184: Coxswain and Furkkake

We start off talking about rowing and quickly Victoria explains that Bill Nighy has just made her list of old men she occasionally lusts after. Victoria discovers knitted duck feet for infants and gets offended before realizing babies have no sense of shame. This of course leads to the question of which is worse, beastiality or incest?

We stumble upon a story of 1200 Russians that drowned like domesticated turkeys. Victoria starts a campaign to have Mike Tyson replace Bob Ross on The Joy of Painting. We discuss the beer of the week before moving on to ice cream. Now I really want a beer float, don’t you? We then go on to slander Mr Wizard needs to have a crackhead as a replacement showing kids the science behind cooking drugs.

We discuss the overturning of Prop 8 and explain how the idea that this would lead to people marrying their pets is impossible. Victoria goes into some disturbing dreams she had recently. There’s a short article about a cheese truck crashing and catching fire. What awesomeness could that have brought? Roadside nachos anyone?  Nope. Victoria would like to discuss more beastiality with furry sex, furkkakes and an inappropriate poster for Yogi Bear 3D.

We move on to male masturbation toys and end with the ten stupidest lyrics of all time according to beatcrave.com.

Russians Are Stupid
Ice Cream Flavors
Cheese Truck Disaster
Furkkake For A Longer Life?
Inappropriate Yogi Bear 3D Poster
Male Jerkin’ Five Pack
Stupidest Lyrics Of All-Time

155: Wherjews

Starting off the show with a nice hoppy IPA from Scotland. Y’all know how I like my scotch. I also like Scottish Ales. We go into the first of what will be many pot lucks at my new place of employment. That of course leads to some of Victoria’s latest cooking goodies. We also go to the latest Rev concert at the House of Blues and what happens when you mix hillbilly with Motley Crue. Follow that with a Party!Super Party! And you can’t believe the fun that could be had.

Victoria bitches about Geico commercials, read about a wooly bridey and a strange Japanese restaurant centered around paying it forward. There’s football Game of the Week action and guess what happened? It wasn’t a hummer, that’s what it wasn’t! Gimme this, gimme that, call us or email us you know where to go. We just wanna hear from ya. Enjoy this episode in a flat 51 minutes.

082: He Popped My Hymie!

A very interesting show indeed. We start out with new equipment that won’t work and move on to some observations Victoria made recently. Among those observations are the following: music and math lead to clowns being midnight tokers, the philosophy of little people, things that share a love of forts, shamateurism, the conundrum that exists in a hummus and ham sandwich and cats from Ancient Egypt to the Internet.

Speaking of cats, Cinnamon finally struck back after all the abuse she’s taken over the last 81 episodes. I don’t know what her problem is really. We let her appear on every show.

Victoria brings us another great Awesome List!

We also come with two articles from Reuters:
1. How does a man have a heart attack on Hawai’i? Was it the poi?
2. Is it cheating if you weren’t technically married at the time?

Oh and have you all noticed something a little different at the end of the last few episodes, say from episode 78 on? Well…
To celebrate our 30th birthdays, we’re playing our favorite songs from each year of our lives. 1978 being Episode 78 and so forth, we each chose one song each from that year as our favorite making sure none repeated.
It is your job to guess the song title and band by listening to the short clips we play at the end of each episode from 78 to 88. Because waiting until 108 would be too long and we wanna give you your prize!
The deadline is five days after Episode 88 is released. SO be sure you listen to that last episode quickly and get those entries in to us at
The prize will be an mp3 CD of all the songs 1978-2008, an Awesome List prize pack and a plethora of small trinkets and surprises.

Oh and isn’t this a coincidence? At the time we recorded the episode, Chipper Jones was hitting .420. The length of the episode? 42.0 minutes exactly. Is it magic or are you just high?

071: Pickin Up Stiches and Stabbin Bitches

Lots to talk about this week. It gets serious with the China v Tibet issue, the Olympics, etc and gets a bit goofy with talking racoons, hawks attacking kids and Baby Mama. We’re going to see This American Life next month, getting ready for the upcoming cruise and of course we continue the Food Mascot Tournament of Champions.

067: The Dungeon Master

This week we review UNniversary 2008 and finally the truth about “The Savage Garden Incident” comes out. We also get some topics out that were supposed to be part of the UNniversary show and got left out.

We also introduce a new segment to the show: The Food Mascot Tournament of Champions. This one will be repeated. Thanks to all our listeners for sharing a year with us. We hope to bring you many more so stay tuned.

065: If You Stuck a Finger in Me and Pulled Out a Plum…

20 years ago we all got rickrolled as “Never Gonna Give You Up” reached #1 on the charts. This episode was all on me since I bring damn near everything on the table and Victoria adds a nursery rhyme and a play on a children’s story.

We also discuss weed as an aid for Altzheimers, reasons why you teetotalers need to start drinking more alcohol, more redactions and apparently the latest winner of the “Ugly Dog Contest” hails from San Diego and goes by the name of Victoria. How interesting.

Check these out:
Mark Kistler’s Secret City Adventures Mural
Cannabis Offers Hope to Altzheimers Patients
Reasons To Start Drinking Alcohol
48 Blinded as They Stare At Image of Virgin Mary In the Sun
Victoria wins Ugliest Dog Contest

and of course…VOTE FOR US!!! Podcast Alley & Bloggers Choice Awards

050: Estrogencast II

This show is done sans Daniel as Becky and Victoria discuss strippers, poles, a feigned attempt to talk football and knitting. There’s more talk about TV shows, men, sex and a story from a dog about its owners Roomba.