January 2014

273: The Color Blinky

First Uncast of the year! Victoria and Butch join us as a new comedy cop tag team, Masters and Bait. We recorded this on New Years Day. Allagash Black is the first beer of the year. This is precisely why I hated having a last name that started with W in school. We discuss our holidays and Victoria’s difficulty recovering from NYE.

Victoria is a board game bully. We’ve knew this after playing with her but this Buzzfeed article proved it. Butch Corp. is born starting with a few easy million dollar ideas. This includes The Lipnicky and a service where someone puts together a super cut of all the times Daniel says “And we’re back!” and check out FootballAsFootball.com.

In the meantime, make your plan to be in San Francisco Feb 8th to see Butch dropping mashups at the DNA Lounge. Then join us on February 16th for the San Diego Mixtape Society.

272: Christmas In My Mouth

For the last Uncast episode recorded in 2013, Daniel and Cronut The Magnificent give you a very reasonable rule to live by: if Charlie Sheen’s mouth has been there, you may not want to be there. Beer is tasted and Daniel recalls an awesome Friday evening with Butch at a place that specializes in Belgian beers, a place where you can drink beer and play arcade games, a hip coffee house and TWO Stone Company Stores.

Victoria gets a new haircut (bangs!) and then we go through our 13 favorite things from 2013. Send us YOUR favorites!We have ideas for new children’s books, ornaments for the tree, and the best subreddit ever.


Coin-Op Game Room

Stone Company Store on Kettner

Lestat’s Coffee House

Brabant Bar & Cafe