Uncast 324: Sock Talk

We start right off with Victoria getting a little bit racist. We somehow continue without any deaths and the beer of the week, Daniel’s 3rd brew ever is not bad! How not bad is it? LISTEN TO THE SHOW! We also talk about the ridiculous cost of some designer fashion. We have a fairy tale as told by Bray Wyatt to Edge & Christian somewhere in there. Beer #2 comes out and you’ll have to read the Beer Reviews section or LISTEN TO THE SHOW to find out what it was and what we thought. We do discuss Beer to the Rescue 2017 and how nearly every beer that local breweries made for us, were absolutely amazing.

Victoria has a question for all of you: do handjobs by people who speak sign language count as blowjobs? A lot is learned by watching people masturbate. A lot is learned by attending ballgames. Victoria gives her playback of DragCon LA last month.

Uncast 323: Brew Day

Notes: Come with us on a journey into glorious the land of beer and how to make it. Okay, we won’t bore you with the entire brew process but Tony and Jefferson are here with Daniel to talk about their thoughts on beer, brewing, and brew days in general. While we do this, we’re brewing an American Black Ale that’s meant to be somewhere between a brown and an IPA that’s so dark, it’ll make your mom’s heart seem like a light source in comparison. So sit down with us for about 40 minutes of beer talk and we’ll reward you with beer…talk.

322: When in Rome

We recorded this Andrea while Daniel was recovering from a cold. We reminisce about Unniversary weekend, including their time in an escape room, Jim & I at brunch and Study Pony Karaoke on Friday night. Not to mention the greatest food spread in Unniversary history. Victoria and Andrea escaped to this “rezzert” in Mission Bay called Paradise Point for a few days. We enjoy a beer just in time for Victoria to get into her second favorite hotel pasttime: snarking on shitty TV. Namely, Lifetime dramas. Oh yeah, drop your pants and gather the kids for a good wholesome family poop commercial.

321: U-X Don’t Go Hard First

First off, ten years eh?! Who’d have ever thought we’d still be doing this after all we’ve been through? Thanks first off to Bex, Allison and Butch for being the only guests to make it out for all ten events. The Dahs would be there too but we’d only met them once by Unniversary I and to be fair, they DID join us for the afterparty on Paltalk. SO there. Actually, a huge thank you to everyone who attended this year and all those hoping to join us next year, which will actually BE on St Patrick’s Day! Mark your calendars and start saving for the tickets and hotel now, my friends.

This episode is nothing less than what one might expect when you have 15 people and 4 microphones. Introductions are just the beginning. In fact, why am I even writing show notes? You all know how chaotic these shows are. There’s beer, sexual innuendos, music and movie references, and lots of laughs. Enjoy.

Uncast 320: Choose Your Dick

Recorded the night after The Oscars, we go over some of the awkward events of the evening. The episode itself starts with lots of quotes and soundbites that are all relatively useless. Going from awkward to awesome, check this out. 2017 has become the year of every stitch in the fabric of existence has become politicized but Lin-Manuel Miranda has three major projects going at the same time, so that EGOT will be his, I tell you!

On other topics, there’s music to be had, including the Grammys, a year full of metal, and musicians that have maybe become stretched a little too thin or have formed into marshmallows. As we enjoy sipping a tasty Green Flash beer, Victoria searches for Beauty & The Beast soup pots. Oh the conflicting emotions of pet ownership.

We get through beer number two (barely) and lighten up the dark mood with some Mario Kart. The question we have for everyone is this: Who is worse? Waluigi or Donkey Kong? Just when you think the episode is over, Victoria brings up eggplant cookie cutters. Prepare yourselves, folks.


Richard Spencer getting punched to “Just Can’t Get Enough”

Chicago Open Air Festival

319: Cucks and Golden Snowflakes

It’s the years of [bullet] shells and [special little] snowflakes. We discuss how epically 2017 has started already. If you thought we were going to put 2016 to bed, 2017 has decided it’s a pissing contest. Victoria talks about how cuckholds are going to “take it back” from the alt-right before transitioning smoothly into makeup. This brings us to toys of our parents which, of course, leads to Trivial Pursuit. What’s your favorite version?

In the 80s? Don’t mind if we do but let’s talk drugs. First, just say no and next what determines whether you did crystal, crack, or cocaine? More loving childhood memories include horror movies we were forced to watch. Movies discussed include: Babadook, C.H.U.D., Cujo, Hostel, Poltergeist, Reservoir Dogs, The Eye, The Ring, and The Witch.

The thought of being terrified makes us thirsty and you get a special treat with two excellent and highly-recommended ales this episode: Scaldis Noel and Tough Love 2016. The Golden Globes went fairly well and La lA LA la whatever. Failed jokes lead to discussion with more failed jokes. Victoria goes off on Animal Crossing as we discuss her OCD player character, Mayor Mayor. Daniel is learning to roleplay in Skyrim. Oh yeah, he’s not obsessed with D&D at all. Video games are a lot of shooting of feet and getting stuck. Turn based games are Victoria’s jam!

318: 2016 Learns Foreplay

Dear 2016, thanks for the offer. We’re flattered. We really am but no. We won’t have intercourse with you. Why? Simple: you never learned foreplay. You had one job 2016. One. Anyways we’re back and we’re tackling the myth that 2016 was the worst year on record by pointing out some of the awesomeness that came with the year whether it was trips we took, time together or with other loved ones, karaoke to real musical performances, beer as always plays a role and we have so much more to look forward to in 2017…like U-X: Decade of Debauchery!