286: Muricka and Blergum

We recorded this on the Fourth of July. ‘Mericka! Fuhyah! #Fail #Unblessed. Did you back Reading Rainbow? We did! Over $5 million is awesome. We’re excited that it’ll be coming back. We talk about books for a bit. We get into July 4th and Daniel likens U.S. involvement in both world wars (WWI and WWII) to opening a jar. Victoria thinks Omaha Beach would’ve been a perfect spot for a romantic picnic. #Crazy. What filter would you use? #Instagram. We have no filters for our mouths.

We had birthdays! #GettinOld They were filled with maple bacon donuts, beer, Waves, Five Guys, Double IPAs, cocktails, pool parties, more beer, and The Perch.#Awesome Congrats, MrDaH! #Impressed As if he needed such a thing, Fleshlight has found a way for you to fuck your porn. They call it: The Launch Pad. #Creepy This breaks out into a discussion on various sex toys and penis size. #Judgment

We had a great trip to Arizona. #HotAsHell Even the trips there and back were a blast. #MoreHeatPuns We had a taste of Andrew’s beer before he released it officially as Perch Brewery beer. We met some awesome new people and had a great night of food and cocktails to celebrate Victoria’s birthday. The other high point was drinking Perch beer while playing Rock Band. The low point was having to listen to/watch Sex & The City while I tried to watch the USA vs Portugal World Cup match on the laptop. #CantLiveWithoutEm

There’s a new fitness tracker that’s “Fitbit for your vagina.” #ThatsHawt Introducing, the KGoal. Victoria is enamored and wants to prove herself. Donations can be made by clicking the button at Uncast.net. You have 30 days. Moving on to possible birthday celebration events for her dad, it’s come down to two horse-mask choices: NHL hockey game or strip club? #NOPE

As we discuss a story of a drunk man letting his dog drive him to the store for corn, Victoria becomes increasingly drunk with alarming speed. #BeerSex We discuss USA’s run in the World Cup and how maybe we should have brought Landon Donovan. We could’ve maybe used someone who can score. End result, Americans actually give a shit about soccer. Those who don’t, are wrong.

Victoria wants you to tell her your favorite summer movie. We discuss other movies and Guardians of the Galaxy. It fades from there.


230: Unbridled Corkage

It’s Rhian’s Birthday! Victoria educates us on the pornish history of “Manna Manna” and that her idea of metal is Bon Jovi. This of course leads to a bit of JBJ hate. Victoria moves her hate onto The Muppets. Rhi and Daniel try to defend but we can’t convert her. Victoria tries to get us into the kids songs turned into pornos thing and she can’t convert us, so we’re even.

We drink a beer in honour of Rhian’s Birthday: Midnight Sun’s “Fallen Angel Ale”. We love it! Rhian had an amazing birthday weekend and she shares some of it with us! We discuss the holiday season a bit and what is the proper terms to use with strangers? MOVING ON! There’s a new segment on this show. We’re gonna call this one “Getting Corked with Rhian” and we ask her all sorts of wine related questions and she gives all sorts of wine related answers. Rhian regales us with a trio of stories for Whore News and we wrap it all up in an hour, 9 minutes and 40 seconds.

210: Pump Me Full of Beer and iCarly

Daniel’s sister, Rachel joins us for the summer! We go into a few TV shows we’re watching recently and a quick movie review. New York makes same sex marriage legal and we celebrate. We celebrate our “Jesus Birthday” this year. We play a cute phone message from a listener and future guest, Guitar Rob.

Victoria informs us that orcas and dolphins are the same. We also dscuss how they are assholes. Then we learn the ICP tries to put a stop to the UCB. Victoria brings an Awesome List and we’re all grateful! Rhian explains why Sims 3 is awesome and ways to cheat and “woohoo” in public. Malcolm runs for Mayor. A woman dies at her own funeral. We discuss baseball in Alaska and California pansies before diving into Whore News. This time a man joins the mile high club by himself!

