275: Moustachioed Pistachios

Have you ever liquified a nut? Yeah this is a few weeks old but still somewhat relevant? Daniel is on fire and his “stupid” abounds! We talk briefly about the Super Bowl game itself but since it was over after the first play from scrimmage, we spend more time discussing the commercials and halftime show.

After 30 minutes, we get to beer. This week, it’s a new San Diego brewery called 2Kids Brewing. Check them out. We try a new twist on a previously reviewed beer with the Brewmaster’s Edition of Gulden Draak. Did we like it? Hint: We liked it better than Cinnamon keeping us up at night but not as much as Victoria loves Animal Crossing. Sweet ta tas! That’s a very strange fetish. Facebook games and 3DS games: do you do them?

So apparently Transformers movies are still being made. Now we get Dinobots. With the racist way that Jazz was portrayed, I wonder if they’ll try to recreate the Grimlock voice from the original cartoon series. We discuss our thoughts on the loss of Phillip Seymour-Hoffman, his career and the tragic reality of those who lose their lives to addiction. This also leads us to a really cool Academy Awards documentary we watched after the Super Bowl.

Starting right off with a wrong number call into the Uncast line, sledding on pizza boxes, beer of the week and a drink we invented (The Uncast Float) for our favorite local pub! Daniel starts the year end lists by naming the top beers that we drank on the show during 2011.

We all talk about our Christmas weekends. From a long trip to Hemet, to getting high on Christmas Eve, time with family and the best of friends, this was a really memorable Holiday Season. Victoria forces us to choose resolutions for 2012 from a list. We may have been less than comfortable with this. We evaluate the year in Uncast and have a few lists for you. Do you agree? Was there anything we left out?

Rachel gives us her top 10 “yays” of 2011 and Victoria has an Awesome List of Awesome Lists. Daniel and Rhian give us the World’s Greatest Headline and Rhian ends the show with a couple of pieces of whore news including a man who paints with his cock and a new sci-fi themed brothel opening in Nevada. This all ends in an hour, 32 minutes, 12 seconds.

Rachel’s last appearance as an In-Casa guest on the show before returning home. we down the easily drinkable beer of the week and learn Canada’s Mountain Dew has no caffeine! Meanwhile in America, you can get drugs through the drive-thru. We ponder whether that includes cocaine, while transitioning seamlessly to new tattoo days for Rachel and Vivi.

Daniel talks about coming down with a bit of food poisoning or maybe just a stomach virus but Victoria promptly makes fun of him about it. Seriously though, I had no better nurses this week than the three women on this episode.To transition nicely, Rhian asks wtf is up with hillbilly handfishing? This brings us to the discussion of fishing which naturally goes into the question of what exactly it is Atheists really believe or not or whatever.

Victoria, Rachel and Daniel watched the last installment of the Harry Potter movie series. In fact, the girls saw it three times in two weeks and there’s been a month straight of HP obsession in the house. Rhian tries to justify Canada’s Civic Holiday. There’s nothing more to it than that. It’s just a government issued reason for everyone to have the day off. We go through a list of holidays we need to add to the list. This includes our birthdays and a stronger support for Victoria Day in America.

Apparently Russia has just now considered beer an alcoholic beverage. Ottawa celebrates Tom Green Day and Rhian shares some stories of his college days, since they were in the same university and department at about the same time. She mentions he was a douchebag back then and also brings back how Alanis Morrisette was the same back in her school days. Rhian brings us some whore news! This one is a Facebook page against Stupid Whores. Apparently it’s a group that just hates girls that are into superficial stuff.

Push our Friends!
Trainwreck in Sarasota
AmHam Show
I Love Lard
DJ Brother Darkness

189: Puppies Got Me Off

We’re off to Ottawa! Getting this out before we head out. We start right off with beer, Breast Cancer and Lupus Awareness Month, fantasy football heroics as well as the Game of the Week. Victoria brings her “Out of Left Field” topics like cootie logic, blending fetishes, puppy jury, Crystal Lite or crystal meth and a question about which primate you’d rather be. Victoria tells us about more strange dreams, Daniel adds some things he learned from podcasts and we discuss the various most exciting alternate uses for fleshlights. 72 mins, 24 sec for this one.

184: Coxswain and Furkkake

We start off talking about rowing and quickly Victoria explains that Bill Nighy has just made her list of old men she occasionally lusts after. Victoria discovers knitted duck feet for infants and gets offended before realizing babies have no sense of shame. This of course leads to the question of which is worse, beastiality or incest?

