience and the glory that is our new screen door.

Beer of the Week takes a personal turn as we drink a special beer by a special brewery for a personal cause. Toolbox Brewing made a delicious beer for Beer to the Rescue to raise funds for the Lupus Foundation of Southern California. You all know what this means to us. A special shout out to Brandon Hernandez for creating the organization, to Hollaine Hopkins for running LFSC and of course Spencer and Amanda at Toolbox for making this a truly special moment for me and the show. Rhian love, we miss you dearly, and our lives are better because your heart touched ours and your spirit still dances with ours.

Oh and just for you love, they’ve opened an authentic poutine and Montreal-style bagel shop in San Diego. It’s 3-4 years later than we’d hoped but it’s here and it’s delicious. Hat tip to the folks at Mess Royale in Hillcrest. Go check them out, if you’re in the area.

Now back to sports. Baseball season has started and Daniel is trying to predict shit again. The NHL and NBA playoffs are set to start soon, so we have that going for us, which is nice. Could we have an all Canada Stanley Cup Finals? Could we have 3 teams from the Eastern Conference make the NBA playoffs with a losing record? Time will already be telling by the time this is released.

While we get into Darren Sharper’s sentencing and pause for beer #2, the marathon double-game within a game that was the Red Sox and Yankees, finally comes to a merciful end. That brings us to beer #2 and this Four Seasons is not bad but it’s also not Frankie and the boys.

Last but not least, we “Ask A Black” with a fairly deep question…so deep…you know how it goes.


Link to the University of Cincinnati perfecting the art of the post-game interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZUNRZ4lDf0
Link to Gordon Hayward’s missed half-court shot that would’ve won the National Championship for Butler over Duke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADPT7h661wo

300: The Ocho

Starting this shitshow right off with our first of two Unniversary beers of the week: Perch Anniversary Belgian Peach. Oh and what a peach it is! Speaking of peach, someone didn’t know what a blue waffle was and you just know we ate that shit up. Also, hot things are hot and peach things are not.

Things get aluminum foil hat real quick and UnJim makes his exit. 5 minutes after he left…we get to 3 words to summarize your porn searches. Even the guy in the Rice jersey…even he mistook words for syllables. You shoulda hung out, man! Victoria even breaks out the Super Fight cards and shit gets real: our review of Lightning Thunderweisen which somehow becomes a discussion about Ballast Point Sculpin. You know, because when you’ve had one, you’re reminded of the other, and that’s certainly not a bad thing.

What is a bad thing, is when beer talk leads to a shot from back and to the left. We dodge it successfully and instead pose this question: What does your life look like if you were only allowed to spend your money on things that start with the same letter as the first letter in your first name? Daniel finds a way to get pwned twice in one segment. To deflect, the room gang bangs Andrea’s mouth with a variety of American sugary treats. You’ll have to listen to find out how that went.

299: North Park Nights

We start off with a little get off my lawn memories of Uncast 1 and dealing with online communities with their hive mind mentality. What would you do for a million bucks? We all also had a pretty awesome weekend. Victoria and Andrea went out to enjoy their anniversary at The Smoking Goat, The Flavordome, Bar Pink, Coin-Op, Streetcar Merchants, The Office Bar, etc. Meanwhile, Butch and Daniel hit Bottlecraft, Streetcar, Rip Current, and closed down S&M Sausage and Meat before recording episode 298. This was the first of what would be 3 trips there 5 days. We’ll end this one with Beer of the Week and we’ll see you all at Unniversary on Saturday!

297: Japanese Summer of 69 Boyz

Our gastro-hipster, Daniel, famous for saying “everything is better with bacon” at the turn of the century and was doing shots of sriracha before it broke so big they’re now making beer with it, is now ready to announce “the next big thing.” Want to know what it is? Take a listen. With this show you also get Selma, beer, food, beer, penis, and more beer. ENJOY!


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