292: The Sweet Smell of Peppermint

Recorded on November 29th and releasing it December 11th. We ask some very important and disturbing questions about Santa. Answer as you will. Just be assured Victoria is trying to ruin the Winter holidays for everyone.

Victoria returns from Londontown and Daniel regails us with tales from his two weeks alone…or was he? Well there was all day beer runs and all night meat. Not as dirty as it sounds but one of those was protested by PETA. Props to San Diego Bottle Share and S&M Sausage & Meat! All that and I came out of the two weeks addicted…to…Skyrim. Yes. Skyrim.

We drink pumpkin ales and talk Thanksgiving. Daniel has what hopes to be his only bad trip to San Francisco and seriously, that Peppermint tho.

272: Christmas In My Mouth

For the last Uncast episode recorded in 2013, Daniel and Cronut The Magnificent give you a very reasonable rule to live by: if Charlie Sheen’s mouth has been there, you may not want to be there. Beer is tasted and Daniel recalls an awesome Friday evening with Butch at a place that specializes in Belgian beers, a place where you can drink beer and play arcade games, a hip coffee house and TWO Stone Company Stores.

Victoria gets a new haircut (bangs!) and then we go through our 13 favorite things from 2013. Send us YOUR favorites!We have ideas for new children’s books, ornaments for the tree, and the best subreddit ever.


Coin-Op Game Room

Stone Company Store on Kettner

Lestat’s Coffee House

Brabant Bar & Cafe

263: Knock Knock Knocking on Past Ghost’s Door

This is Victoria recapping a show I wasn’t on. This is what the “bros” discussed:

-we’re old
-we like bacon…suprised? seriously? you made it this far…
-memories!!!! but not remembering well.. we’re old
-confidence is your friend
-who is the oldest friend… Like a dick measuring contest but with fantasy baseball instead of whipping it out.
-Where? The Warehouse. If you are old and American, you get it.
-Starter, Members Only, Pro-wings, Kangaroos… they are talking clothes people.
-surprise boners

We start the show right off with a selection from our new favorite brewery, Mazanita Brewery. Victoria wants everything that goes in her mouth to have a caramel center. We switch that to wanting pot butter in the middle of everything we eat or drink. We admit becoming too obsessed with Sims Social. This week we learn that Rhian doesn’t know who Ayn Rand is.Victoria’s article of the week is the 10 Insulting Words You Should Know. We review a couple of movies we recently watched: “The Town” and “The Adjustment Bureau”. Now we want dapper hats. We all brave through a disturbing new commercial for Luvs Diapers. Daniel brings 8 Essential Bacon Hacks and the 11 Most Unlikely Fetishesbecause he’s all about bacon and sex.Gumby tries to rob a local 7-11 and loses 27 cents out of the whole thing. Do you like fucking rafts? Well, Rhian brings the story for you. Apparently, it’s illegal in Ohio! Victoria brings an Awesome List and we end by talking more about our “Name Daniel’s Penis” contest. This show is 101 minutes of bescummin!!

Daniel’s penis needs a moniker fit to describe his magical manhood. So email, leave a comment at uncast.net, call 619-940-4SEX or leave the names on reply to one of us on Twitter or post it on Facebook. We’re taking entries until November 18th. Winner will get a large prize package including music and schwag from GuitarRob of Trainwreck In Sarasota fame.

204: All Yur Holes R Filled w/ Bad Puddins

Recorded April 10th, we start right off with an awesome beer from Irondale Brewery. Eunichs mess up Victoria’s head but we fix it with Corralejo resposado tequila. Eunichs as midgets? We move from eunichs to pregnant Juggalettes. Somehow this leads to a disturbing PSA. Warning, it’s worse than eunichs and pregnant Jugalettes.

I bring in things I learned from Podcasts. This includes but is not limited to new “facts” about St Patrick’s Day, STDs caught from Thrift Store clothes, sex with an epileptic at a rave and using Cadbury Eggs in ways they were not intended. Victoria gives an invite to all involving their exposed selves and dulce de leche. We have a question for the audience: Can you get throat STDs? I’m thinking herpes might be a possibility but what about others?

