140: Icy Dead People

It’s Daniel’s birthday! We discuss a beer tasting party we had last week that included one strong lesson: When doing a beer tasting with 4oz tasters and using beers that are all over 9% ABV and over 90IBU, ten might be a bit too many. Still, we had a BLAST.

We move on to Victoria’s work party, weird dreams, some ideas from listeners and some things we’ve learned from podcasts recently. There’s some sports updates, 25 movie lines you should never quote and Cooking With Victoria. Then the cups of grass…30 Rock is a rip off of the Muppet Show. Eat your heart out!All this in 84:23!

133: The Smile Train’s A-Comin’!

This week we discuss the Gossip Girl finale, a high school softball pitching phenom and the Masturbate-A-Thon. We learn a number of things from how to be a movie snob to what the buffalo stance really is. We discuss things Daniel learned from podcasts including a letter to The Dah Theory about their recent episode 45. A cat has gotten half a million followers on Twitter so we have to rethink our marketing scheme for Cinnamon. We also ask the vital question: Who would you want on your unicorn, Neil Patrick Harris or William Shatner? Also, if you could time travel but outside of returning to current real time you could only go forward or backward, which would it be? Oh and Flash Mountain is back in business! Show those titties!

Two Notes this week:
First and foremost, congrats to ElleJ on her recent marriage! Enjoy Bermuda and a long happy life together!
Second and also important is June 27th at Casa De Uncast. That would be the date and location for our joint birthday party! If you haven’t already received an invite, it’s because we haven’t sent them out. Want to make sure you get on the invite list? Email us at uncast.net@gmail.com!

119: Stop Poking The Turtle!

This week includes recaps of a weekend apart, the death of Paul Harvey and sports. We have a breastfeeding driver, Xanadu advocating ecstasy use and parents don’t want to talk to their kids about disabled people. OOH and an awesome list!!! Don’t miss the 75 minutes of beer, balls, breasts and dead broadcasters.

Unniversary is in less than a week! Get your votes in on the new Official Beer of Uncast and again if you’re comin, please let us know ASAP! Deadline for notification is March 11th. That’s not too far away!

115: Spoiler Alert! The Jew Gets It In The End

This week it’s us alone discussing stupid song lyrics, the Super Bowl and it’s crazy ads as well as the San Diego Zoo’s new food & drink policy. We discuss why the city doesn’t want your help, two examples of why old women shouldn’t be allowed to drive and 10 movie endings that got spoiled by history. Victoria comes at us with a short What I Learned On TV This Week segment and more than plenty movie reviews. Enjoy all this and more in an hour and 25 minutes.

Articles of the week:
You can’t bring food and drink in the zoo and it’s your own fault
Stop sweeping the snow, it makes us look bad
Teen Evangelist Misisonaries forget the 10 Commandments
Well she’s OLD and A WOMAN and ASIAN…what did you think would happen?
Yet another old woman that can’t drive

Top 10 Movie Endings Spoiled by History

100b: Communism? Yes!

Part two of a two part celebration of Uncast’s 100th episode!

We start part two with an mp3 message we got from our friends at Audiobuzzed.com and move right into a submitted letter from my cousin Thomas. This episode includes anal clotting, words that rhyme with orange, a man crashing his car into a map shop, our Uncast Awesome List and a brand new game called “Eat, Kill or Fuck” which we spoke about in a previous episode of the same title.

Aaron comes in with a story about his co-worker finding out the Playboy Mansion has quite the handsome cover charge even for invited guests. After this there’s a good deal of chaos and confusion and drunken conversation until we come to the end and say good night thanks to the Red Army Chorus. Again this is about an hour and two minutes, so plan your time wisely!

069: That’s How Bitches Get Shot

Episode 69 is here! Octal 69 is 105. Hexa 105 is 69. Now that 69 is no longer sexy, let’s get to the show notes.

Food Mascot Tournament of Champions continues. We read a list sent to me by my cousin that came from some L.A. pretentious retard about why California is better or some stupid shit. Sal Monella is showing up in more places at once than I think is possible. There must be a conspiracy goin and we think it involves cranes. Victoria gets a rape whistle and when she might need to use it…like the next time I get Jesus angry.There’s ball removal, SUV’s knocking people off their toilets and baseball.

057: Your Dip To Stick Ratio Is All Fucked Up

This episode is full of whackiness. Watch out folks! Victoria drops her hatred of Lance Burton for a moment to hate on local weatherman, Joe Lizura. We discuss Valentine gifts, Fun Dip, and we discuss God. Yeah that’s right. God.

I rag on my mom for sending me a chain letter about illegal aliens when we have illegal alienism in our heritage and she’s a leech on the government.

There’s also pathetic topics about bars at closing time, selective sperm, bum trash and badass POTUS.

Oh and there’s something about David Beckam but I can hardly remember. Can you? I didn’t think so.