We stumble upon a story of 1200 Russians that drowned like domesticated turkeys. Victoria starts a campaign to have Mike Tyson replace Bob Ross on The Joy of Painting. We discuss the beer of the week before moving on to ice cream. Now I really want a beer float, don’t you? We then go on to slander Mr Wizard needs to have a crackhead as a replacement showing kids the science behind cooking drugs.

We discuss the overturning of Prop 8 and explain how the idea that this would lead to people marrying their pets is impossible. Victoria goes into some disturbing dreams she had recently. There’s a short article about a cheese truck crashing and catching fire. What awesomeness could that have brought? Roadside nachos anyone?  Nope. Victoria would like to discuss more beastiality with furry sex, furkkakes and an inappropriate poster for Yogi Bear 3D.

We move on to male masturbation toys and end with the ten stupidest lyrics of all time according to beatcrave.com.

Russians Are Stupid
Ice Cream Flavors
Cheese Truck Disaster
Furkkake For A Longer Life?
Inappropriate Yogi Bear 3D Poster
Male Jerkin’ Five Pack
Stupidest Lyrics Of All-Time

182: That’s Not Okay

Our whorespondent returns! Starting right off, Victoria has more hate for music lyrics. This week, it’s Lady Gaga’s “Telephone”. She has made the decision that she needs a man servant to feed her, bring her champagne and service her on Sundays. Taken off the candidate list is Wilford Brimley due to his diabitus. She then adds in a story about a new condom delivery service in Switzerland. Condom delivery or pizza delivery: which comes faster?

Daniel brings more things he learned from podcasts. This includes correcting Audiobuzzed on a few things (things you can learn from your podcast) and Keith and The Girl is (was) free. Also, Litterbox taught me if someone housesits for you, they will have sex or masturbate in your bed. I also add in dog in church lesson from The Vinyl Cafe. Victoria adds in a few movie reviews for “The Answer Man”, “Eclipse” and “17 Again”. Does she love them or hate them? Listen in.

We read an article about atheists using hair-dryers to de-baptize people. Really? Both sides really need to grow up and as xkcd points out, this is just another way for us to feel superior to both sides. We pimp out the Church of Awesome and move on to Whore News! This somehow leads to a story of Nicholas Cage taking drugs with his cat. We all add in some recent musical discoveries and bands you need to check out.

Victoria wants David Lynch and Desmond Tutu as her grandpas. Maybe they would’ve saved her from killing her Nano in the shower. Victoria’s work bff discusses his early days of debauchery. Jury is still out on how that marks with Uncast. Perhaps we’re being unfair. We get a sexy phone call from our lovely listener, Dr. Snit. This one’s done in an hour, 28 minutes and 50 seconds.

Links of the Week:
Swiss AIDS Federation Introduces Bicycle Delivery Service For Condoms
Atheists use hair-dryers to de-baptize
This Week’s Whore News
Nick Gage takes drugs with his cat

Musical Discoveries (Go check these bands out!)
From Rhian: Delain, Woven Hand, 16 Horsepower
From Daniel: K’Naan
From Victoria: Mynabirds, Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse

181: I Need Help!

Victoria starts this show right off by assuming she has the power to kill celebrities. This week: Harvey Pekar. Then she blames it on LeBron leaving Cleveland. We segue from that to a stream of conscience hair metal conversation stemming from some more lyrics Victoria has a problem with. This week: Poison’s “Something To Believe In”.  We also learn why we need to either keep brownies away from Victoria or we need to record when she has them.

Victoria decided she needs a minion for Sloth Sundays. She thinks about giving Cinnamon opposable thumbs, having kids, hiring teens, buying a servant boy. We discusses the newest experiment from Carl’s Jr and how disgusting it sounds. The World Cup is over and apparently the team of hot models won. Who’d have known? Victoria gives us a list of things to help us cope with the end of the World Cup.

Victoria has an awesome list! This one includes Comic-Con discussions and reading among a various amount of other things. Victoria reviews two movies she saw recently: Get Him To The Greek and AdventureLand. Daniel comes in with some things he learned from podcasts, we go over mummies and zombies (AGAIN) for those who still need help and we talk about our Fourth of July celebration. We each recommend a few things for you all to check out and end the show with some more Church of Awesome ideas.

Links For the Week
Story about Carl’s Jr. Footlong Cheeseburger
How To Cope With the End of the World Cup
Rhian’s Blog
Dr Snit’s Blog
Children’s Hospital
Comedy Death Ray