298: What Do You Mean Off Color?

This is a mancast! Yeah that’s right, Daniel and Butch have taken over the show! We start right off, already half drunk (Butch was full drunk) by talking Unniversary and judging people for not being adventurous in our Pre-Show Madness options. GO VOTE ON THE FACEBOOK EVENT, PEOPLE!!!

Beers of the Week start off strong with Alesmith’s Pale Ale .394 to honor Mr Padre and Mr San Diego, Tony Gwynn. What a nice beer. This give Daniel excuse to give us all a history lesson in Padres uniforms. Why? Because at this point he might be a little toasted. We also talk about some awesome North Park music and Daniel tries not to segue this into his crush on Whitney Shay but Butch totally siderails him. Don’t check out his blog post about her though. Certainly DO go check out her first album or just check out her website.

With the DaHonays coming out to join us a bit early for the week, we have a lot of new breweries to introduce them to. Which ones do you think might be “must sees?” We do get in a quick review of the new Kilowatt Brewing and let’s just say they have potential but you have to have a little patience with green breweries. Seriously though, I love beer but San Diego needs to slow down a bit. I think as we recorded this, two new ones just opened up. Oh and someone needs to tell Butch the difference between a blueberry and a raspberry.

It’s a mancast, so that means sports! We’re both big sports fans and we don’t get to discuss the sportsing very often but it’s Spring Training, motherfuckers! This brings up talk of teams and of players and somehow, challenging the authority of your parental units with physicality. Let’s be very clear: it’s not a good idea. We close out with beer of the week #3 and teasing some of the reason why some of you teaser “maybes” are going to really hate yourself for not actually coming out.