315: Universary o’Nein! aka “Where is our adult?”

First an announcement: Un-X will be March 18, 2017. You have over 10 months to plan. So, no excuses. Now on with the show.

This is our 9th Universary, so at this point, you should know what to expect. Topics to include: our upstairs neighbor got drunk before the rest of us and came over, Daniel brewed a great beer, Rumspringa! Stupid Question of the Night: what emoji would you like to have on your tombstone? Is our 2nd beer just another questionable thing we put oin Butch’s mouth? Victoria is the female Fagin of Halloween, and we get into a discussion about young girls who look older and the awkward situation men put them in. This obviously leads to our discovery of masturbation. This naturally almost leads to a fight over ice cream, a cinnamon hazel nut beer and the end of the show.

279: Universary 7

It’s a German Sparkle Party! We did get our German noms on and there’s lots of beer, including local delicacies by Belching Beaver, Mother Earth, and Manzanita.

We discuss the pre-party fun, including the new Veronica Mars movie. In short, if you loved the series, you’ll love the movie. If you never watched it, it doesn’t exactly hold up as a feature film. It’s more like a long TV episode. If you don’t like Veronica Mars, FUCK YOU.

Becky loves Kristen Bell. Butch is property of K. Bell. Well, this is awkward. To break the tension, Bex suggests Anna Kendrick and Kristen Bell dressed up like Tinkerbell. Vivi wants Mexico pics of Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza. Everyone watch House of Lies too, k?

God invented the freeway to get to the threeway. This leads to offensive nostalgia and what’s a casingle? This is where the beers of the week reviews go. Nelly goes over 70 hours straight. The Daily Show rips off our Pon de Floor bit! WTF, John Stewart?! Mitch can send his cheques to Major Lazer and John can send his #McConnelling cheques to us.

Axe the audience time! We ask our in-house guests all the questions that our audience has ignored over the last year. We now introduce you to Pass Lannister, Prince Penguino Penis of the Pantheon , My Nigga Targaryen, the wildling King Douchebag, Chief Motherfucker Bolton, the the white walker formerly known as Vivi Playah Awedizzle Doctor Turtle Esquire, Bex the Specks of Bag End, Penis Lannister, Mr. Penis Lannister, and Lord God of House Royce.

We all feel Victoria’s Tolkien wrath. Why? Because Spongebob is the catcher. Also because she’s racist. Let’s balance that out. We have an Awesome List from everyone.


Brews and Pubs

Blind Lady Ale House

Hess Brewing

Belching Beaver Brewing


Check out our stuff!

Vivi & Andrea:Clusterpop

Andrea: The Fist

Allison: hokage.org

Dennis: The CTSM


Watch these movie trailers:

Veronica Mars

Bears (they have cancer)

The Fault in Our Stars (which Daniel is not allowed to watch or read.)

202: Crotchless Basket

It’s Universary 4 bitches! We’ve got tons of guests both old and new, it was Super Moon that night, there was lots of drinks flowing and great Victoria cooked foods as always and of course a show. The show begins with a HUGE announcement: Butch was not going to be there. Well, okay that wasn’t the real announcement but he really didn’t show.

On the show we grabbed a bunch of questions, asked them of everyone and got the conversation going that way. Turns out from our last party show, that’s a great way to keep a show going when you have 10-15 drunk guests on the show all at once. Daniel learns some shit from a podcast, Victoria has a very short Awesome List, Rhian has whore news as always and there’s a shared sexual fantasy that you have to hear to believe. Listen and you might even hear a point when it all got to be just a bit too much.

200: Lots Of Things Have Holes

Quote of the night: “If the nurses didn’t do me, then I probably didn’t get done”

Party in the Casa as Uncast celebrates episode 200. Hand mics all around means lots of static and a desk mic on the fritz. God and Master & Commander host a house full of freaks, geeks and weirdos. If you were there, you figure out which one you would marry, which you would f*k and which you would kill. We found out Prince is a nice ladyboy. We start a rousing game of “Really” where everyone drinks whenever Daniel says “Really”. This would turn into a game of “What’s wrong with you” where we drink everytime Rhian asks Daniel that question.

