February 2015

295: So Insincere

We’re going to keep this short. We talk about The Oscars, San Diego getting a new hockey team, beer of the week, and at the end there’s a very important question for humanity.

294: I’m OK, I Got A Lolly

Length: 1:17:15

Should we take a bow? This was the first episode that we recorded this year…and it’s being released in mid-February. Daniel wins all the things! It starts with a funky bassline and ends with many a side-eye directed at Victoria, who tries to figure out the proper direction for a flushing toilet.

Beer of the week blends tea and hops for an awesome experience. NOT an awesome experience, whoever hurt Victoria early in life. That said, she’s killing it in this episode. Is alcohol a problem? You tell me. It won’t change our mindsets but you’re free to share your viewpoint on the issue. While you’re doing that, we’ll go on about how Butch doesn’t know how to touch a pussy properly. Of course this leads to some discussion about insecurities.

Let’s make things more comfortable, shall we? We’d like to introduce you to possible Unniversary stop, Streetcar Merchants of Chicken, Donuts and Coffee. Our discussion of this delecasy includes Mexican Coke and Cristal. Victoria starts “White Girl Learns” where she discusses hot sauces and Lucha Underground. Also, go read the “March” Graphic Novels by John Lewis. Also read “Carry Me Home” by Diane McWhorter and “Hellhound on His Trail” by Hampton Sides.

We discuss hugging comedians and somehow this brings us to the last subject of White Girl Learns: The Vajankle. WARNING: that Google search is most assuredly NSFW. Let’s put it this way: It caused Butch to walk out of our apartment.

Getting to more comfortable subjects, we talk about New Years weekend and our dinner at Buona Forchetta which is a wonderful Italian restaurant in San Diego. You might want to get a reservation. Don’t think you’re going to just walk up. My sister tries a Mai Tai for the first time and we discuss memories of the old Street Scene when it was actually held in the streets of downtown. We’ve all had those “I will not be that guy” moments in public.