226: You Can’t Squirt With An Audience

Due to an mp3 upload error on Daniel’s part, 226 is temporarily unavailable. This should be fixed by  11/8/2011, 7pm Pacific Time. Sorry folks!

We start right off on this Halloween episode with awesome spiced beer and a new bukkake superhero. We have to explain to our live audience what bukkake is. Victoria also has lots of questions for our audience. This of course blends into fisting and why guys are weirded out by super kinky sex acts. This leads to squirting and Daniel has questions for those female listeners who have. Victoria brings up Thai ladyboys and this naturally segues into a story about a Shapeshifting Hooker. We get another entry in the “Name Daniel’s Penis” contest. If it’s turned purple, let go of it, man!We are really touched and honored to share some critical acclaim from someone close to the show. Bias much? You bet! We’ll still take it cause it’s real! Go check out Junkenstein’s blog and his new podcast, “Junk’s Trunk” which is ‘like a musical essay’ and really great. Victoria shares an article about a man who firebombed a Taco Bell due to a meat shortage in his Chalupa. We learn that China is now Cracking Down On Overly Entertaining TV. Victoria shares her ultimate shameber song. Click it, damn you! We end the show with Whore News about a topless woman that leads cops on a 200 km/hr chase. Now THAT’S a fast whore. Speaking of fast. We get this out in an hour, four minutes and nine seconds.

209: I Don’t Need Dirt On My Snatch

We describe the Vancouver riots, how hot it is in Ottawa, creating useless robots and other shit. San Francisco tries to ban circumcision, we still hate LeBron and Victoria doesn’t understand that. Can you get syphillis from a vampire? Victoria brings us the “Dutch Corner” including it’s ovens, hookers and pot bans? Rhian becomes incensed and goes off on the bullshit “laws” on Canadian Medical Marijuana. She also has a doctor’s appointment and she describes the latest in her life. No one needs to see peen on a plane! We discuss Game of Thrones a bit, including don’t fuck with Sean Bean.

175: Should I Eat My Son For Breakfast?

Our apologies for the 25 seconds or so of sipping and smacking and otherwise silence about 6 minutes into this one. I meant to cut it out and got lazy with the editing. REALLY lazy. Victoria comes up with a new business idea that Daniel doesn’t think will work. You tell us what you think. The title quote comes from one of those generic “woman empowerment” posts going around Facebook (You women realize those are more chauvanistic than empowering, right?) and the logical – or illogical – conclusions that it could come to.

We move from this on to a bit of a tear jerking United Way story where the city of Seattle and hundreds of volunteers help make a child a superhero for a day. We discuss our day at Toronado San Diego and we give our review. We enjoy a nice hat night in Paltalk and we discuss how that went. If you remember us asking you to tell us what highly regarded bands or musicians you hate, we now ask you to write us (or call) and tell us what children’s shows or movies directed at children that were popular or highly regarded which you just never go on board with.

We end the show with a few things: Victoria and Becky begin a quest for the most perfect cupcake in San Diego, Lady MacBeth had something right and the Church of Awesome needs badges. Anyone want to design some? Maybe come up with badge ideas and possible qualifications? Email us at uncast.net@gmail.com or call in to 619-940-4SEX! Don’t have time for that shit? Leave a comment on uncast.net ya lazy bastards! This one’s just over an hour long!

173: I’m No One’s Punchline

The last show we do with Rhian “in studio” for a while starts right off with comments from listeners and beer. We discuss a bit of an elevator incident where Daniel almost died. Victoria helps out by talking about two people from UCSD dying this week. We debate about whether or not “Counter Assault” is a proper name for bear spray. We learn that mace and apple pie are not a good mix.

We watched Princess Bride this week. Has anyone noticed how seriously stupid Buttercup is? Speaking of stupid, Victoria asks what has got to be the winner of the year for stupid questions. We move on from that quickly and go to the 20 Things You’re Never Too Old For. Rhian brings us some Whore News from The Examiner. We learn that people die in threes so that God can have an “arrival at Heaven’s Gate” joke. Rhian brings an Awesome List! It’s 40% longer than normal but it’s all good. She pimps out Les Ballets de Trockadero de Monte Carlo and Cirque du Soleil’s KOOZA. PLEASE go check them out! Both troupes are awesome! Victoria follows this up with hate mail about Pluto from ten years ago and we end with Hipsters issue filling out the Census. You know it’s because they can’t read, right? This one’s just over 45 minutes so it’s well within commuting time. Enjoy!

So with that, check out Jim and Rhian on Audiobuzzed! They’ve got a bit of a contest going, so listen to their latest epiosde and call in to place your vote for who’s going to win!

141: It’s Mah Birfday! Raowr!

Guess who’s birthday it is THIS episode? Victoria loves champagne and all of you in this episode. We head out to a great place called Ritual Tavern for birthdays/Father’s Day and enjoy a new hippy brew. We bring a few lists to the show including seven baffling criminal defenses and ten beers you must try this summer. Once she gets what she wants, she’s all of a sudden done with the show so this one is just 34:46 long. Enjoy!

136: I Deep Throated The Horny Devil

Butch joins us for a night of booze and sexual innuendo. Not surprised? Not fresh? Think again! We each gain new nicknames, learn that the two of swords is bad in tarot AND threesomes and ask ourselves one very important question: what the hell is up with Kanye West and that Al B. Sure haircut he’s sporting these days? Well OK Daniel gets two new nicknames AND a new title but that’s neither here nor there.

There’s talk of Disneyland rides through concentration camps, burping and not from Big Jim, we’re bad fake parents, Mormons need to be made into skin suits and Butch is offended that I am not sexually attracted to him. Oh and that’s just SOME of what this episode contains.

Oh and there’s articles galore up in this show! Hot stuff? Got it. Attempted Murder? Check. Peeing in the Pool. HUH? We learn what Stippers can tell us about evolution and even a little taste of Israel not knowing where their borders are again. Fuck Jason Mraz, Snatchbox 21 rules! All this in under 76 minutes and that’s WITH our debut of DJ Brotherdarknesses new hit single. BOOM!

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130: From Slurpers to Wheezers

Daniel’s sick but we’re both in great moods and the vibe is going strong! The episode starts out with a bit of beer shopping and tasty tastingness. We get ourselves going talking about bacon, deep fried mac n cheese and the wonderful food Victoria cooked this weekend.

There’s whacky custom license plates, bee gangs, glow worms and Victoria’s allergic to soy beans and soy milk but not soy sauce. Why is that? If Victoria has her way, Cinnamon may have a few new live toys to play with and prey on. Victoria contemplates going vegetarian and we both make fun of weather wimps in Pennsylvania.

Getting to news of the week, we discuss the swine flu pandemic and the death of Bea Arthur. Victoria points out some interesting lyrics and we learn a few things from TV. The Testicle Festival teaches us some things we need at the next Uncast party. Please check out that nifty donate button on the website at http://www.uncast.net. Thank you for your donation.

We add in some renegade magicians, we find out what shoes define us and ask what fast food related guest we could get on our show. We discuss anal play and who gets what when it’s unwelcome. Victoria discusses a story about a man who had a little too much fun in public. There’s a bit of sports news from Daniel, some bits of fashion, some of the worst inventions aimed at men and we end the show with a bit of H.U.A.R. news. All this in 1:21:40.

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