321: U-X Don’t Go Hard First

First off, ten years eh?! Who’d have ever thought we’d still be doing this after all we’ve been through? Thanks first off to Bex, Allison and Butch for being the only guests to make it out for all ten events. The Dahs would be there too but we’d only met them once by Unniversary I and to be fair, they DID join us for the afterparty on Paltalk. SO there. Actually, a huge thank you to everyone who attended this year and all those hoping to join us next year, which will actually BE on St Patrick’s Day! Mark your calendars and start saving for the tickets and hotel now, my friends.

This episode is nothing less than what one might expect when you have 15 people and 4 microphones. Introductions are just the beginning. In fact, why am I even writing show notes? You all know how chaotic these shows are. There’s beer, sexual innuendos, music and movie references, and lots of laughs. Enjoy.

316: What doesn’t kill you, hurts like a bitch the day after

Recorded on the Ides of May and we welcome our guest, Anthony, to the show. We start right off with our first beer of the week, Council Brewing’s Deadlock Ale. With beer in our bellies, we get started on the happenings of the last two months, starting with the Apocalyptica concert we went to and the Beyonce concert that Victoria attended. Then we get to the question of the night: DAVID BOWIE OR PRINCE? Tony goes with Bowie, Victoria says they have two different places in her heart but Prince wins out. Daniel gets away with not making a decision.

Beer number 2 is Game of Thrones themed and so we get into that a bit and ignore the beer which isn’t bad but just suffered from bad timing on our part. We get into book series we like such as: The First Law Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie and The Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown. Once we get around to reviewing a very good beer, we praise the genius of Barrel Republic and Splash, which are places you can pour beer and pay by the volume and by that we mean hundredth of an ounce. Daniel’s going on a Canada trip and is looking forward to trying lots of Canadian brews.

Victoria has a love for fried pickles and no she’s not pregnant. We hit up Pete’s Seafood recently (awesome lobster roll) and Small Bar (awesome everything) for that and beers. Naturally, this devolves into movies that bars and pubs tend to play when sportsing isn’t on, like those with parkour or what Victoria calls, “kick punching.” This also naturally goes into taco spots around San Diego. They almost all win. There, you’re caught up. Now go get you some!

310: Dick Jokes and Mind Violence – OMG, I can hear all the spices!

Andrea is in the house and we go through his first experience with Black Friday and Thanksgiving in the States. We move on from family drama to our thoughts of Spectre. Hint: just don’t. We also discuss (at the time) upcoming movies like Star Wars and The Revenant, and we hear what our first thoughts were before 311 when we give our reviews. This goes so well, Andrea goes off on Daniel for his new built rig.

After a brief break, we go through some deep relationship focused discussion. If a mime is alone in the forest, does he make a sound? Why does Victoria hate the penis Peanuts? From there, it’s back to movies and then music. Daniel briefly recounts their night during beer week, and naming beers. He also recounts his day brewing his first ever beer, the aptly dubbed Plan C IPA.

Victoria and Andrea regale us with tales from their trip to Seattle, including Pike Place Market and the EMP. Daniel laments the unfulfillment of his cravings and Andrea picks on Americans for having choices. Victoria talks up Cafe Gratitude and we all make a little fun at the Reverend Hipster Heatfield (misspelling intended) that is the bouncer at The Office Bar. At this point, Victoria gets pretty fed up and we end the episode abruptly, not recording for another 7 weeks.


Brewery Links:

2Kids Brewing

Bagby Beer Co.

Ballast Point Brewery

Nickel Beer Co.

Pacific Brewing Co.


Restaurant Links:

Buono Forchetta

Cafe Gratitude

O’Brien’s Pub & Grill

The Office Bar


Movie Trailers:

In the Heart of the Sea

Peanuts: The Movie

The Revenant

Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Other Links:

Seattle EMP

Kush & The Bloodfiyah Angels

308: I Don’t Need a Challenge In My Mouth

Come join us in our 2 hour, 40 minute punk rock beer fest. You may learn something. We sure did.*

We start right off with a one-item Awesome List, Hamilton. I know, it’s the trendy musical right now but it’s worthy. Trust me. We discuss the germ magnets that are coins. Victoria teaches us that Soundwave is a hipster. We discuss some of the beers we’re about to taste and initially title the episode, “Crossing Streams” but then the actual title came along and ended that real quick.

We quickly discuss some Ottawa memories like Mill St Brewery (a new InBev addition), Pub Italia, and Hop City’s Barking Squirrel Lager. Oh and we braved Safehouse again, after the Rachel incident of 2015. Somehow Philip Rivers’ virility comes up somehow and how he fills up his 20 room mansion.

After trying our first beer, Brandon and Victoria reminisce about UK food and drink. We had some great Big Dog beer and hat tip to Bob Barnes for providing it to Brandon who shared it with us. Hat tip as well, to Dave Otto for the last batch of awesome beer he made for Big Dog’s Brewing.

Daniel and Brandon talk about how they met, starting with a burger review and culminating in a Beer to the Rescue event. It’s so emotional, Daniel censors himself. Brandon covers the mistake by bringing up the Redskins/Braves racial team names issue. Is it complimentary or derogatory. What do you think?

We start in on a bit of history and then on to beer #2! Before we get into that, a bit of insider info on upcoming new BevMo beer shelf organization. Once the San Diego beer talk starts, well dear listener, it ain’t going to end for a while. This includes some personal plugs for Alesmith and Victoria chasing 15 year old girls while carrying a glass of sangria, then having an epic moment in Arizona for Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween, we visited the awesome DaHonays for their epic Halloween festivities. This included visits to The Perch Pub & Brewery for great beer and disappointing tots, Angel’s Trumpet Alehouse for beer and crispy spam sliders with hawaiian bread, sriracha mayo, feta cheese and cranberry slaw, The Lost Leaf Bar & Gallery which may be the strangest bar/music venue/art gallery fusion venue I’ve ever been to (though the Rinkuškiai Werewolf Ale I had from Lithuania was amazing), and closing out Mother Bunch Brewing by helping them blow their IPA keg (yeah I said it) even if they aren’t up for treating beer kegs with respect (allegedly). They did have an amazing brew process mural in the hallway to the restrooms.

