August 2013

267: Can’t Trade Boobs For Wood

Victoria brings us an Awesome List and a laundry list of wild news pieces. We discuss our last week with Andrea, an Otter eating an Alligator and a few geek items. Oh yeah you didn’t think we’d forget the beer did you? We didn’t. It’s an EPIC Mash.


Corvette Diner

Watch Table Top

Point Loma Seafood

266: No Shame

Loads of guests this week and we split it all up. The episode starts off with Spencer and Andrea joining us. Daniel leaves to pick up Butch, leaving the three to discuss movies. Daniel and Butch return to discuss life, comic-con and awesomeness.


This week, the fallen souls discuss:

Part 1

– Pepe le Pieu and rape culture

Episode of Little House on the Prairie Vivi describes

– String theory porn store urination

– Being at a beer event and having a vagina is awesome

– Craigslist urination and missed connections

– Andrea writes a hit song

– Spencer disappointed by Snapchat

– Movie fight #1: Sucker Punch

– Top five rape scenes

– Vivi’s mom uses social media wrong


Part 2

– Andrea assumes Butch didn’t get anything interesting…like pussy

– Braggard douche in line for Patton Oswalt was annoying

– Comic-Con has gotten way out of hand

– Nerd HQ > Hall H

– Movie fight #2: Pacific Rim

– Die Hard is the best Christmas Movie

– Sharknado was horrible awesomesauce

– White House Down was exactly what you think it is

– Victoria is a petulant drunk

Bonnie Jean’s Soul Food is amazing


Part 3

– Team Pear Tree Manor in the house!

– Reminiscing about DeWayne

– Do you believe in magic, but don’t believe in God?

– We need to legalize all drugs just to skim off the top

– Uncast Political Party?

– Canned beer can be amazing

– We miss Rhian more than usual

– Christians are confusing; making the Beatitudes illegal? WTF

– The W00tstout is tasty and Hop-Con was awesome

– Aisha Tyler is really tall and April O’Neil is really short

– We need to eat donuts at Donut Bar

– The transcendent experience that is soul food

– Greens, hush puppies and mac n cheese OH MY!

– We’re fucking our way to a light-beige

– Who shoves a habanero in a child’s mouth?

– How do you view it when an idol deals with the same emotional issues you do?

– Saying hi can be harder than it sounds

– Patton Oswalt was drunk and awesome!

– Badge-required rules outside of Comic-Con sucks