253: If she had balls, they would be spotless. 

Two guests on this episode of Uncast! We bring in the lovely Carolyn and the ever efferfescent Butch to talk about many awesome things.  There really isn’t that many show notes listed and like a good Vivi, I forgot what we talked about. I may have been intoxicated on this episode. We did apparently mention: Hendrick love and Vivi is a bad america. Yeah I am just as lost as you.

So that means you should listen and unravel these mysteries and let me know if I was good or bad or a witch.

Our beautiful sparkly co-host, Rhian passed away this past Sunday. This episode was recorded before then but due to technical difficulties she wasn’t able to make this show. She will be missed so much by Daniel and I and the plethora of people she touched.

The Friday of Universary weekend, we will be holding a celebration for Rhian so email us if you would like to attend.

IF you would like to donate to her family for the costs of her memorial, use the donate button on our website.


Butch joins us this week, so naturally the show starts out with talk of golden showers and men he’d go gay for. We discuss a Deathcab for Cutie concert, what Vivi would do to see Florence + The Machine and why Rhi hates The Postal Service. We try our first sampling from Iron Fist Brewing and love it.

There’s all sorts of food talk from the horrors of Denny’s new cheese menu to the amazing food and drinks at Agave Grill in Ottawa. We introduce our Bear Of The Week when Victoria goes on a rampage about a certain internet meme poster. This leads to talks of teddy bear picnics, bears in the gay community and finally Butch’s latest business idea.

Uncast is trying to plan out an Armageddon party at the end of 2012. It will be full of drinking, debauchery and putting Viagra buckets on people’s heads. We learn there are a lot of things Victoria doesn’t know. She doesn’t know the Spanish word for cheese nor does she know the correct song that was #1 the week we were born. BTW, that would be “Shadow Dancer” by Andy Gibb, NOT “Stayin’ Alive” by The Bee Gees. Close but no queso.

We learn once again that Rhian is a REAL witch and not just some fake movie version. Victoria states that she wants to be committed and then she promptly leaves the show. Rhian brings us a Canadian article and plugs a philanthropic dance group run by a dear friend of hers. Check out Lanie Dance, people. It’s for the best. Remember, Rhi’s witchy. She also brings us some Whore News.

Lastly, we have a NEW CONTEST!! If Victoria can have apple pie and Rhian has her lily bits, then wtf are we to call Daniel’s magic penis? YOU CAN DECIDE!!
That’s right. Send in all your submissions for possible names either by leaving comments on uncast.net or by emailing us at uncast.net@gmail.com. You have until November 19th to submit. The hosts will then narrow down the names to a tiny group of finalists. YOU will vote on the final winner, to be announced on the first episode with Rhi back live at the Casa. Tat gives all of you until the clock strikes 2012 to submit the final votes. Whoever has come up with the winning name, will win a nice large boxed prize (No it’d be funny but it’s not what you’re thinking). We’re thinking other finalists may also possibly win a little sumpin’ sumpin’.

206 – Suck it, Dr. House

On this episode of Uncast, Daniel takes a very open look as he interviews Rhian, new permanant co-host to the show. She has been living with and suferring with Lupus since a diagnosis in 2007. This is a disease that is life-threatening, and needs awareness. This is her real, raw story.

Please Check Out These Sites:
Rhian’s Blog
Lupus Foundation of America
Letter to Normal People From a Person with Chronic Pain
Information on Benlysta

The song at the end of the show is “Not How Its Supposed Ta Be” by MGtheMC