223: What Does Albino Smell Like?

This week is a blend of chaos and cray cray. Starting with this year’s version of Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin Ale, we discuss medieval shit, eggnog, hiring a personal show butcher, mernimals and add Fish Bottom as a band name. First article of the week is about Clitoral Stimulation. We talk about albinos (hence the show title) and Victoria pens a novel titled: “How To Fuck A Mermaid: And Other Tails”.

Canadians voted for their Provincial Premiers and we discuss Canadian politics a bit. We also discuss Canadian Thanksgiving and the fun that comes with that each year. We celebrated here in the United States a bit by making the same dish. Tourtieres (meat pies) are quite tasty. Going back to politics, we learn about a politician that strips during a recent commercial.

Victoria comes strong with an Awesome List from heaven and we all enjoy a taste of the awesome. Our very dear friend, Annam Manthiram has written a book titled “After The Tsunami” and we’re going to be seeing her at a reading next month. We’re really proud of her and we want to push her book as much as we can. We discuss things parents say that just don’t make any sense. Rhian brings us whore news and everything is alright. First we learn that it is okay to be a porn star and a high school teacher. We also hear about a woman that wanted a male stripper for her 100th birthday. I hope I’m still that horny at 100. Hell, I hope I reach 100. Maybe. All this in an hour, seven minutes, thirty-eight seconds.

177: I Just Like Their Balls

Welcome to Mancast III! Butch joins us while Victoria is out of town. We start out talking celebrity deaths and the first bad joke comes just 85 seconds into the show. We discuss the barleywine from Alaskan Brewery and our favorite WTF from Lagunitas. From there we move onto our other love, bacon. Bacon Moon Pies and Gourmet Bacon Candies in fact. Butch discusses some of the great restaurants and bars that he’s discovered since the last time we heard from him. If you’re in San Diego, check out Noble Experiment and Prohibition for drinks and Cucina Urbana for a great meal.

We segue smoothly from food and drinks to a new segment on the show: Parents of the Week Award. We need your votes between the Stripper Mom or the Alcoholic Dad. Who wins this week’s award? We go from that to sports where the Stanley Cup Finals were still tied, the NBA Finals were still boring and baseball was the exciting talk of the day. This goes on for quite a while, so non-sports fans beware. Butch gives us his World Cup picks (Andrés Escobar DID get murdered) then we get to hear all that’s been goin down in the life and times of one DJ Brotherdarkness. This includes the every awesome Tabe BBQ (unofficial mobile cuisine of Uncast) and some possible block parties happening later this summer in San Diego. Catch him at Bootie San Francisco on August 28th. This one’s just over an hour, 45 minutes long!

122: Comfort In The Front, Anal In The Back

Victoria and I each bring in more things we learned, there’s talk about things your husband won’t tell you though the headline doesn’t tell us your husband is a father, some states ban beastiality and designer bitch goes mental with a cat. Can you believe this takes two hours to discuss? Enjoy!

108: Victoria’s Episode

To start off this week Victoria wants to make it very clear that she does not get drunk on every episode. I guess I’ll add that I don’t either but I don’t feel quite as strongly as Victoria about that fact needing to be clear in everyone’s mind.

Now that we have that piece of business out of the way let’s begin. The lyrics to “All My Lovin” by The Beatles are a bit more perplexing that we thought at first hearing. Victoria has a new tattoo and no I swear this whole episode isn’t all just about her. We discuss Thanksgiving with her family, an abstinence flyer she found, What I Learned from TV and an awesome list. OK maybe this episode IS all about Victoria.

We include our friends and pay hommage by stealing a couple of their bits. First is beer of the week from Audiobuzzed in which we both try the Alaskan Smoked Porter courtesy of Becky Lou. Secondly we have food service stories from The DAH Theory. We had some poor service lately and thought we’d mention it. So check out those two shows after you’re done with this one.

Lastly there’s an article about Nebraska now limiting drop offs to babies only. Apparently some parents thought they were funny and dropped off their teenage brats.

