268: Trunk Gin

Daniel is to blame for the fall of man. Woah, Fat Betty. Clamma-jam! Let’s Auschwitz it up in this bitch. Myrtle coulda been a looker. Victoria pretends to know the whole of the five buroughs. White people ruin everything. Daniel is an exception to the white rule. Victoria is the tool of her own oppression. Hold on while we Google racist terms, Victoria needs to explain rusty trombones. Butch demos the flying Micucci.


Meanwhile, don’t go to Vancouver. RIP Cory & Andrew. BEER ONE! This is the start of the sex with Tilda Swinton conversation takes over the entire show. Daniel claims Mr. DaH. Butch says he’d settle for DaHonay but Daniel reminds him that’s not a settle. Victoria gets penny. That’s what happens when you delay your claim. Darren Criss? Imma kitteh cat! Why haven’t we had a Weird Science reboot yet? Victoria is the worst.


NEXT BEER! Cookie Monster did not make kids fat. Cookies are delicious. This is paid for by the citizens who want to be dominated by Tilda Swinton. Butch knows the safe word and anyone that donates $100 gets the video of Vivi and TS. Daniel gives his reaction to the latest “Vivi Tells You What To listen To.” Rilo Kiley + Irish Accent = wife material?


We move on to Lester’s Fixins BACON SODA! IT IS…underwhelming. Smoky bacon bits scent, smoky flavor. Goes much better with bourbon or vodka. We tried it and we can confirm. We then go into our NorCal trip and how epically awesome it was. New Sacramento places ROCK!



Magnolia Tap & Kitchen

Lowbrau Bierhall

Shady Lady Bar

New Helvetia Brewery

Stumptown Brewery

Lagunitas Brewery

Russian River Brewery

Bear Republic Brewery

Hot Cookie San Francisco