316: What doesn’t kill you, hurts like a bitch the day after

Recorded on the Ides of May and we welcome our guest, Anthony, to the show. We start right off with our first beer of the week, Council Brewing’s Deadlock Ale. With beer in our bellies, we get started on the happenings of the last two months, starting with the Apocalyptica concert we went to and the Beyonce concert that Victoria attended. Then we get to the question of the night: DAVID BOWIE OR PRINCE? Tony goes with Bowie, Victoria says they have two different places in her heart but Prince wins out. Daniel gets away with not making a decision.

Beer number 2 is Game of Thrones themed and so we get into that a bit and ignore the beer which isn’t bad but just suffered from bad timing on our part. We get into book series we like such as: The First Law Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie and The Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown. Once we get around to reviewing a very good beer, we praise the genius of Barrel Republic and Splash, which are places you can pour beer and pay by the volume and by that we mean hundredth of an ounce. Daniel’s going on a Canada trip and is looking forward to trying lots of Canadian brews.

Victoria has a love for fried pickles and no she’s not pregnant. We hit up Pete’s Seafood recently (awesome lobster roll) and Small Bar (awesome everything) for that and beers. Naturally, this devolves into movies that bars and pubs tend to play when sportsing isn’t on, like those with parkour or what Victoria calls, “kick punching.” This also naturally goes into taco spots around San Diego. They almost all win. There, you’re caught up. Now go get you some!