305: Shaking It Off

We stay out too late, got nothing in our brains. So while we start having a little fun at ourselves for how long it had been since we had Butch on the show, I decided (through the power of sheer laziness and computer mishaps) not to put this out for almost 2 months. TWO MONTHS! Yeah that’s right, this was recorded mid-July and the next one won’t be much more recent.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

Comic-Con 2015 happened the week AFTER Pride Week this year, which is the opposite of the usual sequence of events. So, Butch and I share some of our experiences from this year’s NerdFest San Diego, including what became P00pstock: Shake It Off. Why? because our shit don’t splatter, motherfucker! Okay, well sometimes it does and that’s when we have to tell two thousand of our not so closest friends about it. Oh and that girlfriend in Canada was REAL, Wil! Need a taste of W00tstock 7.0 before watching the playlist? Watch this bit by Mulaney and then listen to this on repeat for an hour, then go into the playlist.

Beer #1 is the beer Aisha Tyler made this year, which was totally epic: Stone Cold Fox, which is a Black IPA with orange and chocolate. NOMS. Speaking of noms, Daniel also attended a VIP party and enjoyed the evening with Tyler (Butch still sends his regards) and shared moments with the likes of Chris Hardwick (who also doesn’t dance), Hannah Hart (who hugs like you wish a teddy bear would…what? Don’t judge me!), Nathan Fillion (hold on, I’ll be in my bunk), and a certain individual whom Daniel has been trying to have a moment with for three years. It came, it came, it conquered harder than the Sassanid Empire at Edessa. That’s right. I said it.

Have you ever met someone and you could not even form words? Ever have that person be someone that you never thought this reaction would happen to and yet…? Well if that wasn’t bad enough, Daniel is having a bit of a time with things lately and this exacerbates everything. It all turns out okay in the end because a) new friends and b) beer #2 ROCKS! Sugar Pine Cocoa Vanilla Porter. Yeah that’s right. Drink it, motherfuckers.

Butch and I, as excited as we were for the Pride Parade, and predicting the deluge that would come, we recount our evening which included Kappa Sushi and O’Sullivan Bros brewing which were both some of the best sushi and beer we’ve ever had. We feel sorry for those who faced the wildfire that was a Friday night commute for some. So to make up for it, we leave you with Alton Brown and The Social Anxieties.