2001: A Space Odyssey (56): Too long and maybe 100 lines of dialogue max. It’s boring, there’s no action and the ending makes no sense. It could easily be two hours shorter and it’d be 100x better but would still suck.  I’d rather watch paint dry and grass grow at the same time.

300 (28):
Both of us liked it a lot. Of course the facts are totally embellished for entertainment value. Leonidas had a catch phrase for every occasion. The people tree & people wall were cool. Math sucks. Still 300? You lost some people.

Alexander (3): Really sucked despite a nude Rosario Dawson and head swinging action. What was Anthony Hopkins doing in this movie? They should’ve just shot it as a straight up porno. We hated it!

All The Kings Men (56): Really long, kinda bored, too much over acting. Victoria liked it anyways. Daniel hasn’t seen it.

Batman Begins (17): Felt the angst.

Beowulf (86): Victoria says it was three times better than The Fountain. Daniel was expecting to hate it and didn’t. Both of us loved the movie and would recommend it. Even if it doesn’t follow the book completely.

Black Snake Moan (26): She was a whore, he saved her and Justin Timberlake is a little gun shy. Victoria recommends it. Great music. Daniel hasn’t seen it.

Blades of Glory (27): Victoria loves Will Ferrell but she hated this movie. Everything was cliche. Victoria came up with better jokes. Will needs to wallow and die in this movie but we feel bad for Jenna Fisher.

Breech (27): Overall really ejoyed it and would recommend it but the actual footage was good but the “based on actual events” wasn’t neccesary. Daniel hasn’t seen it.

Carnal Knowledge (115): Victoria and Daniel both really disliked the movie. Perhaps we just don’t get it.

Catch and Release (17): Terrible, Kevin Smith was the best part. There wasn’t a real plot to speak of. It sucked. Victoria hated it. Daniel hasn’t seen it.

Celluloid Closet (111): Documentary on how homosexuality has been portrayed in film. We both loved it a lot.

Charlie Wilson’s War (45): Good historical movie even with the historical inaccuracies. One question though: if you’re going to mention the after effects of the movie’s story, why just gloss over it when it’s obviously the hidden point of the film even being made? We both liked the movie.

Cleopatra (115): The one with Elizabeth Taylor. Four hours for a movie is too much. We enjoyed it up until Caesar was assassinated and then it was unwatchable. Rex Harrison loves to play douchebags. We wonder aloud if he is one. Or was.

Cloverfield (52): Glad we didn’t pay for it. Victoria hated it. Daniel enjoyed it the first time but admitted halfway through the second time through that it was a crappy movie. Victoria rooted for the monster and wanted everybody to die.

The Comedian (34): Decent movie. Jerry Seinfeld was interesting to watch but the other comedian was a total douchebag.

The Dark Knight (90): Butch wasn’t expecting a lot but wasn’t gun ho! Saw it three times early on and loved it. One of his favorite movies. Good one liners that were great without interrupting the flow. Plot lines were laid out well. Victoria came in expecting a lot and hated it. She said the Joker preaches way too much and the movie was too long and seemed to drag on. Daniel agreed some scenes could have been cut and Christian Bale’s voice changing between Batman and Bruce Wayne was distracting. Heath Ledger was as amazing as everyone made it out to be. Loved it.

Day Watch (56): Liked it better than Night Watch and Night Watch was really good.

Doubt (111): Victoria says it’s a really well acted movie and recommends it highly. Daniel has not seen it.

Elizabeth (21): Good but the HBO series was better.

For Your Consideration (5): Weakest of the Christopher Guest movies. Somwhat funny but only the truest of Guest’s fans would really like this one. We didn’t care for it.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (76): We both LOVED it. Enough to buy the DVD. It’s hilarious and entertaining except for two problems: Too much Jason Segal penis and not enough nudity from Kristen Bell? We know you were topless! Not even a side tit?

Fred’s Friend (4): Short film by Aaron is pretty good for an under-grad student final. A little rought but we liked the story, feeling, soundtrack and lighting. We liked it!

Frost/Nixon (111): Victoria LOVED the movie and thought it was very well done.

Grindhouse (7a): One of the most awesome movies of 2007. Pretty close to perfection.
Planet Terror – Victoria felt it was campy good fun. It was funny, gory and good. There wasn’t too many jump out moments and she loved the gore. She liked the way bodies were messed up and stuff. Daniel loved the gore and feel of the movie. Butch says he really liked Michael Parks in it. He had a supporting role but everything he did had a purpose. Moved at a great pace without the audience losing the plot or subplots.
Previews – Victoria loved “Machete” and said she wants to see that movie. Daniel loved “Thanksgiving” and thought the preview was hilarious. Butch loved it as well and thought the voiceover in “Don’t” was great.
Deathproof – Daniel loved Zoe Bell’s acting, her story and her stunts. He got a little bit confused at the timeline between the two halves thanks to the photo in the car and the way the second half started but otherwise perfect action movie. Victoria loved the conversations since it helped make the characters more real and believable. Butch thought the first part was slow because the audience didn’t get to spend as much time with the first set of girls as you did with the second but clearly you were supposed to like the second more than the first anyways. Butch loved the moment where Kurt Russell had a meta moment with a camera where he gave a little “Ain’t I a stinker” look. Daniel loved the slow motion crash in the first half but then he’s a sick cannibal so what can we trust there, huh?

Hairspray (20): Great music. Daniel wanted to hate it but just couldn’t. We all loved it though it started a little slow. Travolta and Walken scenes were memorable. We loved it!

