318: 2016 Learns Foreplay

Dear 2016, thanks for the offer. We’re flattered. We really am but no. We won’t have intercourse with you. Why? Simple: you never learned foreplay. You had one job 2016. One. Anyways we’re back and we’re tackling the myth that 2016 was the worst year on record by pointing out some of the awesomeness that came with the year whether it was trips we took, time together or with other loved ones, karaoke to real musical performances, beer as always plays a role and we have so much more to look forward to in 2017…like U-X: Decade of Debauchery!

261: I Hit That Pussy With A Bottlecap

Listen to the men talk about steak, boobs and the pointlessness of paying $30 in a restaurant for a steak you grill yourelf. We decided our local liquor store needs to install a tasting room in the back kind of like Bottlecraft. Once we realized this wouldn’t work, we came up with a much better idea: Drinkstarter.

After a sarcastic tweet from Butch’s s/o we have to ask each other, do you drink more when your significant other is away. This leads into relationship talk, focusing mostly on Butch because that’s more fun. Naturally this then leads into us discussing being the last analog generation. We end this part with discussions of how culture and what we find attractive in women has changed as we’ve grown up.

259a: Had A Whole Plate Of That

Let the first part of the First Annual Brochella commence. We have burgers and beer, steak and whiskey, muscle cars and boobs, and still have time to work in a romantic comedy. Butch and Tony join me in a night filled with mostly good beer and great conversation. Sit down, give us an hour of your time and we’ll make you think, we’ll make you laugh, hell we might even make you cry. Future parts of this recording will show up in the coming weeks.

021: We All Can’t Be Jesus

This week it’s just Victoria and I while Rachel is visiting with family.

Discussion includes a review of “Elizabeth”, Weakest Songs by Badass Bands, Victoria’s New Love and as always a few interesting stories. One of them involves nudity! Woo-hoo!