293: Furry Fluffer: Sine Yo Dich Trickle Down Economics

We welcome in 2015 with the last episode recorded in 2014. Happy Santa Claus! Butch joins us to celebrate the holidays. We start off discussing the process of creating dickgiorno without risking injury. Beer of the week this episode was Saint Archer Coffee Brown. Was it worthy? Listen and find out. Here’s a clue: you should’ve paid more attention to imaginary numbers in Algebra.

We get into some relationship talk that takes “smell yo dick” to a new level. Why don’t elves fight back against the fat old white man? There’s some discussion as well of “white elephant” gifts. This had nothing to do with animals, the Philadelphia Athletics, or Santa Claus. It does, however, involve alcohol. The first annual “Don’t Call Me Whitey” Elephant Gift Exchange also included some epic gifts.

If you’re into hip-hop music at all, Ed Piskor started publishing an online comic series explaining the history of the genre through the eyes of those involved. This has turned into a very well produced printed version in graphic novel form. The Hip-Hop Family Tree series is amazing. Volumes 1 & 2 are already out covering the 70’s through 1983. Volume 3 (1983-1984) is on its way this year. Meanwhile, the online series continues. Check it out!

Bringing it back to sex questions, what does one do when they have a Fruit of the Loom fetish? Which fruit would you nail first? What if you want to be a furry fluffer? It’s not what you think. It isn’t about sex. It is about classism. She wants the fur from Barney’s of New York, not Barney’s of Springfield.

Wanting to get the conversation back to a topic that is much more comfortable, we end the episode with “Ask a Black.” Because in 2014, what topic is more cuddly and cute than that? We cover a few of those in the FAQ section and Victoria can’t even. zzz turn down [service] for what?