Episode 2: Buttered Jesus
Episode 2: Blue Square Lid
Episode 13: Lonely Man’s Penises
Episode 16: Inbred Grandpas
Episode 28: Hobbling Grandmas
Episode 31: Two Fingers Deep
Episode 38: Scraggly White Hairs
Episode 69: Trippin Over Trannies
Episode 71:
Van Holen
Episode 89: Anal God Chocolate Thunderdome
Episode 93:
Moose Both Ways
Episode 96:
Ching Chong Nation
Episode 98:
Generous Neck Opening
Episode 100a:
Marmite Chocolate
Episode 117:
Episode 135: Snatchbox 21
Episode 219: Shit Fyre
Episode 219: Alley Raft
Episode 222: Meatsicle
Episode 228: Que, Beck?
Episode 269: Smell My Mom
Episode 269: Liquid Mouth Slut

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