310: Dick Jokes and Mind Violence – OMG, I can hear all the spices!

Andrea is in the house and we go through his first experience with Black Friday and Thanksgiving in the States. We move on from family drama to our thoughts of Spectre. Hint: just don’t. We also discuss (at the time) upcoming movies like Star Wars and The Revenant, and we hear what our first thoughts were before 311 when we give our reviews. This goes so well, Andrea goes off on Daniel for his new built rig.

After a brief break, we go through some deep relationship focused discussion. If a mime is alone in the forest, does he make a sound? Why does Victoria hate the penis Peanuts? From there, it’s back to movies and then music. Daniel briefly recounts their night during beer week, and naming beers. He also recounts his day brewing his first ever beer, the aptly dubbed Plan C IPA.

Victoria and Andrea regale us with tales from their trip to Seattle, including Pike Place Market and the EMP. Daniel laments the unfulfillment of his cravings and Andrea picks on Americans for having choices. Victoria talks up Cafe Gratitude and we all make a little fun at the Reverend Hipster Heatfield (misspelling intended) that is the bouncer at The Office Bar. At this point, Victoria gets pretty fed up and we end the episode abruptly, not recording for another 7 weeks.


Brewery Links:

2Kids Brewing

Bagby Beer Co.

Ballast Point Brewery

Nickel Beer Co.

Pacific Brewing Co.


Restaurant Links:

Buono Forchetta

Cafe Gratitude

O’Brien’s Pub & Grill

The Office Bar


Movie Trailers:

In the Heart of the Sea

Peanuts: The Movie

The Revenant

Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Other Links:

Seattle EMP

Kush & The Bloodfiyah Angels

246: Listeners Take Off Your Pants

We start this episode with our Beer of the Week with Victoria alone reviewing the beer. Why, you ask? Daniel has started Medifast and so he can’t drink any alcohol during the weight loss phase of the plan. Wah wah! Rhian has discovered Bates Nut Farm near the Casa and we have to go now to taste fresh nuts. Each host bring their own segments to the show: Daniel brings things he learned from podcasts, Victoria brings and Awesome List and Rhian brings us a Whore News article about how our sleep position affects our sex dreams.

We missed doing 227 the right way! Aww remeniscing is fun. Rhian likes to do things like the first time. We get into beer of the week and we lose Victoria’s attention. That’s right, she surfs the web and plays games during the show. Rhian agrees to come out to San Diego to help out around the Casa.

Victoria introduces the randomness of her mind and starts by stating the obvious: people need a license to make microwave popcorn in an unventilated area. Rhian and Daniel of course reminds us of the food fails that everyone already won’t let us live down. Victoria also shares her need for bourbon barrels so she can age everything in bourbon barrels. Daniel brings up Coca-Cola. Victoria then rants a bit about annoying tweets. We could go on about this for hours but we only spend a few minutes on it before moving on to Vivi’s two current crushes from Parks & Rec. She ends the segment by reminding us that we should not compare our relationships to those in Twilight. She’s QUITE excited about seeing Breaking Dawn: Part 1, btw.

Rhian and Victoria plan concert plans and this leads into a fan biting Britney Spears during her lap dance routine. Rhian brings up a Bitchin’ Kitchen article about the 5 Girly Drinks Guys Shouldn’t Be Ashamed To Drink. Rhian has to ask America what the fuck is wrong with us declaring pizza a vegetable. Rhian brings us some whore news where we learn about Niagra and fingerprinting strippers. We end the show by choosing the finalists for the “Name Daniel’s Penis” contest. The Poll will be up shortly and you will have at least a month to get your votes in! That was not meant as a euphemism but there ya go. We get this all in 69:54.

198: Nobody Wants The Daytime Stripper

Rhian joins us again this week and we start right off with a question: Would you marry an over the hill stripper if you can have an all expenses paid trip to Vegas? Let us know! We drink a pretty decent American Belgian-Style Ale this week and our whores end up on glitter knees over it. Groundhog’s Day is flawed and we describe why. There’s music from the breakup of The White Stripes to the evolution of Wheelchair Jimmy to a man called Drake.

Someone told Jay-Z and Willow Smith that producing another version of Annie was a great idea in 2011. That musical’s not dated at all. We predict the Super Bowl and move on to a few articles born from failure (I’m Married But Still A Virgin and D&D Threatens Prison Security) and dumb luck (Victim Treats Mugger Right). It wouldn’t be a Rhian episode without some Whore News (or at least some whoring) and she brings us two this week. First is a story of a Woman Arrested For Mooning Cops and how a Tattoo On A Penis Won A Man A Car. This is a short one (under 51 minutes) so enjoy!

195: Moat Before Fence Policy

New Years episode! Rachel is here while we welcome in 2011. We drink some beer (not Rachel) and enjoy watching the ball drop. We go over our Christmas weekend and Rachel talks about her trip out to the Casa from WVU. We read two articles: One about Bunnies that have taken over a chemical weapons factory and one about a freighter that was grounded while delivering coal to Detroit. Get it? Cause Detroit’s been so bad this year.

We look back on 2010 and in a year full of earthquakes, deaths, parties and great sports what was greatest of all was ending it with all of you! Thanks so much to all of you for listening. We’re looking forward to a 2011 where we all get to know of each other better. A great way to do that is to contact us by phone, email, Facebook or leaving comments on the site! We know you’re out there. We can see you. Share your thoughts with us!

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167: Canadian Invasion

We’re being invaded by Canucks! SickRick joins us from Toronto this week along with our Whorespondant Rhian who is of course still visiting until the end of March. We talk beer, Valentine’s Day (including an amazing dinner at Zocalo Grill), the Olympics and the most useless sport in the Winter Olympics.

Articles this week include Askmen.com’s 10 Reasons Not To Get Married. Ten dumbest if you ask us. We also contemplate what we might do with Cinnamon if she crashed out first at a party. We went to see Le Ballet Trockadero de Monte Carlo and it was fabulous! Rhian brings us some whore news and we got a bit of a comment on uncast.net and we discuss it. We end the show with another Awesome List and finish in 53 minutes and 50 seconds.

Give us a call dammit! 619-940-4SEX! The question this week: How do you feel about Olympic Pole Dancing as a sport? Have an opinion on something you heard on today’s show? Leave a comment at uncast.net or email us at uncast.net@gmail.com. Want to help support the show and make sure it keeps going? Hate us and want to buy us off so we’ll stop recording? DONATE DONATE DONATE!

162: Year Of The Cute

Ahhh the last Uncast recorded in 2009 and the first released in 2010. Very strange. We start right off reviewing beer as always, discussing Christmas plans and time spent with family. We move on to some talk about Salvation Army Bellringers and how they put wings on so many angels every year. Doctor WHO comes up a lot since we love the show and Victoria is determined to watch it so much I get tired of it. Our last lists of the year involve beer and marriage which is kind of fitting given the direction this podcast has teken in the last year. Where will it go this year? Victoria seems to think it’ll be quite cute.