Uncast 324: Sock Talk

We start right off with Victoria getting a little bit racist. We somehow continue without any deaths and the beer of the week, Daniel’s 3rd brew ever is not bad! How not bad is it? LISTEN TO THE SHOW! We also talk about the ridiculous cost of some designer fashion. We have a fairy tale as told by Bray Wyatt to Edge & Christian somewhere in there. Beer #2 comes out and you’ll have to read the Beer Reviews section or LISTEN TO THE SHOW to find out what it was and what we thought. We do discuss Beer to the Rescue 2017 and how nearly every beer that local breweries made for us, were absolutely amazing.

Victoria has a question for all of you: do handjobs by people who speak sign language count as blowjobs? A lot is learned by watching people masturbate. A lot is learned by attending ballgames. Victoria gives her playback of DragCon LA last month.

309: Down Goes Rousey!

Recorded November 15th. Again, we apologize for the extremely ridiculous delay. It’s another Mancast! Well, it’s an episode just with Butch and Daniel. Don’t like it? Wait until next week when we release 310 (also from November) with mostly Victoria and Andrea.

So where do we start? Oh right, beer. Because of course. Hear Daniel give the most felatio innuendo laden beer review ever. Sorry Not Sorry. Also sorry not sorry, this was recorded November 15th, so Daniel is back to his releasing episodes a month after the recording, thing.

In this, we discuss a great Beer to the Rescue night at Bay City Brewing and our last evening of beer with with the 3 Amigos (Tomme Arthur, Jeff Bagby, and Tom Nickel) at O’Brien’s Pub and a few pints at 2Kids where we named a future beer.

After this, there was beer and Baked Bear and an evening of NXT Takeover. WE discuss this a bit while sipping on Alpine Hoppy Birthday, which is fantastic, btw. This moves into some wrestling talk that’s semi-interrupted by an injury in an NFL game we were actually watching at the time. So instead, we focus a bit on the AHL and the new San Diego Gulls, and the MISL.

Note that Daniel used to have such a seething hatred for the Sockers rivals, that he got all their names wrong. This includes calling the Kansas City Comets the Stars (that team was in Tacoma), referring to Baltimore’s team as the Burn instead of Blast, and forgetting the Sidekicks were more of a rival than the Cosmos, who were only in the MISL for one season.

After more wrestling talk, we move on to the whacky NFL season, the weird end to the MLB season and the odd start to the NBA season. What’s going on with sports this year?!