265: 25 Minutes

Butch joins us again for another show. We begin talking music and Victoria’s celebrity name fails. We also ask the audience if any of you still watches or cares about America’s Next Top Model. We enjoy the first beer of the week and somehow this brings us to a particular retired NASCAR driver. This of course leads to racism. We then discuss our birthdays, including Victoria’s gift to Daniel of his very own real noble title. He is now Lord Daniel of Sealand.

It has begun. Thanks a lot, Victoria…for your mustache.

Table Top is totally awesome. After this show is over, you should definitely go watch episodes of that show. Due to Table Top, we’ve started collecting cool games and we’re going to try having a monthly game brunch at the Casa. Spence drops by and shit gets real. Victoria + Vampire Diaries + /r/clopclop = WTF * ImGoinToHellForThis. Victoria also contemplated playing “Cards Against Humanity” with her parents. We talk about a moment where I interjected masturbating breakfast with Life On Mars. Then there’s cookie monster in the corner rocking back and forth while Grover sings Get Lucky. Somehow incest blends into Infinite Jest. Unlike the title, this one is 58 minutes long.