This Saturday (March 19th) we will broadcast Universary 4 live.

Wish you all were here but you can join us in our Ustream room around 8:30ish.

Keep up with us on twitter/facebook for moment to moment updates.

If you have any comments, topics for the 4th Universary please call us at 619-940-4sex

Our apologies for Episode 54. Apparently, if you upload a file, it never gets deleted. If you try to overwrite that file with a fixed one that has the same name, somehow the old file stays online.

So, I had to go through a few versions of the file before one existed that worked properly. Those who heard the old file, what I corrected was my rewrite of the first verse to “Stronger”. The old version sounds like crap and so I stripped it and re-recorded it. Uncast054fixed.mp3 should be the correct file. Delete all the other versions of the episode on your iTunes.

Again our apologies for the issues. I don’t anticipate this happening again now that I know how Libsyn works.

Not sure why but episode 51 originally only uploaded part of the show file. I deleted the post, reuploaded the file and posted the episode again. If you check iTunes, there should be a second file that runs just over 49 minutes. If that’s not the case, please let me know. Of course, at that point I’ll be all out of ideas but we can have fun enjoying the chaos of it all.

Thanks guys for keeping us posted! Keep that communication coming!