As always go vote for us on Podcast Alley and keep checking in with us for new episodes, news and stories. This one lasts a grand total of 90 minutes!

083: This One Will Have Balls of Granite

Victoria and Becky have a ladies day out which includes: Haircuts (picture to be posted later), lunch at Saffron, sneaking booze into Sex and The City and frozen yogurt from Golden Spoon. Meanwhile, I get a photography job offer, enjoy a weekend virtually alone and our patio (and my dartboard cabinet) gets rained on by soap.

We also discuss latest news like the acquittal of R. Kelly and the deaths of Tim Russert and Charlie Jones. Who’s the next NBC personality to go? We include a list of badass last words and share some stories of Victoria’s day at the Del Mar Fair. This blue ribbon winner weighs in at 1:03:35.

Don’t forget we still have the “name that song” contest going until five days after we release episode 88! Start getting your list filled out!

081: Isn’t Grace Slick Dead?

There is a ton to consume in this episode. We start out with fresh deep fried charioke, a bowl of boiled sequels, birthday cake and a plate of sadness.

We have a new segment based on dreams and we ask you to submit one or both of the following:
1. What is the strangest job you have dreamed of?
2. What is the weirdest and/or most awesome dream you can remember?
We rant about kids in the store and parents who don’t watch after their kids. We had some cousins visit for dinner and we talk about the good time we had. All this comes to you in just over 61 minutes.

In the episode I read this and wanted to include it in the show notes for full effect. It’s an excerpt from Isaiah 66 written in lolcatspeak with some words changed to fit references to the dear friend and listener we lost last week, Anthony Hartman, aka windowsanddoors. We love you and will miss you forever…here it is:

“rejoice wif anfonee an be glad foars him, evryones dat luvs him; be not st00pid n00bs ovar him, All u hoo mourn ovar him. 4 u wil b nursin teh comfortin titties on paltawks; yooz drink the bud ice milk til u spitz on yooself an smilz cuz u iz drunk.” dis ar wut the ceiling cat sayz: “ur joiz let me show u them. iz gonna giv bearz 2 dem like ovrflwd milk dish, an cheezburgers ov nashuns liek mak donulz; u will b lik nomnomnom an be carrid the arm ov teh hoomen, and her warez soft woolz, an dangld on her kneez as hoomens comferts thems kittehs, iz wil so comferts u; an be comfertd ovar anfonee.”when u c dis, ur hart wil tink it has cheezburger an u wil be happy cat an evrythins; srsly.

Also, it’s the first episode of the month so you all know what that means. Go vote for us on Podcast Alley! We know there are hundreds of you out there so we hope to see at least tens of you voting!

066: It Smells Like Delicious Ass

This is UNniversary 2008! We have reached one year in podcasting. So what do we do? We do what we promised to do in Episode One: celebrate with more people. On this show we have Butch, Becky, Aaron, Marina and Allison with us as we broadcast the FIRST EVER LIVE UNCAST EPISODE!

Now let’s get down to the topics:

Dwarves Can’t Be Ninjas
We Pick On Rachel
Presto! Print Emails and Photos Without a Computer!
Aaron’s Grandma Will Kill You
A Nine-Year Old Sets a Van On Fire
A Tornado Hits Atlanta (We hope Beerchick is OK)
We Talk Literature
Victoria Outs Me About Choosing Savage Garden For Our First Dance

Right. Victoria and Marina are getting eaten out by their pets, Butch is tripping and falling on dicks, Aaron has a lethal Grandma and yet I’M the one who’s the terrible human being because when I was 21 I had bad taste in music and chose the worst possible moment to express it.

Notice: Victoria did not object at all to that song until MONTHS after the wedding was over. She didn’t stop me. She never objected. In fact, I remember her bringing up the idea of the song but let’s not get into who’s memory of things is correct. Either way neither of us stopped the other and so however it truly went down…we’re in this together. It’s time for a second wedding.