074: Homesick

We’re back! Home at last and sick as hell.

In this episode we finish up our stories from the cruise including the terrible entertainment, the greatness that is the Pacific Northwest and quite possibly the worst comedian we’ve ever heard.

We make fun of a few people (including ourselves), enjoy good food and drink (links below) and endure a 5 hour wait in San Francisco Int’l Airport.

PLEASE check these places out and if you’re in these towns, we highly recommend them:

The Crab House at Pier 39
The Buena Vista (Enjoy the best Irish Coffee at the place that invented it)
Pyramid Alehouse
Japa Dog
Irish Times Pub

072: The Bukkake Episode

This episode includes discussions on training your mate, my late-little sister Stephanie’s birthday, cruise stuff, and a number of other things too glorious to mention. How’s that for show notes? Oh, did I mention there are some redactions? Oh and of course: BUKKAKE. That’s right I said it. Boo-Cock-E.

This one is standing tall and shooting off at 52:27.

070: I Love You, I’m Sorry

This week we discuss other podcasts, hobos, and Wrestlemania XXIV.

The Marines had a good week and this leads to Victoria’s odd request involving the A-Team. That in turn leads into a discussion about Mr T before we’re finally able to move on. We complete the last bracket of the first round in the Food Mascot Tournament of Champions. Also we introduce a new challenger for David Beckham since his battle with bacon ended in a draw. Bacon’s next opponent is to be named later.

Victoria wants to know what language she should learn while we’re on the cruise. Please tell us by leaving us a comment or emailing us.

052: I’ve Got a Bag of Tricks

It’s topics galore on Uncast! We start off talking about our powers and end with a little advice for antelopes. In between there’s a restaurant review, movie review, a possible refund and dress codes on cruises. BTW, I need you all to submit ways that I can stay within their dress code while making a very obvious “Fuck You” statement about their “jacket required” rule.

We discuss possible gifts for friends, monsters, game shows, recent awesome home cooked meals and Victoria gets dickalicious.

Last but not least we need everyone to send us your favorite moments from past episodes. I’ll be putting together some “greatest hits” shows just in case we’re gone and it’s better to start now than when we’re at show 500.

011: Uncast Cruise 2007, Part 2

This episode is our concluding Part Two of our cruise review upon Radiance of the Seas May 2007 Pacific Coast Repositioning Cruise. We discuss our second sea day, our day in Astoria, OR and Victoria, BC and Vancouver, BC as well as our flight home. Victoria shares a story that we can all relate to and I share a similar one of my own. Enjoy and we’ll have a special guest next week. Can you guess whom that may be?

010: Uncast Cruise 2007, Part 1

We’re back! In this episode, we discuss the cruise. Well, we actually just get through San Francisco. That explains the “Part 1” part of the title. I don’t quit, Jesus and zombies are only a passing mention and we’re sober for the whole show. Don’t be scared, it’ll be ok. Just enjoy it and look forward to the next episode.

009: Who Loves Ya Baby?!

In this weeks show Victoria gets violent, I’m stressing out about cruise prep, Cinnamon auditions for the circus, we launch a new venture and I pimp a good man’s great CD. Oh yeah that title? Victoria’s God is Kojak.

Plugs of the Week:

Victoria’s new site: The Lazy Philanthropist
Marc Gunn’s “Irish Drinking Songs: The Cat Lover’s Companion”
Marc Gunn’s website www.marcgunn.com
The Brobdingnagian Bards website www.thebards.net
Of course I have to plug myself: Renaissance Festival Music Lyrics
While you’re there, check out the podcast. It’s good music!