322: When in Rome

We recorded this Andrea while Daniel was recovering from a cold. We reminisce about Unniversary weekend, including their time in an escape room, Jim & I at brunch and Study Pony Karaoke on Friday night. Not to mention the greatest food spread in Unniversary history. Victoria and Andrea escaped to this “rezzert” in Mission Bay called Paradise Point for a few days. We enjoy a beer just in time for Victoria to get into her second favorite hotel pasttime: snarking on shitty TV. Namely, Lifetime dramas. Oh yeah, drop your pants and gather the kids for a good wholesome family poop commercial.

304: Hitler Karaoke

It’s time for Karaoke of the worst kind! Tonight, we start off with Victoria right out of the gate. Hope you enjoy! Our first beer of the week brings us back to summers on the farm with chickens, except none of us have been on a real farm. Rachel likes the idea of horses but not the real deal. Apparently, keeping sloths as pets would also be out.

After the first beer, we start in with Rachel plugging shit, starting with Bad Lip Reading videos on YouTube. This discussion also includes a bit of confession session with Rachel. There is some talk of the Cat Convention, and how MMA is more hugging than fighting.

Daniel and Victoria went to Utah and they talk about their trip. There was coffee shops, an aquarium, breweries, a ballgame, Park City, and good food. Spending time with family was very enjoyable and though we did a lot, we came home feeling like we had a week of relaxation.

Victoria has a great idea to put beer in an insulated pouch like container like Capri-Sun. Speaking of beer, we had one of the worst beers we’ve had to drink in a long time on this show. Thankfully, we have an awesome list to follow this up. Oh and someone finally had the courage to call the Uncast drunk dial line! So we’ll end it there after 94 minutes!

288: My Girlfriend, The Internet

Daniel is joined this week by satan and a shark. Lots to go over, since we hadn’t recorded in a while. This includes Comic-Con, Pride Parade, and stupid Facebook games. Oh and beer. We never forget the beer.

Andrea is enjoying our beautiful country. Entry was especially pleasurable. There were movies, concerts, food, beer, and nerds. Daniel ashamedly gets Mario Batalli restaurants confused with Guy Fieri restaurants. We discuss Victoria’s ‘thing’ for wanting to either fuck or marry foods.

Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp was epic fun and Daniel cements his place as the God of San Diego for the weekend. We jump into Comic-Con International week and more epic was in store from HopCon to Wootstock and Sherlocked to the Thrilling Adventure Hour. We even stopped over to meet a famous author and get a book signed or something.

Facebook is pissing us all off. First, there’s this year’s breast cancer awareness game. Then there’s stupid quizzes. Then it’s all up in my business. Let’s get out our rage on some movies. Introducing, Snowpiercer. Hey look! It’s a movie whose porn parody doesn’t need to change names. Then they saw Hercules. We found our porn title. Hercules: Snow Piercer.

081: Isn’t Grace Slick Dead?

There is a ton to consume in this episode. We start out with fresh deep fried charioke, a bowl of boiled sequels, birthday cake and a plate of sadness.

We have a new segment based on dreams and we ask you to submit one or both of the following:
1. What is the strangest job you have dreamed of?
2. What is the weirdest and/or most awesome dream you can remember?
We rant about kids in the store and parents who don’t watch after their kids. We had some cousins visit for dinner and we talk about the good time we had. All this comes to you in just over 61 minutes.

In the episode I read this and wanted to include it in the show notes for full effect. It’s an excerpt from Isaiah 66 written in lolcatspeak with some words changed to fit references to the dear friend and listener we lost last week, Anthony Hartman, aka windowsanddoors. We love you and will miss you forever…here it is:

“rejoice wif anfonee an be glad foars him, evryones dat luvs him; be not st00pid n00bs ovar him, All u hoo mourn ovar him. 4 u wil b nursin teh comfortin titties on paltawks; yooz drink the bud ice milk til u spitz on yooself an smilz cuz u iz drunk.” dis ar wut the ceiling cat sayz: “ur joiz let me show u them. iz gonna giv bearz 2 dem like ovrflwd milk dish, an cheezburgers ov nashuns liek mak donulz; u will b lik nomnomnom an be carrid the arm ov teh hoomen, and her warez soft woolz, an dangld on her kneez as hoomens comferts thems kittehs, iz wil so comferts u; an be comfertd ovar anfonee.”when u c dis, ur hart wil tink it has cheezburger an u wil be happy cat an evrythins; srsly.

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