Celebration of Rhian

On March 22, 2013 at Casa de Uncast, we held a Celebratory event in honor of our dear friend and host, Rhian. The start and finish of the audio file has been edited to fit the Uncast format and showcase the Whore News intro she created for Uncast and was so proud of. Otherwise the original audio is untouched. Please join us and listen as we remember this wonderful woman and share in all the love and light she brought to our lives. She brought a lot to the show but she brought so much more to our lives. We will never be the same.

254: Brought To You by The Letter O

It’s been over a month but we’re back! We remember Rhian and discuss a most unenjoyable beer of the week. Victoria brings up otter rape and dating sites. Somehow these things go together. IDK, you tell me. Of course, it’s Oscars time and we discuss some of Victoria’s favorite movies of the year. It’s a short show this week but we’ll get back on track next week with a few more things to discuss.

253: If she had balls, they would be spotless. 

Two guests on this episode of Uncast! We bring in the lovely Carolyn and the ever efferfescent Butch to talk about many awesome things.  There really isn’t that many show notes listed and like a good Vivi, I forgot what we talked about. I may have been intoxicated on this episode. We did apparently mention: Hendrick love and Vivi is a bad america. Yeah I am just as lost as you.

So that means you should listen and unravel these mysteries and let me know if I was good or bad or a witch.

Our beautiful sparkly co-host, Rhian passed away this past Sunday. This episode was recorded before then but due to technical difficulties she wasn’t able to make this show. She will be missed so much by Daniel and I and the plethora of people she touched.

The Friday of Universary weekend, we will be holding a celebration for Rhian so email us if you would like to attend.

IF you would like to donate to her family for the costs of her memorial, use the donate button on our website.


235: I Forgot What I Forgot

This show starts out with a voicemail from our oldest guest. We make this joke because it is his birthday today. Rhian describes her trip to the Mayo Clinic and we learn why you should never mess with the Clash. We celebrate silly holidays and whores as Stephon and Rhian bring us some news.

We learn why Queens cannot be trusted, what can go wrong when you self-treat baldness and why it is all so funny. We end the show by finding out who won the “Name Daniel’s Penis” contest and enjoy a little diddy about it. Like to hear it? Here it go…

206 – Suck it, Dr. House

On this episode of Uncast, Daniel takes a very open look as he interviews Rhian, new permanant co-host to the show. She has been living with and suferring with Lupus since a diagnosis in 2007. This is a disease that is life-threatening, and needs awareness. This is her real, raw story.

Please Check Out These Sites:
Rhian’s Blog
Lupus Foundation of America
Letter to Normal People From a Person with Chronic Pain
Information on Benlysta

The song at the end of the show is “Not How Its Supposed Ta Be” by MGtheMC

202: Crotchless Basket

It’s Universary 4 bitches! We’ve got tons of guests both old and new, it was Super Moon that night, there was lots of drinks flowing and great Victoria cooked foods as always and of course a show. The show begins with a HUGE announcement: Butch was not going to be there. Well, okay that wasn’t the real announcement but he really didn’t show.

On the show we grabbed a bunch of questions, asked them of everyone and got the conversation going that way. Turns out from our last party show, that’s a great way to keep a show going when you have 10-15 drunk guests on the show all at once. Daniel learns some shit from a podcast, Victoria has a very short Awesome List, Rhian has whore news as always and there’s a shared sexual fantasy that you have to hear to believe. Listen and you might even hear a point when it all got to be just a bit too much.

201: Wow, I Thought It’d Be Bigger

Rhian returns again for another episode of Uncast! In fact, the show starts with talk of her evolution as a guest on the show. We enjoy a little beer and a little backtalk as always. Add in a night of drinking, Rhian’s first viewing of “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” and a day of sun and margaritas. Mix in a grooming decision gone wrong, a dessert pairing of the Gods and The Academy Awards.  Victoria brings us a few things from her mind, Daniel brings things he learned from podcasts and we share a sports moment before ending it all with Whore News.