136: I Deep Throated The Horny Devil

Butch joins us for a night of booze and sexual innuendo. Not surprised? Not fresh? Think again! We each gain new nicknames, learn that the two of swords is bad in tarot AND threesomes and ask ourselves one very important question: what the hell is up with Kanye West and that Al B. Sure haircut he’s sporting these days? Well OK Daniel gets two new nicknames AND a new title but that’s neither here nor there.

There’s talk of Disneyland rides through concentration camps, burping and not from Big Jim, we’re bad fake parents, Mormons need to be made into skin suits and Butch is offended that I am not sexually attracted to him. Oh and that’s just SOME of what this episode contains.

Oh and there’s articles galore up in this show! Hot stuff? Got it. Attempted Murder? Check. Peeing in the Pool. HUH? We learn what Stippers can tell us about evolution and even a little taste of Israel not knowing where their borders are again. Fuck Jason Mraz, Snatchbox 21 rules! All this in under 76 minutes and that’s WITH our debut of DJ Brotherdarknesses new hit single. BOOM!

Lastly let us mention that June is Uncast Lupus Awareness Month. Any donation to Uncast.net in June 2009 (unless otherwise specified) will go completely to the Lupus Foundation of America. Anyone donating a sum of $10 or more in a single donation will get an emailed picture of Victoria’s tits. If $10 buys you that, wonder what $50 would get ya? Find out! Go to Uncast.net now and click on that DONATE button and let’s find a cure for Lupus!

124: I Ain’t Payin’ For Prayers

This episode is 4 x 31 flavors of fun! We start out innocently enough with a website that will allow you to pay for prayers to be said in your name. We go through 10 breweries you need to try in 2009 and while it’s not exactly our top 10 list, those on the list that we’ve had, we’ve liked for the most part and highly recommend.

Victoria brings us some job opportunities (eluded to briefly in 123), we learn that Alabama does in fact have a library, Britain is running out of Cocks and Bawls and we get an Awesome List from Victoria!

Then comes the real meat of the episode. I get serious for a bit and discuss a few things that just need to be said. Tune in and listen to find out what those things are! This episode is about an hour 45 long.

Pay For Prayers
10 U.S. Breweries to Try in 2009
Alabama has a library?
The U.K. is running out of Cocks
Mother Makes Her Kids Drink Meth Water

112: Eat Pussy Not Cat

Butch joins us on this episode!

We start out right away with a beer tasting that lasts about 40 minutes into the show. Oh and for anyone playing at home, whoever had Victoria spilling beer on herself at 24:27 into the show wins something. I don’t know what yet but let me know who you are and I’ll send you along a prize.
During this tasting there’s talk of Ricardo Montalban, Jesus being a hitman, odd names for girls and other things.

After the tastings we get down to business and talk about US Air Flight 1549, The New Adventures of Doctor Johnny O’Fuck, Butch’s latest works as DJ Brotherdarkness and his new shirt/co-worker.

Victoria brings us what she learned from TV this week, Movie Reviews and AN AWESOME LIST! I should warn you this exceeds 2 hours and 17 minutes so make sure you have some time to sit and really enjoy this one. If not, listen to the beer tasting, then come back later for the rest.

Lastly the link is below but be sure to catch DJ Brother Darkness (as butch is sometimes called) most Monday night at the Ruby Room in Hillcrest just north of downtown San Diego. It’s at 1271 University between Vermont and Richmond.

Links for the week:
News on Flight 1549 for those not in the Know is on CNN
Island of Misfit Songs for all things DJ Brother Darkness

086: Anyone Want To Taste My Tropical Concoction?

Butch joins us this week for more debauchery.

We begin with a bit of geek by reviewing books and movies and move onto darker stuff including killing retards, taking advantage of women that pull you into closets, tuna wranglers and two angry beavers.

We work with new nicknames as Daniel (Logic Bear), Butch (Pickle Mole) and Victoria (Razzle) get drunk and read off the first awesome list submitted by Cinnamon and read by Razzle.

Recommended books:
Positively Fourth Street” by James McManus
Killing Yourself To Live” by Chuck Klosterman
The Dirt” by Mötley Crüe

Reviewed Movies:
Beowulf (by Daniel and Victoria)
Hancock (by Butch)

Only two more episodes coming out before the contest is done! Hope you’re getting your lists together.

059: What the Fuck is Cherry Wine?

Becky joins us for this one and let’s just say it gets a bit chaotic. From lightning to wrestling, cake and Alice in Wonderland. You never know what’s going to come next!

049: Orange Fuck You Up the Ass

Butch joins us again as we discuss drinking, a get together to meet our favorite Kiwis, giant white cock and Butch reaches a new low.

Victoria teaches us that it’s not the size of your cupcake, it’s what you call it. We talk about strange baby naming strategies and try to convince Victoria that Tony Sinclair is annoying. We taste test the new Cherry Chocolate Dr Pepper and in the end we all want to go where everybody knows your name…or at least what brand you drink.

044: A Pantagruel of Truth

This week we recap our Christmases, discuss the next best thing, Boxing Day criminal offenses, some stories from Butch and there’s A LOT of drinking.

We also announce the winner of the 2007 Christmas Gift Story Contest. 2008 I believe will have to be just the Christmas Story Contest as one entry was truly awesome but couldn’t win by technicality.