264: There Is Always Room For A High Five

The long awaited Home Brew episode of Uncast is here! We join Tony and The DaHonays (not a new 50’s rock group) at the Lands End Resort in Oceanside, CA. We go through TEN different home brews this evening and learn the basics of home brewing from Tony and Andrew. Learn how to get started brewing at home, adding various flavors into your beer and what goes into making a Sour Ale. There are a few awesome tales and awesome tail mixed in, including DaHonay’s amazing Firestone-Walker Jacket story. This episode is two and a half hours long but worth every minute. I reward you at the end with a new short remix of our theme song. Enjoy!


Beers of the Night:

Beer #1: DaH Brew Zombie Grains (Imperial IPA w/ Nelson Hops)

Beer #2: Sunspear Ale (Apricot Cinnamon Ale; 4.2% ABV)

Beer #3: The Dornishman’s Wife (Kolsh kissed with pomegranate)

Beer #4: Night of Flowers Growing Strong (Roses, Hibiscus flowers and heather tips with a deep dark twist)

Beer #5: Lannister Hibiscus Blonde Ale

Beer #6: House Arryn Suckling Milk Stout (infused with bourbon and cherries)

Beer #7: Kraken Ink (Hefty braggot – 21% ABV!)

Beer #8: DaH Brew Rosemary IPA

Beer #9: DaH Brew Ricky Bobby Ale (Pale Ale with popcorn)

Beer #10: DaH Brew Arizona Copper Ale


Recommended Reading:
Beer Craft: A Simple Guide To Making Great Beer” by William Bostwick

The Complete Joy of Homebrewing” by Charlie Papazian

Brew Your Own Magazine


Recommended Watching:

How Beer Saved The World (Documentary)

Recommended Listening:
List of various awesome podcasts on the DaH Brew Blog

202: Crotchless Basket

It’s Universary 4 bitches! We’ve got tons of guests both old and new, it was Super Moon that night, there was lots of drinks flowing and great Victoria cooked foods as always and of course a show. The show begins with a HUGE announcement: Butch was not going to be there. Well, okay that wasn’t the real announcement but he really didn’t show.

On the show we grabbed a bunch of questions, asked them of everyone and got the conversation going that way. Turns out from our last party show, that’s a great way to keep a show going when you have 10-15 drunk guests on the show all at once. Daniel learns some shit from a podcast, Victoria has a very short Awesome List, Rhian has whore news as always and there’s a shared sexual fantasy that you have to hear to believe. Listen and you might even hear a point when it all got to be just a bit too much.

170: Don’t Judge Me, Fuckers!

It’s Universary 3 beetches! The Return of The Return! We start this shit the way we do every Universary: Victoria drunk as hell and making all sorts of noise. As with our last episode, it starts with Kooza and bukkake, or as Allison calls it: When a mommy loves a daddy and a daddy and a daddy and a daddy… We’re doing this two guests at a time so no bukkake at this party. Butch worships at the alter of bukkake at church…which oddly turns out to be the Church of Awesome. Hmm interesting how that worked out. Aaron quickly offends Victoria by disparaging Victoria’s Canadian boyfriend, Michael Buble.

There’s some discussion about books the girls got off to as teens. We rehash the wireless headphones topic. We discuss favorite moments in the last year of Uncast and Victoria chastises Becky for her level of drunkedness. We discuss Malcolm Gladwell and geek holidays. Aaron reminds us who he would go gay for. Then he turns around and tries to disprove my gay/straight theory. Is it just a coincidence that Aaron deeply dislikes every celebrity Victoria lusts after in this episode? We’ll look into that one later. Aldo spanks Victoria so hard, a chair falls over and her ears fell off. Given that, she’s got an inexplicable fear of things that pop.

We move on to nipple piercing and the recovery time, Rhian’s amazingly beautiful toes, we all try to force alcohol down Neighbor Tony’s throat and we question labels for women of age who like to have sex with men of much younger age. New rule at Casa de Uncast: You can fuck on the couch but NO FUCKING THE COUCH! Victoria gets in a wrestling match with a helium balloon and loses. Aldo shows us his cocks and Daniel gets to stroke them. Victoria disappears from the show and comes back from the bedroom with missing underwear. We end the show after 1:23:42. Fuck us, we forgot to add the calls to the end of the show. We’ll have them in 171. Promise!

