198: Nobody Wants The Daytime Stripper

Rhian joins us again this week and we start right off with a question: Would you marry an over the hill stripper if you can have an all expenses paid trip to Vegas? Let us know! We drink a pretty decent American Belgian-Style Ale this week and our whores end up on glitter knees over it. Groundhog’s Day is flawed and we describe why. There’s music from the breakup of The White Stripes to the evolution of Wheelchair Jimmy to a man called Drake.

Someone told Jay-Z and Willow Smith that producing another version of Annie was a great idea in 2011. That musical’s not dated at all. We predict the Super Bowl and move on to a few articles born from failure (I’m Married But Still A Virgin and D&D Threatens Prison Security) and dumb luck (Victim Treats Mugger Right). It wouldn’t be a Rhian episode without some Whore News (or at least some whoring) and she brings us two this week. First is a story of a Woman Arrested For Mooning Cops and how a Tattoo On A Penis Won A Man A Car. This is a short one (under 51 minutes) so enjoy!

194: An Evil Warlock Named Santa

Christmas episode! We start off with Victoria wanting alcoholic candies and we jump into some awesome beers that we got from Masters of None. We briefly discuss Don’t Ask Don’t Tell being repealed but what can we say other than, “YAY! It’s about time!” So we jump into what I thought would be a short bit on the Periodic Table getting a makeover and well, shit blew the fuck up.

Victoria brings out her theory on elves and this, like blooms into pure genius if we do say so ourselves. Santa’s year long identity MAY be revealed in this episode. We discuss a few o our favorite Christmas traditions and memories. Victoria wants to take down the old Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer TV Special and frankly I can’t argue with her. I try to talk about sports a bit but that falls flat and we end the show with a SPAM call to our Google Voice line. See what happens when you peeps don’t call? You only have yourself to blame.

So call us already! 619-940-4SEX (4739) or leave a comment on uncast.net
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193: Dear Mr DaH

Butch joins us for this show and we start right off with a plug for TiltedHaloCast before we even name the show. We discuss Victoria’s poor musical choices a bit more just for the fun of in. We all enjoy an awesome Belgian ale from North Coast. We discuss a couple movies we’ve seen lately and ask everyone listening an important question: What is the official term for motorboating a one-boobed woman. Kayaking?

After this we get a bit serious discussing 10 Things to Say and 10 Not to Say to Someone Struggling With Depression. Victoria and Butch go on about relationships and accidental (and not so accidental) anal. During this time, Butch loses any chance he may have had with our whorespondant. I’ve learned a lot of things from podcasts recently and have the emotional scars to prove it. We finally get a few questions for “Ask a Black”. Send yours in today!!! Victoria brings an Awesome List and I get mocked for not knowing Spanish. We end it with some news from DJ BrotherDarkness. Wanna see him live? Check out the San Diego Gaslamp Strip Club Steakhouse Thursday and Saturday nights!! He will also be at Bootie San Francisco February 12, 2011. Go there! Enjoy it! This is not a request. This is an order! Almost two hours!!! 1 Hour, 56 Minutes, 29 seconds. Enjoy it. SEND COMMENTS AND CALL US!!! 619-940-4SEX

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189: Puppies Got Me Off

We’re off to Ottawa! Getting this out before we head out. We start right off with beer, Breast Cancer and Lupus Awareness Month, fantasy football heroics as well as the Game of the Week. Victoria brings her “Out of Left Field” topics like cootie logic, blending fetishes, puppy jury, Crystal Lite or crystal meth and a question about which primate you’d rather be. Victoria tells us about more strange dreams, Daniel adds some things he learned from podcasts and we discuss the various most exciting alternate uses for fleshlights. 72 mins, 24 sec for this one.

188: I’m Just Sayin

Victoria starts right off with weird cat names. Yeah THAT is how we’re starting the show. Daniel follows up strongly by bitching about the new Digg look. Victoria asks the listeners to explain what her recent dreams mean. Tell us what you think the hidden meaning is. Daniel thinks it’s penis envy. Victoria wants to be the third in a Javier Bardem/Penelope Cruz threesome. We discuss the first ever Celebrity Twitter Auctions where the money goes to support various charities for Haiti and Hallowhedon in London! We are so jealous!

Early into the show, Daniel starts in with this theory about the phrase “I’m just sayin” and quickly abandons it less than 15 minutes in. Daniel explains how sickness and throat issues delayed Uncast episodes from being released and recorded and Victoria discusses recent stresses at work. We all discuss the tragic explosion of a gas pipe in a San Bruno neighborhood just west of San Francisco Int’l Airport. There’s talk about aliens and Miss Cleo, failed jokes, Butch pinning down Mr Rhi and other craziness.

Following this is of course the very mature game of coming up with movie titles that are hilarious when applied to poo. Daniel and Victoria rant about judgemental psuedo-patriots on “Patriots Day” and yes I realize this is hitting the airwaves 20 days late and yes we’re aware that people bitch about these exact things every year but they still exist, so we must continue bitching cause that changes things. We transition from that to 5 Social Networking disorders. We discuss some drama from the latest “America’s Next Top Model” and everyone’s shocked. Rhian brings us some Whore News before we move on to some football. Game of the Week is QUITE late. Yikes. Ah wells, here we go anyways. We bring this to you in an hour, 12 mintues and 36 seconds.

186: The Freilich Maneuver

So check this one out. There’s beer, 2010’s “Read-A-Book” and some talk of Lil Wayne’s autotune dependency. Victoria brings us a science segment with “clean drinking” and we also read some listener comments. This is followed by a few movie reviews, some sports from Daniel and a documentary we shared as a family.

After all that we still have time to tell you how your bathroom posture affects your health. Daniel brings some more things he learned from podcasts. We learn about the rise and fall of quicksand and Victoria has an Awesome List!

166: Cannibalism or Necrophilia?

Happy Valentine’s Day! Rhian joins us again for another episode. We jump right into Super Bowl talks, including the good and the bad of commercial ads. We each read off our names from Urban Dictionary. Guess who’s God, Chuck Norris and a few other awesome things combined? Victoria brings us another game of “Who Would Win In A Fight” and there’s a few strange battles. We discuss jury duty, Daniel’s magic healing cock becoming magic healing fingers and some very strange search terms that have brough people to uncast.net.

Victoria outs her love for cold things on her and we have to ask the title question: is it worse to fuck the dead or eat the dead? With Rhian comes whore news and we also bring in some questions about sex in space. What would it be like to have an orgy at zero gravity? You tell us! Call us with your answers at 619-940-4SEX or leave your comments on uncast.net. We give this one to you in under 58 minutes.