321: U-X Don’t Go Hard First

First off, ten years eh?! Who’d have ever thought we’d still be doing this after all we’ve been through? Thanks first off to Bex, Allison and Butch for being the only guests to make it out for all ten events. The Dahs would be there too but we’d only met them once by Unniversary I and to be fair, they DID join us for the afterparty on Paltalk. SO there. Actually, a huge thank you to everyone who attended this year and all those hoping to join us next year, which will actually BE on St Patrick’s Day! Mark your calendars and start saving for the tickets and hotel now, my friends.

This episode is nothing less than what one might expect when you have 15 people and 4 microphones. Introductions are just the beginning. In fact, why am I even writing show notes? You all know how chaotic these shows are. There’s beer, sexual innuendos, music and movie references, and lots of laughs. Enjoy.