296: Everyone Into the Shat Wagon

This show is over 500 Ronda Rousey matches long. Don’t worry though, we think we might have the proper challenge for her. Just give us a moment while we complain about the internet for a bit. Then we can get on to the science of the matter and its affect on space time. By the way, who is on your lunchtime Mt Rushmore? In other words, what four people would you most want to share a meal table with? Of course there would be beer with Girl Scout cookies. The cookies are not made with real Girl Scouts but the beer is made with Guatemalan coffee aged in bourbon barrels. So we have that going for us, which is nice.

What we don’t have is any hockey or baseball fans up in the Casa. So Daniel works it in by using funny sports injuries and the others fall for it for a while. They are not as good at making Daniel fall for listening to Kanye West. Listen to the latest Kanye album? So help me god, no. Even getting Klosterman’s thoughts flipped around won’t help. Oh but he’s producing stuff with Taylor Swift now, so if they alright, we alright.

Our second beer of the week leads to us talking about heading to London and the upcoming live recording of Smartest Man in the World Podcast with Greg Proops which is another podcast we highly recommend. Beer #3 is yet another winner in what completes a successful run of beers.

Butch had a good birthday party. On one hand, it wasn’t “wake up in an office” birthday but on the other, it was a “wake up eating a burrito” birthday. So he almost had Troy’s nightmare but he wasn’t the burrito, so all is well.

Speaking of burritos, Victoria found an amazing place in Chula Vista next to where Butch and I grew up, called Aqui es Texcoco. If you’re in the area, check it out. They’re really good! This even inspired Vivi to do an awesome list. We pimp out the upcoming Universary 8…”The Ocho”…and Butch is bringing presents for Vivi and Daniel. Get here. Make it happen. So many awesome guests both local and not are confirmed. This episode ends with “Ask a Black” sent in by our new friend, Kendall. Thanks Kendall!