We saw King Diamond recently and I play clips of Abigail and Halloween under the conversation as we discuss man buns and mosh pit etiquette. Somehow we follow this up with the great The Peanuts debate. Does it offend you? Do you feel bad for Charlie Brown?

*San Diego Breweries we talk about:

Alesmith Brewing Company

Aztec Brewing

Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits

Benchmark Brewing

Bolt Brewing

ChuckAlek Independent Brewers

Coronado Brewing Company

Fall Brewing Co

Green Flash Brewing Co

Helix Brewing Co

Intergalactic Brewing Co

Karl Strauss Brewing

Latitude 33 Brewing Company

Lightning Brewery

Modern Time Brewing

Pizza Port Brewing

Reckless Brewing Co

Rough Draft Brewing Co

Stone Brewing Co

Thorn St Brewery

Toolbox Brewing

307: Free Cheese and Gunpowder

First off, apologies on the “great hall” effect on Daniel and Butch’s mics. Those were meant to be shut off and Daniel obviously dropped the ball. We start right off with our first beer, taking us back to Old England. Then after having to be reminded about 9/11, Victoria and Daniel both show why white people are horrible. The musket it was the stormtroopers of rifles and 2016 is going to be a glorious year for a lot of nerds. Victoria the duckbill fucker, doesn’t care about buffaloes like Hollywood doesn’t care about doing a biopic properly.
We get on up with a little James Brown talk. We discuss Butch’s teams dominating local trivia nights. This all leads into an R&B music discussion. This makes us hungry and leads to a brave idea for Unniversary IX. Victoria heads to bed and Daniel talks about flooding the Casa and the death of his self built rig or at least the motherboard. We go off on the Bucs for a bit and call it a night under 75 mins.

306: The Bored Identity

Victoria has a confusing epiphany and its name is boredom. What’s your time suck for when productive stuff sounds dull and nothing seems fun? In fact, we recorded this in early August. So this has become a thing. Spreadsheets seem to be Daniel’s thing. Victoria has gotten into makeup lately, and that’s also become a thing. What’s your thing?

First beer of the week after some sushi, brought us “Beltane” and regardless of my own mispronunciation, it was delicious anyways. The brett brings dah funk. Victoria calls it the cilantro of the beer world.

The Pride Parade did not go quite as planned. It was raining, it was pouring, the Gods all came out and they brought all the thunder and lightning. It was one of the best things I’ve ever been a part of. Oh and this was the day that Butch also introduced me to The Balboa Bar & Grill.

Victoria talks about “Ant Man”, “Mission Impossible”, and similar movies that she saw this summer. We then get on to beer #2 and discuss the fun and chaotic Hess Fest 2015 and our hopes for future events. For instance, lines shouldn’t curve into each other and including more high quality local breweries that don’t bottle would be amazing.

Victoria gets a lesson in Targaryens. Are 3-headed dragons a thing? In a thought of complete insanity Victoria asks, what’s your lucky number? To certify the opinion, she shares a recent dream with us.

305: Shaking It Off

We stay out too late, got nothing in our brains. So while we start having a little fun at ourselves for how long it had been since we had Butch on the show, I decided (through the power of sheer laziness and computer mishaps) not to put this out for almost 2 months. TWO MONTHS! Yeah that’s right, this was recorded mid-July and the next one won’t be much more recent.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

Comic-Con 2015 happened the week AFTER Pride Week this year, which is the opposite of the usual sequence of events. So, Butch and I share some of our experiences from this year’s NerdFest San Diego, including what became P00pstock: Shake It Off. Why? because our shit don’t splatter, motherfucker! Okay, well sometimes it does and that’s when we have to tell two thousand of our not so closest friends about it. Oh and that girlfriend in Canada was REAL, Wil! Need a taste of W00tstock 7.0 before watching the playlist? Watch this bit by Mulaney and then listen to this on repeat for an hour, then go into the playlist.

Beer #1 is the beer Aisha Tyler made this year, which was totally epic: Stone Cold Fox, which is a Black IPA with orange and chocolate. NOMS. Speaking of noms, Daniel also attended a VIP party and enjoyed the evening with Tyler (Butch still sends his regards) and shared moments with the likes of Chris Hardwick (who also doesn’t dance), Hannah Hart (who hugs like you wish a teddy bear would…what? Don’t judge me!), Nathan Fillion (hold on, I’ll be in my bunk), and a certain individual whom Daniel has been trying to have a moment with for three years. It came, it came, it conquered harder than the Sassanid Empire at Edessa. That’s right. I said it.

Have you ever met someone and you could not even form words? Ever have that person be someone that you never thought this reaction would happen to and yet…? Well if that wasn’t bad enough, Daniel is having a bit of a time with things lately and this exacerbates everything. It all turns out okay in the end because a) new friends and b) beer #2 ROCKS! Sugar Pine Cocoa Vanilla Porter. Yeah that’s right. Drink it, motherfuckers.

Butch and I, as excited as we were for the Pride Parade, and predicting the deluge that would come, we recount our evening which included Kappa Sushi and O’Sullivan Bros brewing which were both some of the best sushi and beer we’ve ever had. We feel sorry for those who faced the wildfire that was a Friday night commute for some. So to make up for it, we leave you with Alton Brown and The Social Anxieties.

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