Beer of the Week: Irondale Brewery Johnny Mo’s Tres Vieux IPA (204): An unfiltered IPA, Victoria and Daniel love this beer! Great IPA. Rhian says it’s strong but tastes good and this is coming from a wine whore. Victoria says it smells like pot (hops anyone?) and Daniel keeps praising it. As IPAs go, one of our favorites and a solid 5 out of 6 if not higher.

Victoria brings up e-cigarettes and how they’re becoming popular among some of our friends, and raises them with the e-pipe. Birthday present idea: E-Pipe, smoking jacket and an ascot. Victoria asks question number two to the audience: What do Transformers Zombies eat? Rhian offers the theory that Transformer corpse disposal is the cause of the troubles in Japan right now.

Victoria Beckham is trying to name their youngst daughter “Santa”. Santa Beckham. Cause Beast-Man or Evil-Lynn was already taken, Skeletor? Nothing good can come of this! Daniel talks about the start of baseball, soccer and the NHL Playoffs. Victoria wrongly guesses that I have a thing for gold and green. I like ONE team with those colors! Pay more attention, whore! Talk of NFL mascots brings up hot dogs shot from guns like t-shirts. Cause no one wants to be hit in the eye by a hot weiner.

Rhian brings us an article and some Whore News. First up, The Onion parodies Canada. This brings up a fun CBC Special by Rick Mercer called “Talking To Americans”. We discuss how the Bloc Quebecois are corndogging it when it comes to life in general. We segue into whore news by discussing’s Rhian’s past “moments” with hockey players. We hear about Blood-Scented Perfume and how we’re Living In the Corgi Epoch. We end the show with an awesome Awesome List and say hi to all of our friends. Check out the shows on our sidebar. They’re awesome!

177: I Just Like Their Balls

Welcome to Mancast III! Butch joins us while Victoria is out of town. We start out talking celebrity deaths and the first bad joke comes just 85 seconds into the show. We discuss the barleywine from Alaskan Brewery and our favorite WTF from Lagunitas. From there we move onto our other love, bacon. Bacon Moon Pies and Gourmet Bacon Candies in fact. Butch discusses some of the great restaurants and bars that he’s discovered since the last time we heard from him. If you’re in San Diego, check out Noble Experiment and Prohibition for drinks and Cucina Urbana for a great meal.

We segue smoothly from food and drinks to a new segment on the show: Parents of the Week Award. We need your votes between the Stripper Mom or the Alcoholic Dad. Who wins this week’s award? We go from that to sports where the Stanley Cup Finals were still tied, the NBA Finals were still boring and baseball was the exciting talk of the day. This goes on for quite a while, so non-sports fans beware. Butch gives us his World Cup picks (Andrés Escobar DID get murdered) then we get to hear all that’s been goin down in the life and times of one DJ Brotherdarkness. This includes the every awesome Tabe BBQ (unofficial mobile cuisine of Uncast) and some possible block parties happening later this summer in San Diego. Catch him at Bootie San Francisco on August 28th. This one’s just over an hour, 45 minutes long!

158: OMG I Was A Dyke!

Victoria starts off by ruining “New Moon” for everyone. We discuss the Lupilin Effect with IPAs and enjoy Avery’s Dugana IPA. There’s talk of JanuaRHI, maple syrup, some movies Victoria recently watched, vampires and Blake Lively. We learn about a man in Britain with bionic bowels. If the robots want to take over, they’ll have to start from our bottoms. We run through a Lightning Round of Food, Australians, the South African Economy and why beer is awesome. Victoria enjoys last.fm on her XBOX 360 now and we ask everyone which of these are sexy: monocles and/or fur hats? Naked pornstar in a ushanka and monocle? Fur hat and long wool socks?

Victoria starts a new band called Glocked and Loaded and we all roll our eyes. No judging though, we swear. Thanks to Butch and others, we learn that bacon sandwiches help cure hangovers. Daniel goes through his Sports News for the week and we wrap things up with an article from our Whorespondant, Rhian. Check her out with Big Jim on Audiobuzzed! Also props go out to our contributors this week. Go listen to I Love Lard and The Scream podcasts and check out Butch’s blogs at ButchRosser.net and TheIslandOfMisfitSongs.com. This episode for 86 minutes, 32 seconds.

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