Rhian is back in the Casa!! We talk about her travel day, beer and create a new drink at one of our favorite local pubs. They then choose NOT to name it after us. Fuck that. We have a few Awesome Lists and Rhian solves the Mayan Calendar/Apocalypse issue. We enjoy Second Christmas and discuss our gifts, including a jar of peanut butter. Rhian brings two pieces of awesome Whore News and we end by revealing the name of Daniel’s penis! Enjoy!

Starting right off with a wrong number call into the Uncast line, sledding on pizza boxes, beer of the week and a drink we invented (The Uncast Float) for our favorite local pub! Daniel starts the year end lists by naming the top beers that we drank on the show during 2011.

We all talk about our Christmas weekends. From a long trip to Hemet, to getting high on Christmas Eve, time with family and the best of friends, this was a really memorable Holiday Season. Victoria forces us to choose resolutions for 2012 from a list. We may have been less than comfortable with this. We evaluate the year in Uncast and have a few lists for you. Do you agree? Was there anything we left out?

Rachel gives us her top 10 “yays” of 2011 and Victoria has an Awesome List of Awesome Lists. Daniel and Rhian give us the World’s Greatest Headline and Rhian ends the show with a couple of pieces of whore news including a man who paints with his cock and a new sci-fi themed brothel opening in Nevada. This all ends in an hour, 32 minutes, 12 seconds.

197: Rumors

Rhian joins us again and Victoria tries to derail us right off with Juggalo talk. We talk about beer a bit and review the Golden Globes. Hint: snore. We discuss our 2nd Christmas, dubbed “Rhi-mas” and our visits to a couple local pubs we love: O’Brien’s Pub in Kearny Mesa and Phileas Fogg’s Pub in Poway. Victoria had a zombie dream and the girls discuss a homemade fleshlight. Rhian brings in some whore news about a man suing an escort service and a woman rubbing one out in a van. Victoria brings us an Awesome List! One paragraph of notes for an hour, 25 minute episode.

195: Moat Before Fence Policy

New Years episode! Rachel is here while we welcome in 2011. We drink some beer (not Rachel) and enjoy watching the ball drop. We go over our Christmas weekend and Rachel talks about her trip out to the Casa from WVU. We read two articles: One about Bunnies that have taken over a chemical weapons factory and one about a freighter that was grounded while delivering coal to Detroit. Get it? Cause Detroit’s been so bad this year.

We look back on 2010 and in a year full of earthquakes, deaths, parties and great sports what was greatest of all was ending it with all of you! Thanks so much to all of you for listening. We’re looking forward to a 2011 where we all get to know of each other better. A great way to do that is to contact us by phone, email, Facebook or leaving comments on the site! We know you’re out there. We can see you. Share your thoughts with us!

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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/uncast

179: No Homo

This was recorded June 21st! Hurray us for getting shows out..on..time..or not. Hey! Rhian from Audiobuzzed joins us to celebrate! The Victoria is too Posh tonight. We discuss the latest episode of The Boondocks and the way Tyler Perry got torn to shreds by Aaron McGruder. The area surrounding Rhi has gotten some visitations by large animals and we don’t mean Big Jim. In literary news, we learn that “meece” or “meese” has nothing to do with moose or mice. No matter what Urban Dictionary says. We also discuss kangaroos and whether they can punch their own stomachs. VERY interesting indeed!

We truly enjoyed this week’s Beer of The Week: Stone’s 14th Anniversary Emperial IPA. Victoria has decided to eliminate card giving at work. Everyone just writes the same shit in every card so it’s not really that personalized. She did get some awesome gifts from Becky, though. Meanwhile, I had one of the best Birthdays EVER! Want to know? LISTEN TO THE SHOW!!! We have a bevvy of calls to the Uncast Line just as we’re getting into a little question: Does every vampire series need to include werewolves ever since Underworld came out?! True Blood has ’em, The Gates has ’em, The Twilight Series has ’em and we’re getting sick of them.

Rhian brings a bit of whore news with the MuchMusic Awards which were held in mid-June. We wonder why Canadian musical acts can’t show up to a Canadian Music Awards show. We wonder why the fuck a 17-year old girl is walking around in a skirt/dress without underwear on. We spend a long time shitting on a number of celebrities from the Awards show. Of course there’s World Cup news long long behind the now and we end with Vivi’s story from a ballgame including a review of the Proper Gastropub in San Diego. We do all this in 61:52. CALL US at 619-940-4SEX or comment at uncast.net! We miss hearing from our listeners!

162: Year Of The Cute

Ahhh the last Uncast recorded in 2009 and the first released in 2010. Very strange. We start right off reviewing beer as always, discussing Christmas plans and time spent with family. We move on to some talk about Salvation Army Bellringers and how they put wings on so many angels every year. Doctor WHO comes up a lot since we love the show and Victoria is determined to watch it so much I get tired of it. Our last lists of the year involve beer and marriage which is kind of fitting given the direction this podcast has teken in the last year. Where will it go this year? Victoria seems to think it’ll be quite cute.

109: Come Warm By My Cock

Our shows being just a tad bit delayed we release this episode to you which we recorded the day before heading out to Utah for Christmas. Topics of the day include a mock jury temp job, gifts from The Dah Theory and stories from the company holiday party.

Daniel brings two articles for your consumption: Teen Lesbian Pregnancy (You read that right) and the police officer from Chipotle? There’s a letter proving the Polish have years to go before they can match the Nigerians in the e-mail scam industry and we notice a Pineapple Express Transportation shuttle on the freeway. We do it all in under 59 minutes.

We’re having a New Years Eve party! Yes I know it’s a few days away but dammit you’ll want to be there. Trust us on this. Contact us at uncast.net@gmail.com to get directions and party info. Don’t miss it!

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