172b: The Alpha & The Omega

This is a very special Uncast indeed. We start right off by asking if Jesus had a grandmother. Victoria and Rhian ask a number of zombie questions about life spans and mummies vs zombies and whether vegetarianism is allowed. We also discuss the beer tasting event some more and we get some of Spence’s opinions on the evening. We move on to some discussions of music snobs and hipsters before forcing the old Doritos X-13Ds, now known as Late Night Cheeseburger, on Rhian and Spencer.

All this before the main event: An Interview with Spencer on drugs and recreational drug use. We’ll find out what his favorite and least favorite drugs are, the differences between physical and psychological addiction and good lessons for those out there new to the scene. We get to hear his opinions on the political side of the drug world, a few conspiracy theories (I’m convinced every regular recreational drug user has at least one they believe in) and he gives us some great resources to educate ourselves BEFORE trying anything new. Afterall, he’s an advocate for recreational drug use but only if it’s not done recklessly.

Links of the Week:
Audiobuzzed – Hear Rhian and BigJim audibly get it on
Lagunitas Brewery – One of the best breweries in California (And that’s saying a lot!)
Dogfish Head Brewery – They’re awesome and we need more of their beers in San Diego!
erowid.org – A great repository for information on psychoactive plants, chemicals, and related issues.
bluelight.ru – Great forum for users to gather and share information on all kinds of subjects
pillreports.com – Database of various types of Ecstasy, their makeup and how to identify

Now that Spencer has share his knowledge, thoughts, opinions, etc. why don’t all of you share yours? Is he on point? Is he full of shit? Talking out his ass or giving some good sage advice? What’s your experience been and what might YOU add to the discussion? Leave us a comment on uncast.net, tell us your story by emailing us at uncast.net@gmail.com or simply call us high, drunk or sober at 619-940-4SEX. We want to hear from you. Would you like to hear this sort of thing again? Should we have him back on or maybe bring someone else with some expertise or experience with recreational drug use? Is there another topic you would perhaps like to hear us speak a bit more in depth about? Please share! We want to hear how you feel and what you think.

144: You My Hybrid

Holy shit it’s getting hot in here! We get some comments and emails from listeners and talk about the last week’s events including a very busy Saturday with family at Stone Bistro & Gardens and Stone Brewery. Jesus (played by Phillip Macnitt) is tough but fair. Butch tells us about a newly discovered downtown establishment called Currant serving cheap Absinthe and tasty popcorn among other great things. We discuss the Gay Pride Parade we missed and the movie Milk which we did NOT miss.

We all learn about the hidden power of urine, hot chicks in police uniforms are extra hot, fisting is fucking not making love and Victoria likes gentle sex but fantasizes about violent sex. Victoria tells us things she has learned from the TV Show Top Chef Masters and shares with the class. We end with some sports story about an 81 year old NASCAR driver and a review about a train wreck documentary we experienced called Confessions Of A Superhero. All in 1:17:23 for the folks on commutes.

Links Of The Week:
Butch and Aaron go Office Space on Furniture
The Power of Pee
The Island of Misfit Songs

112: Eat Pussy Not Cat

Butch joins us on this episode!

We start out right away with a beer tasting that lasts about 40 minutes into the show. Oh and for anyone playing at home, whoever had Victoria spilling beer on herself at 24:27 into the show wins something. I don’t know what yet but let me know who you are and I’ll send you along a prize.
During this tasting there’s talk of Ricardo Montalban, Jesus being a hitman, odd names for girls and other things.

After the tastings we get down to business and talk about US Air Flight 1549, The New Adventures of Doctor Johnny O’Fuck, Butch’s latest works as DJ Brotherdarkness and his new shirt/co-worker.

Victoria brings us what she learned from TV this week, Movie Reviews and AN AWESOME LIST! I should warn you this exceeds 2 hours and 17 minutes so make sure you have some time to sit and really enjoy this one. If not, listen to the beer tasting, then come back later for the rest.

Lastly the link is below but be sure to catch DJ Brother Darkness (as butch is sometimes called) most Monday night at the Ruby Room in Hillcrest just north of downtown San Diego. It’s at 1271 University between Vermont and Richmond.

Links for the week:
News on Flight 1549 for those not in the Know is on CNN
Island of Misfit Songs for all things DJ Brother Darkness

091: Bitch! Bitch! Bitch!

Rachel is back again! This time we go through the week we spent with her including 80s movies, a trip to the mall, a concert, and a few dinners together.

The Olympics have been going on, which most of you know, unless you’ve been living under a rock in which case how are you getting these episodes? We discuss the opening ceremonies, highlights through the first week and of course, Jesus Dick. Don’t ask. Just listen.

All this and more in a compact 74 minutes.

077: He Took His Teeth Out & Smiled At You!

This week we want to send out mega Happy Mother’s Day wishes to our own moms and all the moms out there who listen.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s discuss cannibalism, monkeyballs, muxtape.com and we come out with a new segment based on topics that frequently come out on passiveaggressivenotes.com.

This week, it has brought up a question that we now pose to our listeners: who is worse when it comes to cleanliness in the lavoratory, men or women? We end the show talking about the 18 things a grown man shouldn’t have. The show ends right around the 80 minute mark.

068: Don’t Stick Your Dick In A Tainted Melon

This week we talk about Easter weekend. This includes the obvious, like Jesus, the Chicken of God. This also includes Studio Diner, why IN-N-Out should be open on Easter, the argument about having lamb as Easter dinner, Victoria glorious “Peep Show” creation and why basketball is for children. We go through the 25 most disturbing sex toys according to our friends at Cracked.com and wonder if we’re going to hell in the name of humor.

Of course Easter couldn’t be over without more announcements by the Catholic Church. This time it’s in the form of seven modern mortal sins. We discuss them all and why the church is breaking them voluntarily. I guess when the Pope is sitting in St Peter’s chair, he really is infallible. We discuss the bacon v. Beckham saga again and Victoria has an awesome list!

067: The Dungeon Master

This week we review UNniversary 2008 and finally the truth about “The Savage Garden Incident” comes out. We also get some topics out that were supposed to be part of the UNniversary show and got left out.

We also introduce a new segment to the show: The Food Mascot Tournament of Champions. This one will be repeated. Thanks to all our listeners for sharing a year with us. We hope to bring you many more so stay tuned.