083: This One Will Have Balls of Granite

Victoria and Becky have a ladies day out which includes: Haircuts (picture to be posted later), lunch at Saffron, sneaking booze into Sex and The City and frozen yogurt from Golden Spoon. Meanwhile, I get a photography job offer, enjoy a weekend virtually alone and our patio (and my dartboard cabinet) gets rained on by soap.

We also discuss latest news like the acquittal of R. Kelly and the deaths of Tim Russert and Charlie Jones. Who’s the next NBC personality to go? We include a list of badass last words and share some stories of Victoria’s day at the Del Mar Fair. This blue ribbon winner weighs in at 1:03:35.

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042: Thank Yous All Around

In this episode we talk about the fun of the postal service (not the band), the gifts Victoria has recieved so far, the amazing generosity of our listners, game of the week, and Cinnamon’s in trouble again. Oh noes.

This year is almost over and we want to take a moment to thank all of our listeners. You have been great with your comments, support, gifts and most importanly just listening. Thank you for spreading the word and helping our show get off the ground with a great start. We hope to bring you much more in 2008. Thanks!

Remember, we are still looking for your greatest/worst Christmas Gift stories! We’ve already got some good ones, so get yours in. The best story will win an Uncast t-shirt literally off our backs. The deadline for submissions has been extended!!! Send your story to: uncast.net@gmail.com

You have until Christmas Day at noon. At that time Victoria and I will sit down in front of the tree and read all the stories together. We’ll pick the best one by the time we record Episode 44 on December 27th and the winner will be announced then. We’ll release the episode on Saturday, December 29th and as soon as the winner contacts us with mailing information, we’ll send the shirt right out!

040: Panty Liners and Pokemon

This week we relive stories of the Uncast 39 After Party. Sad that it wasn’t recorded however the word is out and people like Victoria drunk SO that said, we have a donate button on our webpage at www.uncast.net DONATE and help us keep Victoria stocked in Vodka!

Victoria discusses American’s Next Top Model much to my objection. Becky joins us to help bake for the winter season and we discuss the horrors of the Christmas shopping season. Namely crowds, traffic and the disrespectful.

Speaking of that, we want stories! What was your best or worst Christmas gift and what’s the story behind it? The best story we get by December 22nd at noon Pacific Time will get an Uncast t-shirt! We’ll announce the winner on the episode immediately following Christmas.
Send your submissions (yes there can be more than one..ONE best and ONE worst) to uncast.net@gmail.com

Daniel’s Awesome List
10 – Cost Plus
9 – Family
8 – My new lens
7 – Cinnamon
6 – Rainy weather
5 – Comfy Sweaters
4 – Booze!
3 – In-N-Out
2 – Team Paltalk
1 – Victoria

Game of the week
Detroit wins and I win!! The Vikings won 42-10.
This week we’re recording on Sunday so it’s the Monday night game, New Orleans vs Atlanta.
Who’d have thought when the NFL were deciding on Monday Night games that this would be a shitty matchup?

032: I’ve Got a Thing About Jesus

This week we catch up. Topics include photography, food, drink, tattoos, In the Buff, Comics, shoes, sex and much more!

Check out photos I took at the Photography Workshop: www.flickr.com/photos/czzyzx41
Check out more photos from the workshop: Flickr tag for tfttfws4
Check out Digital Photography: Tips From the Top Floor: www.tipsfromthetopfloor.com

The tattoo:

030 : European Style Lubricant

Today we get a special visitor! It’s Chris Marquardt the host of Digital Photography: Tips From the Top Floor. He’s been staying at the Uncast residence the last few nights in preparation for the “Learning to See” Photography Workshop and we gain a bit of real European perspective on the following topics:

Our new Nano related segments, beer, the coming weekend, Sexual Harrassment Training and American’s apparent thoughts on what it means for something to be “European”.

BTW, we reached #28 overall on Podcast Alley! That’s great work guys but we’ve slipped to 30! Now for those that haven’t voted yet, get going! We could use all the votes we can get. Thanks so much to those who’ve already voted.

Check out these links:

Digital Photography: Tips From the Top Floor
National Writing Month
Victoria’s planned Tattoo design
btw, check out Kurt’s work at his website


027: Cinnamon the Thug

This week we learned a lot from the VMAs and Victoria helps to guide us through these lessons. We recap last weeks Game of the Week in which her pick lost in embarrassing fashion and Victoria also reviews two movies she recently saw: Breach and Blades of Glory.

We have a few events coming up: The Podcast & New Media Expo and New Years Eve with KATG in Las Vegas! For the expo we are buying t-shirts for Uncast and in creating these shirts on Cafe Press, we realized that there is a seemingly endless list of gift possibilities for Christmas.

We decide that Cinnamon needs a theme song and a new identity on the show: Cinnamon the Thug. She’s coming to destroy a town near you even through she doesn’t leave the house. There’s some reviews of The Office Season 3 DVD, more “That’s what she said” and this week’s Game of the Week: Washington Redskins vs New York Giants

Oh and we learn Victoria is a block girl and she wants to call me Hunter. Hmmm new show name? Hunter and Block Girl? No I don’t think the world is ready for such greatness.

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026: Tie Them To the Radiator

This week we discuss our Labor Day weekend. I had my best ever…she had her best ever and together we bring the love together. She reviews Black Snake Moan and Volver. I discuss (briefly) the fanboy scene and the start of the NFL season. Saints vs Colts. Who you got?