Episode 2: Pedicure/Manicure place all about Jesus. 12 “disciples” take care of customers while we sell nail polish with names like: 30 pieces of silver (metallic silver) and water to wine (clear nail polish that turns blood red in the light).

Episode 3: Novel or TV series entitled “Trifecta” is an HBO drama/soap set in and around a racetrack and people/loved ones in the industry.

Episode 8: Disney shorts like the old days (animation cells by hand) with all the old characters in new problem situations. Goofy has a meth problem, Huey is emo, Duey is a gangsta, Louie is a tech geek, Daffy is has a crack/anger problem, Mickey is cheating on Minnie with Daisy, Daisy has an abortion, etc.

Episode 19: Hiring Justin Timberlake to do a few jazz style sets at Anthology and having him sing Sexyback to the owner’s wife while the owner duets on Dick In A Box.

Episode 29: Brothel with the whores naked outside of full body aprons. They serve cookies and other baked goods (based on customer level and preferences). Every room leads to a gift shop where clients can buy baked and knitted goods. Great for wives who can sit and knit or learn to bake or whatever while their husbands get off OR of course the wives could always join in OR even come in for their own fun!

Episode 64: Comic Book Series with Tommy who worked on the docks. The union has been on strike and he’s down on his luck so he becomes a serial killer. Loaded with Bon Jovi lyric and song title references without ever actually mentioning the existence of Bon Jovi.

Episode 88: Uncast T-Shirts that say “I was on the Awesome List”

Episode 106: Pie tins that say “I wish I could quit you” around one half of the center and “But I can’t” around the other half.

Episode 175: Lush Whimsies. Dessert shop where the menu would change every day based on whatever Victoria feels like making that day. Daniel is convinced this business model would never work.

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