180: Fuck Your Face

We have Rachel and Victor on the show this week! Yeah, we’re just now releasing an episode from our birthday weekend. Rachel even calls us out on it. I swear I will get better about that. Please forgive some of the sound quality (sudden volume changes and heavy breathing) as we were having a bit of a problem getting the mics to behave.

We start out with Rachel being a fripple. We somehow segue that into women not understanding baseball and numbers and hidden ball tricks don’t work with purses and shoes. We go into Victor’s thoughts on his first trip through PETCO Park and the lack of communication about other events going on in the ballpark at the same time. PETCO Park is thus given a new nickname by Victoria: Douchebag Stadium.

Somehow we get sidetracked to our exHalf-Mormonism and the girls take the show off the rails for a moment before the girls propose leaving Uncast to do their own show, so I may be doing auditions soon for a new co-host. Supposedly, being 500 miles apart, they’d do a 4 hour show every day. When that happens, Uncast will have retired 3 times like Michael Jordan and come back to rock the house Favre style every time.

Going back to baseball, there’s some ballpark talk about location and attraction of a park and Fenway Park comes up. We also get into upper deckers and the Philly Phanatic. Another awkward transition to reverse vampires. Victoria is going to Comic-Con and trying to touch Nathan Fillion without getting arrested. Add to that the nearly endless list of other hot geek-fan legends that will be there, the Glee Panel, the Merlin panel and the screening of “Once More With Feeling” and I may have to mop Victoria off the Convention Center floor.

We jump into REALLY OLD World Cup News: Rachel loves vuvuzelas, before getting into even older news…the games. More numbers means Victoria is more confused. She is into the Spanish footballers and thinks the Nigerians are also cute but afraid of the scams they’d pull.

We discuss birthday weekend with the San Diego International Beer Festival, the birthday party, some brewery visits and awesomeness. First, is it so hard to make the servers you hire at your festival know at least enough about the beers they’re serving? It was great seeing Jim Crute again at Lightning Brewery and we always enjoy their beers. Ballast Point gave Victoria smiles with their smoked ale. Zocalo Grill gave us an AWESOME dinner and then there was the party.

Victoria’s bubble bar idea was a smash hit and Porn Of Fortune is a fun party game. Of course Tings came out and we had to play a few rounds of that. Victor enjoyed the bourbon bacon ice cream and it got him nice a cozy. The party went out to the patio while four of us kinda crashed out early and Vudell crashed out for the second time in three years. Victor goes on about his excitement over the iPhone 4 and it’s kinda cute so check it out. We hit up Studio Diner for brunch and learn that a huge ass burrito is the best thing when you’re hungover.

Victoria goes into a rant and tirade about the LeBron James situation and we learn after the show that Jay-Z is actually part owner of the New Jersey Nets and not the New York Knicks. Finally ending on the three wise men and saying goodbye after an hour, 15 minutes and 29 seconds.

179: No Homo

This was recorded June 21st! Hurray us for getting shows out..on..time..or not. Hey! Rhian from Audiobuzzed joins us to celebrate! The Victoria is too Posh tonight. We discuss the latest episode of The Boondocks and the way Tyler Perry got torn to shreds by Aaron McGruder. The area surrounding Rhi has gotten some visitations by large animals and we don’t mean Big Jim. In literary news, we learn that “meece” or “meese” has nothing to do with moose or mice. No matter what Urban Dictionary says. We also discuss kangaroos and whether they can punch their own stomachs. VERY interesting indeed!

We truly enjoyed this week’s Beer of The Week: Stone’s 14th Anniversary Emperial IPA. Victoria has decided to eliminate card giving at work. Everyone just writes the same shit in every card so it’s not really that personalized. She did get some awesome gifts from Becky, though. Meanwhile, I had one of the best Birthdays EVER! Want to know? LISTEN TO THE SHOW!!! We have a bevvy of calls to the Uncast Line just as we’re getting into a little question: Does every vampire series need to include werewolves ever since Underworld came out?! True Blood has ’em, The Gates has ’em, The Twilight Series has ’em and we’re getting sick of them.

Rhian brings a bit of whore news with the MuchMusic Awards which were held in mid-June. We wonder why Canadian musical acts can’t show up to a Canadian Music Awards show. We wonder why the fuck a 17-year old girl is walking around in a skirt/dress without underwear on. We spend a long time shitting on a number of celebrities from the Awards show. Of course there’s World Cup news long long behind the now and we end with Vivi’s story from a ballgame including a review of the Proper Gastropub in San Diego. We do all this in 61:52. CALL US at 619-940-4SEX or comment at uncast.net! We miss hearing from our listeners!

178: Over Zealous Vulvas

We start the show right off with a list of beers we’ve had recently and what we thought of them. This brings out the idea that Pacman was a grapefruit. How does eating fruits make ghosts edible? Speaking of ghosts, we leave for West Virginia and learn about the deaths of two celebrities and two long-standing relationships. We discuss this West Virginia trip to see Rachel graduate high school and try out the local cuisine. There was laughter, there was tears, there was drama afterwards and we will not be going back anytime soon.

We saw a couple of movies in flight which helped shorten the trip and this got us in the mood for the World Cup. Already in the tournament stage by the time you hear it, we were kinda geeked about it when we recorded this. Victoria goes off on the MTV Movie Awards and the fall of Snoop’s lyrical talents and Katy Perry goes from kissing girls to being truly annoying. Of course she has more lyrics to complain about and this week it’s 99 Red Balloons and I Can’t Fight This Feeling.