142: No Pants? No Problem!

I’ll keep it simple up front by saying this is an Uncast Birthday Party Episode. OK now with that out of the way, let’s get to the topics. It’s a weekend of beer, sex and music and there was LOADS of each to be had by all. We discuss the San Diego International Beer Festival where Mr DaH was the socialite of the smoking section. We go on a tour of five San Diego breweries where we realize DaHonay gets a little friendly after about 10 tasters Then of course there’s the Party! Super Birthday Party! where we learn the Preakness sucks. Last, we toss in some redactions and an Awesome List just for kicks.

We ask the listener what constitutes a love making or fuck session and if a vegetarian has oral sex with a non-vegetarian does that make them a semi-vegetarian? We learn everyone’s nickname and party theme song, US Border Patrol agents are a cult of hawt mess, some dumb bitches are on this earth only to be gotten drunk and laid, breweries should not allow their employees to drink on the job and naptime rocks! All this and SOO much more in just over 95 minutes. Hey, no pants? No problem! Just bring protection cause this one’s sticky and covered in sweat.

Check out our friends at The DaH Theory!

San Diego International Beer Festival
Ballast Point Brewing Company
AleSmith Brewing Company
Lightning Brewery
Port Brewing/Lost Abbey Brewing
Stone Brewery and Stone World Bistro & Gardens
Top 5 Reasons It’s Better To Date the Sidekick

103: Trichinosis For The Win

We’re here with the DaHonays! Recording from the DaH Theory studios out in Somewheresville, SW USA, we enjoy some bubbly after a big Texas Tech win over the #1 Longhorns (NOT #1 ANYMORE!)

We start out with some talk about old college days and the early days of the internet before moving on to topics at hand. Those include my first week of unemployment, our weekend with the DaHonays and the Texas Tech game. Add a few articles for fun, stir up a few drinks and chomp on some bacon. This episode was a blast to record! We come in at 1:11:31.6 for those counting at home.

Remember there’s still a couple days to vote for us on podcastawards.com. you better have been voting once every 24 hours or we’ll have to start smashing some heads. You listen, you like, you support. It’s that easy!

Speaking of, there is this little deal the girls have made but one change has been made since we recorded. The deadline. Send us a donation of over $5 before November 16th at midnight Pacific Time and you will get emailed photo shots of Dah and Victoria breasts.

A Very Special Uncast: 30th Birthday Spectacular!

Not going to clog this one up with notes. It’s 50 minutes long and it may be the greatest thing we’ve ever released. Come along for the ride as we are having the night of our lives.

045: City of Magic and Titties

We’re back from our trip out to Las Vegas to celebrate New Years Eve 2007 and New Years Day 2008!

With a mix of our own commentary comes a couple new guests to the Uncast family: Legion and Mr. DaHonay. We discuss the Brother Love concert featuring Chemda at the New York/New York Hotel’s Bridge Bash.

Since we spent a few days in Vegas, we also discuss tourists, beer in odd containers, the M&M store, people handing out cards, and of course magic and titties since that’s basically what Vegas is all about. Sorry, not much for the gambling kiddies. It’s all bare female breasts for this podcast. Oh and Keith and The Girl who with Brother Love helped make this the best New Years Eve ever.

AND with the new year comes a new request: VOTE for Uncast at Podcast Alley!

Here are some pictures of the event…and more from others.
Check out Keith and The Girl at www.keithandthegirl.com
and check out Brother Love at www.brotherloverocks.com
Purchase some KATG merchandise and buy Brother Love’s CDs!

*EDIT* A correction needs to be made: I got a PM this morning from Memecherry letting me know that I had accidentally misquoted her regarding the Mikey situation. Here’s what she told me:
“What I actually said was that we were just friends, and only friends the whole time, and if anything he had a thing for Chemda.”

Just making sure we get our facts straight here. Apologies to Memecherry and to Mikey for the misquote.