Harold and Kumar 2 – Escape From Guantanamo Bay (92): Victoria thought it was just one more pot comedy. Daniel thinks it’s probably better to watch when stoned but the Bottomless Party idea is genius.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, Part 1 (193): Could be confusing to anyone that’s just watched the movies and not read the books. Would be nice if they explained horcruxes a bit more. Daniel enjoyed it but wouldn’t rate this episode very highly among the series. Victoria loved it completely.

Hedwig and The Angry Inch (111): Daniel had forgotten how much he loves this musical and they both count it among their favorite musical movies of all time.

Hellboy (111): Victoria saw this at Becky’s house and loved it.

Hellboy II (111): Victoria saw this after Hellboy at Becky’s house and loved it as well.

Helvetica (111): Victoria saw this and liked it for the geek value. Documentary on the font of the same name. Daniel hasn’t seen it at all.

House Bunny (92): Victoria thought it was stupid but still three times better than The Fountain. Daniel hasn’t seen it.

The Illusionist (5): Terrible ending and came out of nowhere. The plot was meant to be unbelievable but even so the writing logic is horrific. We hated it!

Inception (210) – Not as confusing as it was supposed to be, not pretty, not worth the awards, This is kind of like Flatliners & The Matrix but dreams instead of dying. Yay hot French chick and Tom Hardy.

It’s Always Fair Weather (115): Victoria loved the movie. Daniel hasn’t seen it yet.

Juno (46): One of Victoria’s favorites. Daniel actually liked the quirky attitude and the fact that Juno had a snarky line for everything. It’s a thousand times better than I Heart Huckabees.

Last King of Scotland (68): Victoria thought it was a great movie. Daniel hasn’t seen it.

Lolita (57): Weird and creepy. Victoria couldn’t get through it. Daniel won’t even try it.

Love Actually (43): Cheesy and romantic but both of us love this movie! Daniel wanted to hate it with a passion but secretly, he loves it hardcore.

The Machinist (17): Everybody needs to see it. So so good. Victoria loved it. Daniel hasn’t seen it.

The Maltese Falcon (58): Victoria thought it was awesome. Bogart was like an egg. Daniel hasn’t seen it.

Mamma Mia (92): ABBA + Cheesy. Three times better than The Fountain. Victoria loves it.  Daniel saw it and liked the music but felt the acting was tired and the plot was way too forced. Thumbs down from him.

Night and Day (115): Victoria could only get through the first half of the movie. She felt it was boring. Daniel hasn’t seen it.

Ninotchka (115): Greta Garbo’s penultimate film. Was kinda boring-ish. Both of us didn’t really care for it but at the same time couldn’t keep from watching it.

Once (78): Victoria thought it was a modern musical romantic indie orgasm. Cute, wonderful music, great story, lovely accents and highly recommended to see once. Hence the name. Daniel hasn’t seen it.

Pan’s Labyrinth (26): Great movie but we’ll never watch it again. Not for kids.

Pirate Radio (193): Daniel wasn’t expecting not to care for it and Victoria loved it but not as much as Love Actually. Rebels on a ship have a blast and learn a lesson in the end or something or not. No scale to give it but it rates above average and definitely worth watching.

Quantam Of Solace (108): Victoria: lovers of Daniel Craig will find it nommy good. Lots of broken glass. Overall good. Daniel: good, main villain reminded him of Mango. Both loved the concrete ending.

Scanner Darkly (5): Victoria thought that compared to the other adaptations of Philip K Dick stories, it was good. Some really funny parts. Robert Downey Jr was really good in this one. It was a little confusing at points but it came together in the end and looking back it all makes sense now. Victoria liked it, Daniel didn’t see enough to make an assessment.

Sex And The City (83): Victoria liked it. She said it was cute and like a 2 hour episode of the TV series. For these reasons, Daniel refuses to watch the movie. Daniel wouldn’t see it if you sewed his eyes open and strapped him to a chair.

Sing! (92): Victoria thought it was MEH. Two and a half times better than The Fountain. Daniel hasn’t seen it.

Stardust (22): Little bit cheesy and predictable. Acting wasn’t too great. Daniel gives it a five out of ten. Rachel thinks it was romantic and cute. Victoria liked it. Different than the book.

Super High Me (111): Neither of us thought it was anything more than it claimed to be. If you’re into pot, you might enjoy it. If not, it’s an alright way to waste a couple hours.

Sweeney Todd (41 & 47): Music is great, story is awesome, Victoria thinks Johnny Depp is still yummy and every serial killer needs a musical made after him.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1): Victoria liked the animation but felt the way they drew April was inappropriate for children. Daniel likd that it was loyal to the feel of the original cartoon series. We both liked it!

Top Hat (115): We both liked the movie a lot. Victoria wants the dress that Ginger Rogers wears in the big number near the end. She wants Daniel to sing “Cheek to Cheek” for her.

Transformers (18): Victoria has an issue with Megatron immediately knowing English but the other Deceptions only spoke Cybertron. Jazz dying first was very stereotypical and borderline racist. John Tuturo was great in it. Action sequences were weak. Longest commercial ever. Victoria gives it a 5, Daniel says 6 and Rachel gave it a 9.

Tropic Thunder (111): Victoria thought it was really really funny. Daniel hasn’t seen it yet.

Vertigo (57): Victoria loved it. Last hour was an hour of awesome! Daniel hasn’t seen it.

Volver (26): Victoria loved it while she watched it but felt “meh” about it afterwards. It didn’t end the way she wanted it to end. There were things in the movie that didn’t seem essential and it didn’t make sense. It was kinda depressing. Daniel hasn’t seen it.

Yankee Doodle Dandy (115): James Cagney was GREAT as George Cohan. Daniel loved the movie but Victoria felt it was just okay and was trying hard not to say she hated it.

Zodiac (34): Really good solid movie. Very entertaining. Daniel hasn’t seen it.

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