182: That’s Not Okay

Our whorespondent returns! Starting right off, Victoria has more hate for music lyrics. This week, it’s Lady Gaga’s “Telephone”. She has made the decision that she needs a man servant to feed her, bring her champagne and service her on Sundays. Taken off the candidate list is Wilford Brimley due to his diabitus. She then adds in a story about a new condom delivery service in Switzerland. Condom delivery or pizza delivery: which comes faster?

Daniel brings more things he learned from podcasts. This includes correcting Audiobuzzed on a few things (things you can learn from your podcast) and Keith and The Girl is (was) free. Also, Litterbox taught me if someone housesits for you, they will have sex or masturbate in your bed. I also add in dog in church lesson from The Vinyl Cafe. Victoria adds in a few movie reviews for “The Answer Man”, “Eclipse” and “17 Again”. Does she love them or hate them? Listen in.

We read an article about atheists using hair-dryers to de-baptize people. Really? Both sides really need to grow up and as xkcd points out, this is just another way for us to feel superior to both sides. We pimp out the Church of Awesome and move on to Whore News! This somehow leads to a story of Nicholas Cage taking drugs with his cat. We all add in some recent musical discoveries and bands you need to check out.

Victoria wants David Lynch and Desmond Tutu as her grandpas. Maybe they would’ve saved her from killing her Nano in the shower. Victoria’s work bff discusses his early days of debauchery. Jury is still out on how that marks with Uncast. Perhaps we’re being unfair. We get a sexy phone call from our lovely listener, Dr. Snit. This one’s done in an hour, 28 minutes and 50 seconds.

Links of the Week:
Swiss AIDS Federation Introduces Bicycle Delivery Service For Condoms
Atheists use hair-dryers to de-baptize
This Week’s Whore News
Nick Gage takes drugs with his cat

Musical Discoveries (Go check these bands out!)
From Rhian: Delain, Woven Hand, 16 Horsepower
From Daniel: K’Naan
From Victoria: Mynabirds, Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse

171: We Do When The Doing Needs Done

We’re all over the place this week. Coming off of the latest episode of Lost (as of this recording), Victoria decides she wants a gift. We learn about a book written by a cat and it’s whacko owner. Victoria proclaims that for her Birthday, she wants someone to go with her to see Kenny Loggins.

The Awesome portion of the show starts with things that are NOT awesome, like a video game based on rape. Victoria presents us with another Awesome List and this one goes to eleven total! We laugh that people at Victoria’s work have noticed her arm tattoo but don’t know about or follow Uncast.

We go through some more memories of Universary weekend and review a few movies we watched about dancing. There’s a vampire running for President of the United States and we also learn why Twilight vampires are so hard to kill. Victoria introduces us to what’s happening in tween culture today and it’s as facepalmy as you’d think. We enjoy some lunch and conversation with Victoria’s ever entertaining parents and we learn that Shaniqua is black.

Lastly, Rhian brings us some more whore news and we are there to witness her viewing her first full length porn movie ever…and it SUCKED. Pun intended. After a short bit on chat roulette, we finally end this bitch around 1:29:44. That’s nearly 90 minutes of entertainment (well, outside of the 2 minutes of Justin Beiber talk and music) so I think it’s justified that you call us at 619-940-4SEX right now. We don’t care what you talk about, just have something to say and say it.