Victoria creates her own theme music which Rhian names “Electronic Hee Haw” and jump right into beer of the week. Daniel forgets what zodiac sign Rhian is. Victoria has a few rants but she starts it off by gloating that she can finish knitting a glove and record a podcast at the same time. These rants include Alec Baldwin, Twitter fake drama, bukkake and fisting (anyone surprised?), healing lily bits and Daniel’s penis, “The Chew”, ethnic restaurants like Tacos del Gordo and tequila. We also discuss Agave, Milagro and the few other awesome Mexican restaurants outside of Mexico.

We jump from this to decorating for Christmas. Rhian, for those who don’t know, is the Christmas decorating queen. Her trees and front door decorating in particular are well documented. This year, Victoria and Daniel join her by decorating the casa and it comes out looking spectacular! Victoria even made an Advent Calendar and it has turned out really fun and awesome. Victoria goes off on hippies and hipsters and we realize they really aren’t the same.  Rhian challenges us to see “Hair” before she arrives. We discuss IKEA and wanting to go out for dinner there for fun.

Victoria tells the story about a model that walked into a propeller. This should’ve been listed for Halloween perhaps. Adding onto that, she mentions finger twisting a llama and we have other ideas. Daniel asks the girls to give their opinions on 5 Things You Never Knew About Female Sexuality. Rhian brings us some disturbing Whore News including a story of a father who collapses after he hires a prostitute that ends up being his daughter and a school in Austria that will start offering sex courses. We end the show with a new Awesome List!

210: Pump Me Full of Beer and iCarly

Daniel’s sister, Rachel joins us for the summer! We go into a few TV shows we’re watching recently and a quick movie review. New York makes same sex marriage legal and we celebrate. We celebrate our “Jesus Birthday” this year. We play a cute phone message from a listener and future guest, Guitar Rob.

Victoria informs us that orcas and dolphins are the same. We also dscuss how they are assholes. Then we learn the ICP tries to put a stop to the UCB. Victoria brings an Awesome List and we’re all grateful! Rhian explains why Sims 3 is awesome and ways to cheat and “woohoo” in public. Malcolm runs for Mayor. A woman dies at her own funeral. We discuss baseball in Alaska and California pansies before diving into Whore News. This time a man joins the mile high club by himself!

201: Wow, I Thought It’d Be Bigger

Rhian returns again for another episode of Uncast! In fact, the show starts with talk of her evolution as a guest on the show. We enjoy a little beer and a little backtalk as always. Add in a night of drinking, Rhian’s first viewing of “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” and a day of sun and margaritas. Mix in a grooming decision gone wrong, a dessert pairing of the Gods and The Academy Awards.  Victoria brings us a few things from her mind, Daniel brings things he learned from podcasts and we share a sports moment before ending it all with Whore News.

194: An Evil Warlock Named Santa

Christmas episode! We start off with Victoria wanting alcoholic candies and we jump into some awesome beers that we got from Masters of None. We briefly discuss Don’t Ask Don’t Tell being repealed but what can we say other than, “YAY! It’s about time!” So we jump into what I thought would be a short bit on the Periodic Table getting a makeover and well, shit blew the fuck up.

Victoria brings out her theory on elves and this, like blooms into pure genius if we do say so ourselves. Santa’s year long identity MAY be revealed in this episode. We discuss a few o our favorite Christmas traditions and memories. Victoria wants to take down the old Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer TV Special and frankly I can’t argue with her. I try to talk about sports a bit but that falls flat and we end the show with a SPAM call to our Google Voice line. See what happens when you peeps don’t call? You only have yourself to blame.

So call us already! 619-940-4SEX (4739) or leave a comment on
Have a submission or some topic ideas, things you want our unique take on? Email us at We always love your submissions and if you don’t want to be on-air, then simply let us know when you call/write.

190: Ottawa’s Festival of Bums

Right off we have to apologize for the audio. No, people are not across the room from the mic. You can tell from the constant overblown clipping crackles. If it’s too much for your ears, we are sorry.  If stop it and wait for 191, we won’t be offended. So we’re in Ottawa for Canadian Thanksgiving and enjoying some of their beers, their food and their people. After a few guest introductions and beer reviews, we get this bitch started. Wait, wrong show I think.

We talk about our travels to Canada and our first experiences in Ottawa. To summarize: fuck Newark Airport (EWR) and Canadians are perpetually sorry except customs agents and the rental car companies. Quick message to listeners for future customs stops: Do not tell them you have a couple of 22s in your luggage. You know it’s beer but THEY will think guns. Daniel learns the hard way that jalapenos are not pickles. Victoria later learns that peanut butter is not grated parmesan. We also discuss crazy rally car style city drivers. We really are grateful for the ride, TechAndrew.

Conversation turns to diplomacy between nations including the Commonwealth Games. Somehow this leads to nostalgic stories of getting sick from drinking. Inspired by one story, our mystery guest grabs some Goldschlagger and we all have a nice shot. After the shots, Victoria talks about some grocery items she discovered that Ottawa has and San Diego does not. Amy adds in the four things she must eat every time she’s in Ottawa. This leads to a discussion about food and coffee preferences. We discuss politics a little bit and how Victoria and I came to be where we are. Well, kinda.

Mime sex comes up thanks to Victoria. Scariest thing ever maybe? If you’re a mime, please email us (Don’t call) to explain exactly how this might work and how we can be sure that you’re really using a condom. She then asks again if you’re into midgets and furry sex, are Ewoks you’re ultimate option? We discuss Darren’s high ass crack. Speaking of crack we then discuss Rhi’s former place of employment and how she almost burned it down which of course brings up the Easy Mac story. The episode ends in an hour, 42 minutes and 43 seconds.

Heart & Crown on Preston
Pub Italia

186: The Freilich Maneuver

So check this one out. There’s beer, 2010’s “Read-A-Book” and some talk of Lil Wayne’s autotune dependency. Victoria brings us a science segment with “clean drinking” and we also read some listener comments. This is followed by a few movie reviews, some sports from Daniel and a documentary we shared as a family.

After all that we still have time to tell you how your bathroom posture affects your health. Daniel brings some more things he learned from podcasts. We learn about the rise and fall of quicksand and Victoria has an Awesome List!

185: Shanks

Rhian joins us this week as we record on Victoria and Daniel’s 11th Wedding Anniversary! We start right off with talk of hentai, passive-aggressive doms and a vampire with shivs instead of fangs. Daniel gives the world a new cocktail and Victoria creates her own. We discuss Sims and of course Victoria’s need for a moat comes back into play.

Victoria and Daniel spend a day out including seeing “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” and testing out Lightning Brewery’s Cream Ale. Later on we go to Cuchina Urbana and fall in love all over again. Victoria makes a ring of awesome for breakfast and we enjoy a great Anniversary together.

Victoria comes up with an idea of Cinnamon travelling the country telling her version of the Aristocrats joke. Victoria also tries to start a loud conversation about furries in the restaurant and this somehow brings up accidental dog fucking. Someone tell us how that’s even possible. She follows this up with an article on the Six Songs Used To Torture People. Victoria comes to the realization that Alan Moore was paranoid and crazy.  She adds a bathroom story and this leads us into Rhian’s “Whore News”. We end the episode with a list of things Victoria is missing this weekend or rather the weekend this episode was recorded.