145: Awesome and The Glory Box

This episode, recorded live, starts right off with Victoria being a racist Mick, beer tasting as usual and major Uncast news: WE HAVE A VOICEMAIL LINE NOW! Give us a call at 619-940-4SEX (4739) to send us a drunk message, some audio porn, comment on a show, ask a black or just say hi. Whatever you want to discuss, that’s the number to call.

We start off the episode by reflecting back on the last weekend. The DaHonays came to visit us and camp with their kids and their luscious neighbor, the insatiable Yummy Lane. We discover a new Coke machine called “Freestyle” that will likely never see the light of day. We jump right into movies including 8 conventional trailer styles that need to die and the latest movie we hate. Let me give you a clue: It rhymes with Learn After Breeding.

Daniel transitions from movies to sex with some more of his famous redactions. To be honest, they’ve become more things he’s proud of or things he can shake in our face a year later than redactions. We have a couple sexy articles including the Berlin Sex Academy and 10 Favorite Fetishes. Uncast bed now has new rules, Victoria searches for the best album to have sex to and she follows this up with an Awesome List! All in about 76 minutes!

142: No Pants? No Problem!

I’ll keep it simple up front by saying this is an Uncast Birthday Party Episode. OK now with that out of the way, let’s get to the topics. It’s a weekend of beer, sex and music and there was LOADS of each to be had by all. We discuss the San Diego International Beer Festival where Mr DaH was the socialite of the smoking section. We go on a tour of five San Diego breweries where we realize DaHonay gets a little friendly after about 10 tasters Then of course there’s the Party! Super Birthday Party! where we learn the Preakness sucks. Last, we toss in some redactions and an Awesome List just for kicks.

We ask the listener what constitutes a love making or fuck session and if a vegetarian has oral sex with a non-vegetarian does that make them a semi-vegetarian? We learn everyone’s nickname and party theme song, US Border Patrol agents are a cult of hawt mess, some dumb bitches are on this earth only to be gotten drunk and laid, breweries should not allow their employees to drink on the job and naptime rocks! All this and SOO much more in just over 95 minutes. Hey, no pants? No problem! Just bring protection cause this one’s sticky and covered in sweat.

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San Diego International Beer Festival
Ballast Point Brewing Company
AleSmith Brewing Company
Lightning Brewery
Port Brewing/Lost Abbey Brewing
Stone Brewery and Stone World Bistro & Gardens
Top 5 Reasons It’s Better To Date the Sidekick

138: The Bookstore Is Incest

It’s all stage and screen this week. We talk about our viewing of a local production of Hedwig And The Angry Inch. There’s awards shows abound including the Tony’s and the MTV Movie Awards. Thank you Bret Michaels and Sasha Baren Cohen for making those shows memorable.

We try to help educate the public on the history of erotic asphyxiation tragedies, enjoy three movie reviews from Victoria, learn about stupid people in Eastern California and discover a site selling some very strange sex toys. Add in some redactions from Daniel and a great book for the summer. All this and more in just 63 minutes!

134: That Was Nice

This week we discuss three main subjects: Music, Sex and Cannibalism. Ready? Alright let’s do this bitch.

We start out discussing a recent VH1 Classic series we watched on the history of Metal music, have a nice anti-intellectual conversation about cannibalism and discuss things guys don’t want to hear after sex. Oh btw, spoiler alert: we disagree with most of them.

There’s some discussion about our beer of the week, interesting grocery lists and Dr Pepper vs it’s many imposters. Would you go to a gyno named Dr Sparkles? Dr Rocket? Yeah she wouldn’t either. There’s some Eurovision discussion and we wrap it all up with some more booze talk. This is the longest one we’ve done in a few at 98 minutes but trust me, it’s no slouch.

123: One Big Fecal Joke

This show, with guest host Butch Rosser, aims to please and unlike Scarecrow Ale, it’s not weak ass piss water. It’s all ass all the time! Wait, there is an “s” in that word…right? Shit.

We start out discussing our day downtown, our love of It’s a Grind coffee and Pappalecco in general. What can we say? They make a great panini. We find a little passive-aggressive live and wired and hopefully introduce yet another segment to add to our collection: Soccer updates. I’ve been a fan of Norwich FC for years and a new Seattle Sounders fan. The San Diego Sockers are back and I’ll be discussing those teams and adding in a few football terms in the coming weeks.

Victoria adds things she learned from TV and I add in things I learned from podcasts this past week. I bring back “Daniel’s Redactions” and we end it with a PSA: If you have a plush uterus, please send it back. With all these topics and Butch on the show, you’d think this might be 2 hours long. Almost. 1:51:25.

080: Charlie Problems?

This week Cinnamon goes to the vet and we have to ask the eternal question: How easy is Easy Mac? We have a very special announcement that we’re pretty excited about.

Victoria tests our morality (or lack thereof) and we discuss some of why people come up with the morals they do. OH! I also have some redactions! We go through the third round of the FMTC and end the episode with a story about a minor league pitcher being traded for bats and why does a team from Calgary need Maple bats? Do they not have maple trees in Canada?

072: The Bukkake Episode

This episode includes discussions on training your mate, my late-little sister Stephanie’s birthday, cruise stuff, and a number of other things too glorious to mention. How’s that for show notes? Oh, did I mention there are some redactions? Oh and of course: BUKKAKE. That’s right I said it. Boo-Cock-E.

This one is standing tall and shooting off at 52:27.