Victoria discusses her trip with Becky to Arizona for a Passion Party with DaHonay. Victoria is designated a level 7 whore out of a scale of 1-5. She also declares her disgust at clitoral stimulators shaped like cute animals or butterflies. On the way home, to kill the boredom of the drive, they brought back “Kill, Marry or Fuck” which is slightly different from the Eat Kill or Fuck we played before. The ultimate is of course the men from “Full House”.

We discuss our time at the Coronado Brewery. Good food and good beer in a nice area of town. Apparently all it takes to be a good detective is black coffee, smoking cigarettes and fingering a lady in the library. What’s the best place to do that btw? Inspired by some funny podcast episodes, Victoria finds “The Prophecy is True” and “It achieved a consciousness” as great phrases to add to conversations. Inspired by Community we try to get “She/He said, fully erect” as a phrase to replace “That’s what he/she said”. Victoria puts M&Ms on notice about their pretzel M&Ms.

From there we move on to True Blood and Victoria thinks about how hot it would be to have sex with something that can move that fast. Tonguing, biting on the upper-inner thigh while fingering, nomming the nape of the neck while fucking, etc. It’s odd having a Vampire show in that kind of setting but it helps make it interesting. Victoria has also been getting hardcore into another TV show called Leverage. I’m not yet sure if I like it or not. After TV talk we jump into the start of the World Cup and determine we want Desmond Tutu for our grandpa. The games start off exciting with the USA drawing against England, Tshabalala is the greatest name in football next to Kaka and Germany crushes Australia. Victoria says soccer has the hottest guys and if ladies are looking for a sport to get into, this is it. So there’s a TON in this episode. Join us for all 77 minutes, 29 seconds of it!

171: We Do When The Doing Needs Done

We’re all over the place this week. Coming off of the latest episode of Lost (as of this recording), Victoria decides she wants a gift. We learn about a book written by a cat and it’s whacko owner. Victoria proclaims that for her Birthday, she wants someone to go with her to see Kenny Loggins.

The Awesome portion of the show starts with things that are NOT awesome, like a video game based on rape. Victoria presents us with another Awesome List and this one goes to eleven total! We laugh that people at Victoria’s work have noticed her arm tattoo but don’t know about or follow Uncast.

We go through some more memories of Universary weekend and review a few movies we watched about dancing. There’s a vampire running for President of the United States and we also learn why Twilight vampires are so hard to kill. Victoria introduces us to what’s happening in tween culture today and it’s as facepalmy as you’d think. We enjoy some lunch and conversation with Victoria’s ever entertaining parents and we learn that Shaniqua is black.

Lastly, Rhian brings us some more whore news and we are there to witness her viewing her first full length porn movie ever…and it SUCKED. Pun intended. After a short bit on chat roulette, we finally end this bitch around 1:29:44. That’s nearly 90 minutes of entertainment (well, outside of the 2 minutes of Justin Beiber talk and music) so I think it’s justified that you call us at 619-940-4SEX right now. We don’t care what you talk about, just have something to say and say it.

159: Pon de Floor Party

We bring in Aaron and Butch after a long night of chili, gourmet popcorn, beer and watching the same video over and over to different songs for about two hours. We enjoy a few more beers on the show but don’t go into too much detail about them. Topics tonight include Victoria watching constructicons tear apart a building at her work, a Friday Night beer run with co-workers and kissing Jeff Dunham. Yeah, I’m creeped out too. Let’s just move on, shall we? OK so we learn 7Weird Ways to Not Get Sick (including kissing), a sing-along on Vicodin, some band names with a Star Wars twist (recent Twitter meme) and then on to vampires. Can Aaron beat up a vampire? We’re not sure. You tell us.

We go on to some of the week in sports including more wins by Norwich City FC, the MLS Cup and of course the Game of The Week. We end by briefly mentioning Daniel’s hatred for the letter C and end after about 70 minutes.

As always, send in some comments at uncast.net, write us at uncast.net@gmail.com and call in at (619) 940-4SEX or you could just check out Butch and Aaron online. We need to hear from you good folks! How’ve the holidays been? Got any interesting Thanksgiving/Christmas stories to share? What should we do this winter? You know, besides sex. That’s a given. Let us hear ya!

158: OMG I Was A Dyke!

Victoria starts off by ruining “New Moon” for everyone. We discuss the Lupilin Effect with IPAs and enjoy Avery’s Dugana IPA. There’s talk of JanuaRHI, maple syrup, some movies Victoria recently watched, vampires and Blake Lively. We learn about a man in Britain with bionic bowels. If the robots want to take over, they’ll have to start from our bottoms. We run through a Lightning Round of Food, Australians, the South African Economy and why beer is awesome. Victoria enjoys last.fm on her XBOX 360 now and we ask everyone which of these are sexy: monocles and/or fur hats? Naked pornstar in a ushanka and monocle? Fur hat and long wool socks?

Victoria starts a new band called Glocked and Loaded and we all roll our eyes. No judging though, we swear. Thanks to Butch and others, we learn that bacon sandwiches help cure hangovers. Daniel goes through his Sports News for the week and we wrap things up with an article from our Whorespondant, Rhian. Check her out with Big Jim on Audiobuzzed! Also props go out to our contributors this week. Go listen to I Love Lard and The Scream podcasts and check out Butch’s blogs at ButchRosser.net and TheIslandOfMisfitSongs.com. This episode for 86 minutes, 32 seconds.

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