December 2013

271: She Was Just Doing It For The Kids

Happy Holidays everyone. Enjoy cuckolds and Make-A-Wish for old people. Victoria reminds us all your sperm pussy isn’t safe. Insert racism here? You ask her. We have beer stories, Rhi-Day, Thanksgiving, cocktails, and Goodbye Horses.

Daniel leaves the King undefended but Victoria doesn’t know who Mona Lisa is so somehow that makes us equals. We discuss the silliness that is romance novels and Victoria has lost all knowledge of normal sex.

This season has also been full of some crap TV, including Carrie Underwood in a stage to screen re-adaptation of A Sound of Music which was utter crap. Add to that a movie I once loved like no other each winter and this year is just too hard to watch, Love, Actually. It tries too hard but it works…every year it works.

We dive into various comics that Victoria loves (thanks Andrea) and then shit gets real. Christmas, Yule, and other Winter stuff.

 270: Spicy Clown

Insert radio voice here. We enjoyed the Stone Brewing four bastards of the apocalypse and Ommegang Game of Thrones Take the Black Stout. We get into various talks of video games, white girl things and a few weird news stories from over a month ago. Check it out!