246: Listeners Take Off Your Pants

We start this episode with our Beer of the Week with Victoria alone reviewing the beer. Why, you ask? Daniel has started Medifast and so he can’t drink any alcohol during the weight loss phase of the plan. Wah wah! Rhian has discovered Bates Nut Farm near the Casa and we have to go now to taste fresh nuts. Each host bring their own segments to the show: Daniel brings things he learned from podcasts, Victoria brings and Awesome List and Rhian brings us a Whore News article about how our sleep position affects our sex dreams.

245: Nerd Bang FAIL

The Summer Olympics in London start! We’re all excited and drinking two beers each and all sorts of celebrations. OH and also because RHIAN IS BACK!! We talk not about Comic-Con itself which was awesome without us, but Craigs List ads for Casual Nerdcounters. Somehow this comes with a question about what you call anal sex.

Daniel’s got a bit of a problem with Hill People calling themselves country living. Victoria, article geek that she’s become, brings us number two with Bizarre Crimes in Walmart Parking Lots. Daniel adds more lameness with stupid juvenile vulgar things that “Chick-Fil-A” could be short for. It’s dumb. Just forget it. Victoria brings us Ten Amazing Penises and Daniel makes up for his shit with Things I Learned From Podcasts.

Third list of the night includes the Ten Roles Almost Played By Bill Murray and Vivi makes up for it with an awesome idea for stick figure items to replace kids for those married couples without kids and all the shit they get to enjoy because of it. Rhian ends the episode with possibly one of the most epic Whore News segments ever. One Hour, Eleven Minutes, 35 seconds.

207: The Difference Between Whore and Slut Is a Corndoggin’

This week’s show title comes from the awesome podcast, Walking The Room. We’re still here! So, did the rapture come and go without us or did it never exist at all? Mr Dah has new beer and we enjoy the first two bottles of it that he’s given us. We discuss some reasons the world is ending and list a Post Rapture Tool Kit. Daniel learns some tings from podcasts and apparently acting sexy is now illegal in Utah. Short episode under an hour.

204: All Yur Holes R Filled w/ Bad Puddins

Recorded April 10th, we start right off with an awesome beer from Irondale Brewery. Eunichs mess up Victoria’s head but we fix it with Corralejo resposado tequila. Eunichs as midgets? We move from eunichs to pregnant Juggalettes. Somehow this leads to a disturbing PSA. Warning, it’s worse than eunichs and pregnant Jugalettes.

I bring in things I learned from Podcasts. This includes but is not limited to new “facts” about St Patrick’s Day, STDs caught from Thrift Store clothes, sex with an epileptic at a rave and using Cadbury Eggs in ways they were not intended. Victoria gives an invite to all involving their exposed selves and dulce de leche. We have a question for the audience: Can you get throat STDs? I’m thinking herpes might be a possibility but what about others?

Beer of the Week: Irondale Brewery Johnny Mo’s Tres Vieux IPA (204): An unfiltered IPA, Victoria and Daniel love this beer! Great IPA. Rhian says it’s strong but tastes good and this is coming from a wine whore. Victoria says it smells like pot (hops anyone?) and Daniel keeps praising it. As IPAs go, one of our favorites and a solid 5 out of 6 if not higher.

Victoria brings up e-cigarettes and how they’re becoming popular among some of our friends, and raises them with the e-pipe. Birthday present idea: E-Pipe, smoking jacket and an ascot. Victoria asks question number two to the audience: What do Transformers Zombies eat? Rhian offers the theory that Transformer corpse disposal is the cause of the troubles in Japan right now.

Victoria Beckham is trying to name their youngst daughter “Santa”. Santa Beckham. Cause Beast-Man or Evil-Lynn was already taken, Skeletor? Nothing good can come of this! Daniel talks about the start of baseball, soccer and the NHL Playoffs. Victoria wrongly guesses that I have a thing for gold and green. I like ONE team with those colors! Pay more attention, whore! Talk of NFL mascots brings up hot dogs shot from guns like t-shirts. Cause no one wants to be hit in the eye by a hot weiner.

Rhian brings us an article and some Whore News. First up, The Onion parodies Canada. This brings up a fun CBC Special by Rick Mercer called “Talking To Americans”. We discuss how the Bloc Quebecois are corndogging it when it comes to life in general. We segue into whore news by discussing’s Rhian’s past “moments” with hockey players. We hear about Blood-Scented Perfume and how we’re Living In the Corgi Epoch. We end the show with an awesome Awesome List and say hi to all of our friends. Check out the shows on our sidebar. They’re awesome!

196: That’s What Rhi Said

Rhian is back in Cali! We enjoy some beer together and record together in person for the first time in about 9 months. We start off with Victoria craving ginger. We discuss Rhian’s trip and our first few days together. The girls discuss a horrible new show, “Live to Dance”.

Daniel comes strong with some more things he learned from podcasts and we all come out of it a little stronger and a little wiser. We pay hommage to Butch and discuss how Firefly and Mad Men are so similar they may just be the same show. How is this an hommage to Butch? Check out episode 7! All three parts. We review three movies we recently saw and will be reviewing more to come as this is the winter of movies. Victoria brings us the ten things not to say on Twitter after sex and Rhi contributes some whore news. This is sizable at two hours and 56 seconds of awesome.

193: Dear Mr DaH

Butch joins us for this show and we start right off with a plug for TiltedHaloCast before we even name the show. We discuss Victoria’s poor musical choices a bit more just for the fun of in. We all enjoy an awesome Belgian ale from North Coast. We discuss a couple movies we’ve seen lately and ask everyone listening an important question: What is the official term for motorboating a one-boobed woman. Kayaking?

After this we get a bit serious discussing 10 Things to Say and 10 Not to Say to Someone Struggling With Depression. Victoria and Butch go on about relationships and accidental (and not so accidental) anal. During this time, Butch loses any chance he may have had with our whorespondant. I’ve learned a lot of things from podcasts recently and have the emotional scars to prove it. We finally get a few questions for “Ask a Black”. Send yours in today!!! Victoria brings an Awesome List and I get mocked for not knowing Spanish. We end it with some news from DJ BrotherDarkness. Wanna see him live? Check out the San Diego Gaslamp Strip Club Steakhouse Thursday and Saturday nights!! He will also be at Bootie San Francisco February 12, 2011. Go there! Enjoy it! This is not a request. This is an order! Almost two hours!!! 1 Hour, 56 Minutes, 29 seconds. Enjoy it. SEND COMMENTS AND CALL US!!! 619-940-4SEX

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189: Puppies Got Me Off

We’re off to Ottawa! Getting this out before we head out. We start right off with beer, Breast Cancer and Lupus Awareness Month, fantasy football heroics as well as the Game of the Week. Victoria brings her “Out of Left Field” topics like cootie logic, blending fetishes, puppy jury, Crystal Lite or crystal meth and a question about which primate you’d rather be. Victoria tells us about more strange dreams, Daniel adds some things he learned from podcasts and we discuss the various most exciting alternate uses for fleshlights. 72 mins, 24 sec for this one.