We pass around the bowl and play a blended game of truth & FMK. God spends most of the show trying to remain relevant. Victoria references a Buddy Rich joke without giving credit, followed up closely by a Mallrats reference. Hammocks & Volkswagons. We discuss the comfortability of sex on a pile of dying babies. We proceed to learn a lot about our guests. For instance, Allison would fuck a swan, Lura hates short people, Daniel is a pyro, Victoria wants to be Vishnu, Rhian didn’t start masturbating until her early 30s, Amy got caught by her landlord and   Butch once brought a woman back to life with a “Magic Chocolate Pill”. We go on to discuss odd sexual fantasies at length. We sing Happy Birthday (now 3 weeks late) to our pal Lambboy. Jim helps us end the show with a few FMK questions. By the end of this episode you’ll want to duct tape God and leave him in a closet within a cold abandoned warehouse in a seedy part of town.

170: Don’t Judge Me, Fuckers!

It’s Universary 3 beetches! The Return of The Return! We start this shit the way we do every Universary: Victoria drunk as hell and making all sorts of noise. As with our last episode, it starts with Kooza and bukkake, or as Allison calls it: When a mommy loves a daddy and a daddy and a daddy and a daddy… We’re doing this two guests at a time so no bukkake at this party. Butch worships at the alter of bukkake at church…which oddly turns out to be the Church of Awesome. Hmm interesting how that worked out. Aaron quickly offends Victoria by disparaging Victoria’s Canadian boyfriend, Michael Buble.

There’s some discussion about books the girls got off to as teens. We rehash the wireless headphones topic. We discuss favorite moments in the last year of Uncast and Victoria chastises Becky for her level of drunkedness. We discuss Malcolm Gladwell and geek holidays. Aaron reminds us who he would go gay for. Then he turns around and tries to disprove my gay/straight theory. Is it just a coincidence that Aaron deeply dislikes every celebrity Victoria lusts after in this episode? We’ll look into that one later. Aldo spanks Victoria so hard, a chair falls over and her ears fell off. Given that, she’s got an inexplicable fear of things that pop.

We move on to nipple piercing and the recovery time, Rhian’s amazingly beautiful toes, we all try to force alcohol down Neighbor Tony’s throat and we question labels for women of age who like to have sex with men of much younger age. New rule at Casa de Uncast: You can fuck on the couch but NO FUCKING THE COUCH! Victoria gets in a wrestling match with a helium balloon and loses. Aldo shows us his cocks and Daniel gets to stroke them. Victoria disappears from the show and comes back from the bedroom with missing underwear. We end the show after 1:23:42. Fuck us, we forgot to add the calls to the end of the show. We’ll have them in 171. Promise!

142: No Pants? No Problem!

I’ll keep it simple up front by saying this is an Uncast Birthday Party Episode. OK now with that out of the way, let’s get to the topics. It’s a weekend of beer, sex and music and there was LOADS of each to be had by all. We discuss the San Diego International Beer Festival where Mr DaH was the socialite of the smoking section. We go on a tour of five San Diego breweries where we realize DaHonay gets a little friendly after about 10 tasters Then of course there’s the Party! Super Birthday Party! where we learn the Preakness sucks. Last, we toss in some redactions and an Awesome List just for kicks.

We ask the listener what constitutes a love making or fuck session and if a vegetarian has oral sex with a non-vegetarian does that make them a semi-vegetarian? We learn everyone’s nickname and party theme song, US Border Patrol agents are a cult of hawt mess, some dumb bitches are on this earth only to be gotten drunk and laid, breweries should not allow their employees to drink on the job and naptime rocks! All this and SOO much more in just over 95 minutes. Hey, no pants? No problem! Just bring protection cause this one’s sticky and covered in sweat.

Check out our friends at The DaH Theory!

San Diego International Beer Festival
Ballast Point Brewing Company
AleSmith Brewing Company
Lightning Brewery
Port Brewing/Lost Abbey Brewing
Stone Brewery and Stone World Bistro & Gardens
Top 5 Reasons It’s Better To Date the Sidekick

094: Eight Seconds

Uncast enjoyed hosting it’s first ever beer tasting party. It was a smashing success. Joining us in on this episode (though mostly heard in the background due to our shitty guest mic) is Allison, Butch, Spence and Tony.

Topics jump all over the place so I’m not even giving you any formal notes. Just know there’s a couple stories from Butch, the return of Daniel’s Redactions, The Food Mascot Tournament of Champions and lots of laughs.

We’re cramming this 8 seconds into about 93 minutes. Think you can handle it? Guess who can’t.

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