Victoria of the bitten boob, Rhian of the dry boob, Daniel says “It ain’t just my dick that heals!” This week we learn Rhian rides vacuums, you don’t bring a broom to a mop fight and don’t be a dick about not liking things. We check out Garfunkel & Oates live, Rhian has an MRI and a terrible fall and we spend a night tracking a falling satellite. There’s Superkid Nails, a couple movie reviews and we learn to use Grover as a verb. Victoria shares her strange obsesions and Daniel has to 9,000 up her. We ask for fan participation in this one. What are your thoughts on what it would be like to have the genitalia you lack? Rhian brings us articles on Guinea Pig Dating Services and Naked Protests in San Francisco. Anyone surprised at that last one? No? Me neither. It’s hecka sexy. So is this episode. All in an hour, 42 minutes, 50 seconds of hawtness.

We start the show right off with a selection from our new favorite brewery, Mazanita Brewery. Victoria wants everything that goes in her mouth to have a caramel center. We switch that to wanting pot butter in the middle of everything we eat or drink. We admit becoming too obsessed with Sims Social. This week we learn that Rhian doesn’t know who Ayn Rand is.Victoria’s article of the week is the 10 Insulting Words You Should Know. We review a couple of movies we recently watched: “The Town” and “The Adjustment Bureau”. Now we want dapper hats. We all brave through a disturbing new commercial for Luvs Diapers. Daniel brings 8 Essential Bacon Hacks and the 11 Most Unlikely Fetishesbecause he’s all about bacon and sex.Gumby tries to rob a local 7-11 and loses 27 cents out of the whole thing. Do you like fucking rafts? Well, Rhian brings the story for you. Apparently, it’s illegal in Ohio! Victoria brings an Awesome List and we end by talking more about our “Name Daniel’s Penis” contest. This show is 101 minutes of bescummin!!

Daniel’s penis needs a moniker fit to describe his magical manhood. So email, leave a comment at, call 619-940-4SEX or leave the names on reply to one of us on Twitter or post it on Facebook. We’re taking entries until November 18th. Winner will get a large prize package including music and schwag from GuitarRob of Trainwreck In Sarasota fame.

Butch joins us this week, so naturally the show starts out with talk of golden showers and men he’d go gay for. We discuss a Deathcab for Cutie concert, what Vivi would do to see Florence + The Machine and why Rhi hates The Postal Service. We try our first sampling from Iron Fist Brewing and love it.

There’s all sorts of food talk from the horrors of Denny’s new cheese menu to the amazing food and drinks at Agave Grill in Ottawa. We introduce our Bear Of The Week when Victoria goes on a rampage about a certain internet meme poster. This leads to talks of teddy bear picnics, bears in the gay community and finally Butch’s latest business idea.

Uncast is trying to plan out an Armageddon party at the end of 2012. It will be full of drinking, debauchery and putting Viagra buckets on people’s heads. We learn there are a lot of things Victoria doesn’t know. She doesn’t know the Spanish word for cheese nor does she know the correct song that was #1 the week we were born. BTW, that would be “Shadow Dancer” by Andy Gibb, NOT “Stayin’ Alive” by The Bee Gees. Close but no queso.

We learn once again that Rhian is a REAL witch and not just some fake movie version. Victoria states that she wants to be committed and then she promptly leaves the show. Rhian brings us a Canadian article and plugs a philanthropic dance group run by a dear friend of hers. Check out Lanie Dance, people. It’s for the best. Remember, Rhi’s witchy. She also brings us some Whore News.

Lastly, we have a NEW CONTEST!! If Victoria can have apple pie and Rhian has her lily bits, then wtf are we to call Daniel’s magic penis? YOU CAN DECIDE!!
That’s right. Send in all your submissions for possible names either by leaving comments on or by emailing us at You have until November 19th to submit. The hosts will then narrow down the names to a tiny group of finalists. YOU will vote on the final winner, to be announced on the first episode with Rhi back live at the Casa. Tat gives all of you until the clock strikes 2012 to submit the final votes. Whoever has come up with the winning name, will win a nice large boxed prize (No it’d be funny but it’s not what you’re thinking). We’re thinking other finalists may also possibly win a little sumpin’ sumpin’.