179: No Homo

This was recorded June 21st! Hurray us for getting shows out..on..time..or not. Hey! Rhian from Audiobuzzed joins us to celebrate! The Victoria is too Posh tonight. We discuss the latest episode of The Boondocks and the way Tyler Perry got torn to shreds by Aaron McGruder. The area surrounding Rhi has gotten some visitations by large animals and we don’t mean Big Jim. In literary news, we learn that “meece” or “meese” has nothing to do with moose or mice. No matter what Urban Dictionary says. We also discuss kangaroos and whether they can punch their own stomachs. VERY interesting indeed!

We truly enjoyed this week’s Beer of The Week: Stone’s 14th Anniversary Emperial IPA. Victoria has decided to eliminate card giving at work. Everyone just writes the same shit in every card so it’s not really that personalized. She did get some awesome gifts from Becky, though. Meanwhile, I had one of the best Birthdays EVER! Want to know? LISTEN TO THE SHOW!!! We have a bevvy of calls to the Uncast Line just as we’re getting into a little question: Does every vampire series need to include werewolves ever since Underworld came out?! True Blood has ’em, The Gates has ’em, The Twilight Series has ’em and we’re getting sick of them.

Rhian brings a bit of whore news with the MuchMusic Awards which were held in mid-June. We wonder why Canadian musical acts can’t show up to a Canadian Music Awards show. We wonder why the fuck a 17-year old girl is walking around in a skirt/dress without underwear on. We spend a long time shitting on a number of celebrities from the Awards show. Of course there’s World Cup news long long behind the now and we end with Vivi’s story from a ballgame including a review of the Proper Gastropub in San Diego. We do all this in 61:52. CALL US at 619-940-4SEX or comment at uncast.net! We miss hearing from our listeners!

097: Can I Lick It To Make Copies?

Becky’s birthday including sushi, cake, beef boxty, Irish music and Pinkberry. Victoria entertains us with random insertions of Bruce Springstein. Daniel has an issue with a sign on new copiers at work. Join the Donut/Bacon campaign for 2008. Victoria brings us an awesome list that no one can take seriously.

We recap the game of the week, come up with a new one and Victoria complains about Jeff Reed. There’s a history lesson in hobos and if Dick Cheney is a zombie, would you rather he take you from behind or eat your brains? For those not grossed out by the thought, Martha Stewart likes long weiners. We end the episode with a story of an accident with tweezers.

As of the release of this episode, Uncast #100 has been recorded but we are still taking audio messages for the show. Send them in to uncast.net@gmail.com and if we get it before the show is finalized, we’ll include it. Take care and slainte! This only took us 49 minutes, 27 seconds.

031: Podcast Expo Recap

On this episode we bring in Butch and finally recap our weekend at the Podcast and New Media Expo in Ontario, CA.

Check out the following links:

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As of the release of this episode, we currently rank 45th overall in October on Podcast Alley and 11th in comedy. Get out the vote! Tell your friends!

023: Nobody Wants the Ass Microphone

All by ourselves again! Damn. sad face 😦

This week the topics include Sex and the Transformers. Would you have sex with someone inside a Transformer? We say Happy Birthday to Victoria’s dad, P-Bart and a Happy 8th Anniversary to us! We’ve made it this far, we might as well go all the way. That’s what she said! We miss you Rachel.

Victoria tries to convince us there is a correlation between the popularity of sex as pets and the downfall of society. I doubt it. What do you think?

Victoria then tries to cast me as Notorious B.I.G. before I have to shut that idea down as per I’m white. I also introduce, for the first time, my very own Awesome List! All on my own too!

We get a few celebrity quotes, discuss the Podcast Awards and Victoria is thoroughly bored by it all. That is, until we discuss the five drrrty things that get her excited.

Links for the week include:
Kemo Sabe in Hillcrest
The Podcast & New Media Expo (come join us!)
The Mentos Intern
and a picture of the tattoo Victoria would like to get (minus the background)

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And get them and all their listeners to listen to us as well! Marketing! Referrals! We can’t make it without you!