269: Pussy Dragon

This episode is brought to you by the letter A and the number 5! Andrea joins us and we get right down to it. While the early episode is a bit NSFL, the rest of the episode is worth keeping your lunch down. It’s autumn and that means white chick heaven: all things pumpkin. On Uncast, this means a plethora of pumpkin ales.

Mid-September through Mid-October was full of epic activity. We start with Daniel epic fail at the San Diego Festival of Beer. The mantra of the night was, “give it to Daniel, he’ll drink anything!” That’s me, the Liquid Mouth Slut. Let’s just say it didn’t end well. Props to the Dahs for not letting him drive and hosting him in their posh hotel room.

Victoria follows the same road a week later during Scotch and CAH (Cards Against Humanity) and we may never be allowed in The Local again. The car will certainly never forget that night. Yeesh.

The following weekend, we start off with epic breakfast at Bonnie Jean’s Soul Food and Monkey Paw Pub and Brewery. This is where we split. Daniel and Butch head to Hamilton’s Tavern and a great night with an old friend. Thanks to Porsha for an epic dinner and even more epic breakfast.

Meanwhile, Victoria and Andrea have a great couple of days together, including a seeing Travis in concert, followed by a great brunch at Westgate Hotel and beer. At the same time, the Casa Crew enjoy 14 hours of football and two baseball playoff games. Daniel, Victoria and Andrea then meet up for Burger Lounge, which is one of the best burgers in San Diego.

Beer number two takes a while to grow on you. Drink a few sips, wait a bit, drink a bit more and then each drink will taste better the last. This somehow gets into our fear of the medical system and we end with Victoria’s epic Awesome List!

244: Let Your Geek Tongue Fly

Sadly another show without Rhian. Starting right off tonight with a special call into the show. We jump into our first beer of the week and somehow that brings us into the weather and post-apocalyptic dreams. We go into some recent local brewery tastings and omg there are so many more still to go! Victoria went out to see the Rev with her day and she uses Slate to teach us fellatio helps morning sickness.

We jump on beer number two and wow this one’s a real winner! Victoria reviews “Magic Mike” and “Spider-Man” for us and Daniel ponders on whether cats have gone TOO viral. I know, we thought he was stupid too. We talk about a Utah magazine that celebrated it’s WHITE Women of Color. WTF? There’s a bit of baseball talk where the whore news should be and we end the show in under an hour twelve. Nice, ey?

155: Wherjews

Starting off the show with a nice hoppy IPA from Scotland. Y’all know how I like my scotch. I also like Scottish Ales. We go into the first of what will be many pot lucks at my new place of employment. That of course leads to some of Victoria’s latest cooking goodies. We also go to the latest Rev concert at the House of Blues and what happens when you mix hillbilly with Motley Crue. Follow that with a Party!Super Party! And you can’t believe the fun that could be had.

Victoria bitches about Geico commercials, read about a wooly bridey and a strange Japanese restaurant centered around paying it forward. There’s football Game of the Week action and guess what happened? It wasn’t a hummer, that’s what it wasn’t! Gimme this, gimme that, call us or email us you know where to go. We just wanna hear from ya. Enjoy this episode in a flat 51 minutes.

117: The Pubic Wars

This is our longest episode in a while at 1:45:43. in fact, it’s so long we didn’t even include a “What I Learned From TV This Week” or outro music. That’s right. No outro music. How sad is that. So when Victoria says “Fuck You Lance Burton”, that’s it. It’s done. That’s all you get. Sad huh?

Topics this week we discuss the 10 most forgettable presidents, the Punic wars, The Oscars, Victoria’s fun at a recent Rev concert and one little girl who’s parents deserve the smack down her teacher let the kids give her.

Also, don’t forget! We have Unniversary II: Ecclectic Cockatoo coming March 14th at Casa de Uncast. Be there or…well…I guess listen to it later like you usually do. I’m just saying you’ll be missing out on the good booze and food. Email us at uncast.net@gmail.com for more information if you’re interested in attending the event live.

095: The Perfect Pull

This show was recorded Friday. Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arrrgh! Oh yeah, it’s no longer Talk Like a Pirate Day. Nevermind. Moving on!

In this episode we taste some beers, Victoria brings an awesome list and reviews a musical called “Memphis” as well as the latest Fratelli’s concert she attended at the San Diego House of Blues.
Victoria brings home some strange chocolates including one with bacon (yay!) but not one with Beckham (yay!). We discuss NaNoWriMo, the November Party and GAME OF THE WEEK…in which Victoria wins yet again.
We end the episode with a bit of purse talk and the Food Mascot Tournament of Champions. All this in 1 hour, 9 minutes and 20 seconds. Can ya dig it?

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093: Oh The Day I’ll Have

SO my computer crashed and burned (well not literally but it’s definitely a hardware problem) so I’ve pulled out my old Gateway and we were finally able to record!

Topics from this episode include my perfect Saturday. Gotta give some link support to Le Peep‘s for their great breakfasts, Sportsclips for the most genius idea in a salon for men yet, Metallica and their upcoming Album “Death Magnetic” to hit stores Friday! Also Stone Brewery for their great beer and ID checking abilities and lastly DZ Akins our favorite local Jewish deli.

Football season is here! We discuss fantasy football, our first Game of the Week and Victoria’s first draft experience in an FFL. We try out Ballast Point Black Marlin Porter and I won’t spoil the surprise but I will say I changed my mind after the podcast was over. Victoria did not.

Lastly Victoria goes through songs for her fictional album that she came up with during a recent Bob Dylan concert, I bring back some funny answers from past games of Beyond Balderdash with friends and of course Victoria has a few “Who would win in a fight” matchups with an added twist.

091: Bitch! Bitch! Bitch!

Rachel is back again! This time we go through the week we spent with her including 80s movies, a trip to the mall, a concert, and a few dinners together.

The Olympics have been going on, which most of you know, unless you’ve been living under a rock in which case how are you getting these episodes? We discuss the opening ceremonies, highlights through the first week and of course, Jesus Dick. Don’t ask. Just listen.

All this and more in a compact 74 minutes.