August 2014

288: My Girlfriend, The Internet

Daniel is joined this week by satan and a shark. Lots to go over, since we hadn’t recorded in a while. This includes Comic-Con, Pride Parade, and stupid Facebook games. Oh and beer. We never forget the beer.

Andrea is enjoying our beautiful country. Entry was especially pleasurable. There were movies, concerts, food, beer, and nerds. Daniel ashamedly gets Mario Batalli restaurants confused with Guy Fieri restaurants. We discuss Victoria’s ‘thing’ for wanting to either fuck or marry foods.

Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp was epic fun and Daniel cements his place as the God of San Diego for the weekend. We jump into Comic-Con International week and more epic was in store from HopCon to Wootstock and Sherlocked to the Thrilling Adventure Hour. We even stopped over to meet a famous author and get a book signed or something.

Facebook is pissing us all off. First, there’s this year’s breast cancer awareness game. Then there’s stupid quizzes. Then it’s all up in my business. Let’s get out our rage on some movies. Introducing, Snowpiercer. Hey look! It’s a movie whose porn parody doesn’t need to change names. Then they saw Hercules. We found our porn title. Hercules: Snow Piercer.

287: Nerds and Beer

We start right off with Victoria’s obsession with gay sex. Comic-Con is upon us and we have a great blog post for staying safe there or at any ‘con. Because we recorded this prior to Comic-Con, we discuss our plans for the week. We enjoy some beers of the week before talking sports for a moment. Daniel traded a monitor for jalapenos. Insert bad sports team jokes here.

We talk about  the Ketchup Mustard Crack Girl. One of us thinks it’s funny. The other is appalled. Which are you? Daniel was also guest hosted a great podcast “Chronic Chronicles” as a caregiving expert, and we both prepare for an Italian invasion as Andrea visits us again. This is exactly one hour long.