259a: Had A Whole Plate Of That

Let the first part of the First Annual Brochella commence. We have burgers and beer, steak and whiskey, muscle cars and boobs, and still have time to work in a romantic comedy. Butch and Tony join me in a night filled with mostly good beer and great conversation. Sit down, give us an hour of your time and we’ll make you think, we’ll make you laugh, hell we might even make you cry. Future parts of this recording will show up in the coming weeks.

258: Baron von Geeks

After Victoria gets us started with a jaunty tune, we ask what title (Lord, Baron, Princess, Captain, Doctor, etc) you would most want to go by? This moves us to the beer of the week which is a magical high ABV beer by The Lost Abbey. We discuss the zombie apocalypse, because that topic hasn’t been overdone to death. Victoria talks about her upcoming trip to Italy and Daniel talks about Unniversary weekend and the beautiful Celebration of Rhian’s life. We close up with the results of Daniel’s Game of Thrones/MLB Tournament of Champions. Just over an hour. Enjoy!

Universary 6- Mummy Goes Clop Clop

The infamous Universary episode!! As always it may be a bit of a mess to hear and grasp it all but hopefully enough comes through.
We talk about a myriad of things and I probably overshare a bit too much. Things we talked about:
Best use of a stump
music for the zombie apocalypse
FMK: zombie, mummy, vampire
Our first sexual twinges.
My Little Pony or Vagina

And many other tings. It is offensive, funny. So you know uncast.

255: Zombie Dick

How Uncast Got It’s Swagger Back. Coronado Hoppy Daze helps and apparently so does the topic of this week’s show title. We discuss some preparations for the weekend of Rhian’s Grand Celebration of Life and of course Universary VI. Victoria has a few (and by that I mean a LOT) of Lord of the Ring questions. We discuss bad TV shows and good websites, including an upcoming one that includes us reviewing burgers and breweries. Should be fun! Speaking of fun, baseball is about to start as Spring Training is under way. Daniel is super excited and Vivi is sorta kinda (less than she claims) excited. Oh and there’s an Awesome List or something. Check it out and whatnot. Just over an hour of tasty fun…unlike zombie dick.


197: Rumors

Rhian joins us again and Victoria tries to derail us right off with Juggalo talk. We talk about beer a bit and review the Golden Globes. Hint: snore. We discuss our 2nd Christmas, dubbed “Rhi-mas” and our visits to a couple local pubs we love: O’Brien’s Pub in Kearny Mesa and Phileas Fogg’s Pub in Poway. Victoria had a zombie dream and the girls discuss a homemade fleshlight. Rhian brings in some whore news about a man suing an escort service and a woman rubbing one out in a van. Victoria brings us an Awesome List! One paragraph of notes for an hour, 25 minute episode.

189: Puppies Got Me Off

We’re off to Ottawa! Getting this out before we head out. We start right off with beer, Breast Cancer and Lupus Awareness Month, fantasy football heroics as well as the Game of the Week. Victoria brings her “Out of Left Field” topics like cootie logic, blending fetishes, puppy jury, Crystal Lite or crystal meth and a question about which primate you’d rather be. Victoria tells us about more strange dreams, Daniel adds some things he learned from podcasts and we discuss the various most exciting alternate uses for fleshlights. 72 mins, 24 sec for this one.

172b: The Alpha & The Omega

This is a very special Uncast indeed. We start right off by asking if Jesus had a grandmother. Victoria and Rhian ask a number of zombie questions about life spans and mummies vs zombies and whether vegetarianism is allowed. We also discuss the beer tasting event some more and we get some of Spence’s opinions on the evening. We move on to some discussions of music snobs and hipsters before forcing the old Doritos X-13Ds, now known as Late Night Cheeseburger, on Rhian and Spencer.

All this before the main event: An Interview with Spencer on drugs and recreational drug use. We’ll find out what his favorite and least favorite drugs are, the differences between physical and psychological addiction and good lessons for those out there new to the scene. We get to hear his opinions on the political side of the drug world, a few conspiracy theories (I’m convinced every regular recreational drug user has at least one they believe in) and he gives us some great resources to educate ourselves BEFORE trying anything new. Afterall, he’s an advocate for recreational drug use but only if it’s not done recklessly.

Links of the Week:
Audiobuzzed – Hear Rhian and BigJim audibly get it on
Lagunitas Brewery – One of the best breweries in California (And that’s saying a lot!)
Dogfish Head Brewery – They’re awesome and we need more of their beers in San Diego!
erowid.org – A great repository for information on psychoactive plants, chemicals, and related issues.
bluelight.ru – Great forum for users to gather and share information on all kinds of subjects
pillreports.com – Database of various types of Ecstasy, their makeup and how to identify

Now that Spencer has share his knowledge, thoughts, opinions, etc. why don’t all of you share yours? Is he on point? Is he full of shit? Talking out his ass or giving some good sage advice? What’s your experience been and what might YOU add to the discussion? Leave us a comment on uncast.net, tell us your story by emailing us at uncast.net@gmail.com or simply call us high, drunk or sober at 619-940-4SEX. We want to hear from you. Would you like to hear this sort of thing again? Should we have him back on or maybe bring someone else with some expertise or experience with recreational drug use? Is there another topic you would perhaps like to hear us speak a bit more in depth about? Please share! We want to hear how you feel and what you think.