226: You Can’t Squirt With An Audience

Due to an mp3 upload error on Daniel’s part, 226 is temporarily unavailable. This should be fixed by  11/8/2011, 7pm Pacific Time. Sorry folks!

We start right off on this Halloween episode with awesome spiced beer and a new bukkake superhero. We have to explain to our live audience what bukkake is. Victoria also has lots of questions for our audience. This of course blends into fisting and why guys are weirded out by super kinky sex acts. This leads to squirting and Daniel has questions for those female listeners who have. Victoria brings up Thai ladyboys and this naturally segues into a story about a Shapeshifting Hooker. We get another entry in the “Name Daniel’s Penis” contest. If it’s turned purple, let go of it, man!We are really touched and honored to share some critical acclaim from someone close to the show. Bias much? You bet! We’ll still take it cause it’s real! Go check out Junkenstein’s blog and his new podcast, “Junk’s Trunk” which is ‘like a musical essay’ and really great. Victoria shares an article about a man who firebombed a Taco Bell due to a meat shortage in his Chalupa. We learn that China is now Cracking Down On Overly Entertaining TV. Victoria shares her ultimate shameber song. Click it, damn you! We end the show with Whore News about a topless woman that leads cops on a 200 km/hr chase. Now THAT’S a fast whore. Speaking of fast. We get this out in an hour, four minutes and nine seconds.

125: Carnies and Whores

Rhian from Audiobuzzed joins us again! Yay Canadian Whores!

We start out as usual with drinks, move on to some things we learned, add in some hilarious articles and you have..well..the last 20 or so episodes.

In this one, we spend a day with my cousins, meet with someone from the LDS church (drama!) and then I need a drink so we drown that event in Stone Brewery. Russian River’s Pliny the Elder and AleSmith’s Brown Ale rock.

Rhian brings us some carny news and a few other funnies. We learn a bit about fake Twitter celebrities, sausages fryin in prison johns, pretty person syndrome and the very strange morals of Arabs. 1 Hour, 38.5 Minutes.

Check this shit out!
The Dah Theory
Too Beautiful To Live
The Litterbox Podcast
Keith and The Girl

114: Sponge Shaft

Guess what? We has guests again as Butch joins us. We discuss the Royal Rumble, Five things you may not know about your penis, a classic airline complaint letter and the world now has it’s first openly-gay leader! All of this in 88 minutes!

Check out Butch at theisle.wordpress.com or www.butchrosser.net

087: The Grand Potato

Well this episode gets interesting in a hurry. We start right off by basically calling the Pope a potato in Prada and move on to the All-Star game and the week’s activities. Victoria creates a new rousing game of Cape or Boat. Victoria also decides that in the Heroes universe, she’s choosing evil. Oh and on top of that, she has questions to ask the men of the audience:

1. Would you do Seth Green?
2. Who would you go gay for?

We discuss two upcoming movies, Canada’s odd choice of holidays, an elevator to space and oh yeah, NEW AWESOME LIST. Just in time for the end of the contest. YOU HAVE ONE MORE EPISODE!

071: Pickin Up Stiches and Stabbin Bitches

Lots to talk about this week. It gets serious with the China v Tibet issue, the Olympics, etc and gets a bit goofy with talking racoons, hawks attacking kids and Baby Mama. We’re going to see This American Life next month, getting ready for the upcoming cruise and of course we continue the Food Mascot Tournament of Champions.

069: That’s How Bitches Get Shot

Episode 69 is here! Octal 69 is 105. Hexa 105 is 69. Now that 69 is no longer sexy, let’s get to the show notes.

Food Mascot Tournament of Champions continues. We read a list sent to me by my cousin that came from some L.A. pretentious retard about why California is better or some stupid shit. Sal Monella is showing up in more places at once than I think is possible. There must be a conspiracy goin and we think it involves cranes. Victoria gets a rape whistle and when she might need to use it…like the next time I get Jesus angry.There’s ball removal, SUV’s knocking people off their toilets and baseball.

057: Your Dip To Stick Ratio Is All Fucked Up

This episode is full of whackiness. Watch out folks! Victoria drops her hatred of Lance Burton for a moment to hate on local weatherman, Joe Lizura. We discuss Valentine gifts, Fun Dip, and we discuss God. Yeah that’s right. God.

I rag on my mom for sending me a chain letter about illegal aliens when we have illegal alienism in our heritage and she’s a leech on the government.

There’s also pathetic topics about bars at closing time, selective sperm, bum trash and badass POTUS.

Oh and there’s something about David Beckam but I can hardly remember. Can you? I didn’t think so.